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Bosch vs. Electrolux Dual Fuel Slide-In Range (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

November 7th, 2013 | 4 min. read

By Neil Katz

Bosch and Electrolux are Europe's two largest appliance manufacturers and both produce a popular dual fuel slide-in. In this article, we look at each company as well as explain the benefits of dual fuel and slide-in ranges.

What is a Slide-In Range?

A slide-in range is a range which has unfinished sides and back. The range needs to go between two cabinets. The body of the range is typically 30” wide and top of the range is slightly wider so it will overlap the counter top. This prevents crumbs from going down the side of the ranges like it would on a freestanding range.

A slide-in range will also provide you with more of a built-in look. The oven and burner controls are on the front of the range and located above the oven door. A common misconception about the term “slide-in” is that it simply means the oven controls are located on the front of the range. Although all slide-in ranges feature front-controls, the term "slide-in” actually refers to the unfinished sides and wider cooktop on the range. Because slide-ins do not have a backguard, unlike freestanding units, you can see your backsplashes

What does Dual Fuel in a Range Mean?

Dual-Fuel ranges are considered the best of both worlds. Dual fuel ranges use gas flames on the cooktop and electric convection inside the oven. Dual fuel ranges require both a natural gas or propane gas connection and a 220 volt electrical outlet.

Gas burners are more responsive, heat faster and offer more precise heating control for foods cooked in pots and pans. Electric ovens heat more evenly which is important when baking. While self-cleaning, an electric oven is also more efficient.


Electrolux dates back to 1919 when it started making Lux brand vacuum cleaners in several European countries. The company continued to grow and in 1925 they made refrigerators. In 1951, Electrolux started making washing machines and then dishwashers in 1959. In 1962, Electrolux got into professional food service equipment. Electrolux continued to grow by buying other companies like Frigidaire, White Consolidate goods, Eureka and other European companies. Now it is a Swedish (based in Stockholm) multinational company in household and professional appliances. It is the world’s second-largest household maker after Whirlpool.


BSH Home Appliances Corporation (BSH), headquartered in Irvine, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group based in Munich, Germany. Since the early 2000’s Bosch has been manufacturing their ranges and dishwashers in the United States in New Bern, North Carolina.

Let's compare two of the ranges:

Electrolux Dual Fuel Slide-In Range EI30DS55JS

  • Wave-Touch Electronic Controls - One simple touch and the control panel activates, after you make your choices, all but the options selected will fade away, returning to an elegant display.
  • Min-2-Max Burner - Designed with a dual-flame sealed burner that gives a high of 18,000 BTU and low of 450 BTU.
  • 5-Burner Cook Surface - a great variety of burner sizes. (1) 18,000 BTU – (1) 16,000 BTU – (2) 9,500 BTU and (1) 5,000 BTU
  • Perfect Pair Oven - Their ranges feature a large main oven and a second oven for the utmost cooking capacity. Use both simultaneously to cook two different items at two different temperatures.
  • Luxury-Glide Oven Racks - With a ball bearing system, oven racks are so smooth they extend effortlessly.
  • Luxury-Design Lighting - Their ramp-up designer halogen lighting is as beautiful as it is functional.
  • Oven Capacity- 4.2 Cubic Feet
electrolux dual fuel slidein range stainless EI30DS55JS
bosch dual fuel slidein range stainless HDI7282U

Bosch Dual Fuel Slide-In Range HDI7282U

  • Clear Touch Electronic Oven Controls- touch the cooking mode that you desire and turn the knob and set the temperature.
  • Burner Sizes - (1)16000 BTU, (2) 12500 BTU, and (1) 5,500 BTU burners
  • PowerSim - Quick heating with large flame or gentle simmering with a diffuser cap.
  • Integrated Warming Drawer with three different settings - low, medium and high
  • Oven Capacity- 4.6 Cubic Feet

Let's compare the two brands

First, these are two very good ranges. The Electrolux range has very nice features like Perfect Pair Oven for a second baking oven when you need it. Did you ever have to say to yourself I wish I had a second oven? You can also you use it as a warming drawer. Wave-Touch Electronic controls is a cool feature. The control panel darkens when you are not using it. When you are ready to use the oven you touch the control and all the controls light up. It features a electrolux wave touch controls EI30DS55JS wide variety of burner sizes including a 5th burner in the center.

There is also a great burner Min-to-Max Burner  with 18,000 BTU (you are cooking on maybe 12,000 on your current range) and low of 450 BTU. The simmer works under a glass diffuser to achieve the low temperature. The 18,000 BTU will be able to  stir fry or boil those Maine lobsters. 

Another good feature is the slide out racks in the oven. It makes it easier to pull out that Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven. Yes, the 4.2 cubic feet will hold that bird. Remember it has a perfect turkey setting so touch a button to cook the bird.

Bosch is a very good quality range but has fewer features. It doesn't have a second oven but it does have a warming drawer. It has 4 burners instead of 5. It does have a great simmer and a larger burner which diffuses the heat. If you talk to any chefs they like to use a diffuser plate to simmer rather than a low flame. The max burner on the Bosch is 16,000 BTU. Obviously, 18,000 BTU on the Electrolux is better than the 16,000 BTU Bosch but to the normal every day cooks, 16,000 should be plenty. The oven capacity in the Bosch is 4.6 cubic feet vs. Electrolux 4.2 cubic feet.

Which one would I buy?

For a slide-in range these are the average sizes. The big difference is the electronic controls on the two different ranges. The Bosch range has simple controls, all you do is touch the setting and turn the knob to set the temperature. It is very easy to use. The Electrolux has the wave touch screen that you touch the screen to choose your cooking mode.

There are a lot of choices. To some cooks this may be intimidating. The last difference is that the Electrolux has a stainless steel top which is easy to keep clean. The Bosch has a black glass top that could be harder to keep clean.

So, which range would I choose? I think both of these are good choices. I like the Bosch as a brand. Some of the other pieces in Bosch like their dishwasher are better if you are considering a package. Electrolux in dual fuel slide-ins, however, seems like a better choice.

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