What Are The Most Powerful Professional Gas Rangetops?

Mark Bennett  |  December 30, 2013  |  3 Min. Read

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jennair pro rangetop knobs closeGas appliances have increased in output over the years. What once was 12,000 BTU can now almost be double that. High BTU units cook faster and remove the angst from cooking larger items like sauces and lobster pots.

Higher output, however, is not necessarily the best burner to utilize. You have to consider the size of your pans as well. Small burner and big burner does not necessarily work. Some of the Pro Ranges, when comparing specs on paper, will offer extremely high output, but will offer the same physical size burner.

Below we'll discuss some of the best high output BTU rangetop options.

Highest Output Gas Rangetops


jennair pro rangetop most powerful JGC7636BPModel: JGC7636WP - $2,999

This Range top offers 6 completely sealed burners, with a lot of flexibility and plenty of power. The surface is non stick porcelain, which is super easy to clean and also features heavy duty continuous cast iron grates, for easy maneuvering of pans. The rangetop will offer two super high output burners with 20,000 BTU output. This will deliver exceptionally high heat for boiling water; flash frying or even wok cooking.

Three high output burners of 15,000 BTU, this would allow you to cook several dishes at maximum heat at the same time.

In addition one smaller burner at 5,000 BTU is designed for a smaller size pan. This burner will provide super low even heat, and will prevent scorching and can be reduced to as low as 500 BTU for simmering.

For a smaller pan side and or simmer burner to put this into perspective, the majority of the leading competition for the most part will offer either 15,000 BTU burners that are the same size, or maybe even 18,000 BTU.

What’s great with the Jenn Air is that they offer a true range of options for the avid chef.

By offering multiple size burners, with a broad range of BTU power, ranging from a high of 20,000 to a consistent low of 500 BTU’s, is quite remarkable. Truly a versatile range top and very well priced compared to its competition.


viking pro range top most powerful VGRT5366BSSModel: VGRT5366BSS - $3,299

Viking began their “commercial-type” range tops with its stainless steel open burner design. The idea was based on the burners used in commercial kitchens. The open burner provides superior performance from a high searing heat all the way down to a gentle simmer. Each burner can be disassembled for easy clean up and soaking in a sink. “I personally don’t like to disassemble anything” but it has its merits.

Viking’s more popular sealed range tops provide the same superior performance, but the cleaning process is different. Visually the Viking burners are the same physical size. On a 36 Inch Range top, there will be one high 18,500 BTU out burner and the rest will all be 15,000 BTU. All of the burners will feature Viking’s VariSimmer technology. Viking has a patented burner design, where their brass burner and gas cap, when on its lowest setting, will work together and act like a built in simmer plate, to reach their consistent ultra low simmer temperatures.

From personal experience, I would say that they best way to describe a Viking Range Top, is if you ever went to a restaurant and saw the chefs, move the posts and pans off of the burners, they generally don’t, adjust the temperature too much. The Viking is similar, where visually the flame whether on high or low, will appear the same size. If you have never used a range top, or is used it, it’s a bit of a learning curve. Once you cook a couple of times, it becomes easier. In addition it’s harder to control lower temperatures, specifically with small pans, because the physical burner size is rather large. Viking will offer a 3 year warranty vs. most brands that offer 1 or 2.


thermador pro rangetop most powerful PCG366GModel: PCG366G - $3,099

Thermador is another popular brand. They will offer a full range of appliances as well as some very aggressive rebates. Thermador will offer a 2 year warranty and have some great features.

Thermador’s range top will offer 6 completely sealed pedestal burners, with a high output reaching 18,000 BTU’s. These burners will have a unique five-point design that reduces cold spots, boils water faster and has an exclusive extra low feature. In addition, the coverage area, allows for more ports and more flame distribution, when compared to a traditional round burner. The Extra Low feature provides the wide range of BTU’s. It will cycle on and off to maintain temperatures as low as 100°. Their burners are also made of brass. Brass deals better with temperature over time and will look better longer, when being used in high heat environments. Thermador range tops shipped standard with silver pro knobs, but also have the option for Blue, often looked at as their “signature” color.

What I like about the Thermador, range top is their burners will all have all of the same temperature controls. No having to recall which burner has what high output. So it’s easy to use and less guess work because all of the burners will have full range in temperature management from high to a low 375. And because of their star burner configuration, any size pan from small to large can be used. On the 36 Inch version, the left two back burners will have the “Extra Low” for a lower simmer at 100°.


capital pro rangetop most powerful CGRT366NModel: CGRT366N - $3299

If you truly want the most powerful burners then don’t miss the Capital Range top. The Culinarian Series CGRT366N has the biggest size burners as well as the most powerful burners on the market. All their burners are rated at 23,000 BTUs.

This Culinarian Series is truly designed more like the commercial stoves, with a heavy duty build and looks with all the removal parts for easy cleaning like you would see in the restaurant.

steve round headshot new
Steve's Take
This really depends if you are buying a single piece or a package. I like Jenn-Air and Thermador for packages and rebates. It really depends on what you are looking for: Raw Power (Capital), Combination (Jenn-Air), better simmer (Thermador) or commercial heritage (Viking). - @YaleCEO

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