Miele vs Thermador Coffee Makers (Reviews/Ratings)

Neil Katz  |  July 09, 2012  |  5 Min. Read

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Miele vs Thermador Built-in Coffee Maker

Both Miele and Thermador offer a very nice and great quality built-in coffee maker.

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Miele is a German appliance manufacturer of high-end quality kitchen appliances for the last 100 years. It is owned and operated by the Miele Family.

Thermador is part of BSH Home Appliances Corp and a fully owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch. They are the 3rd largest appliance manufacturer in the world.

miele builtin coffee maker CVA4062 VS thermador builtin coffee maker BICM24CS

Miele CVA4062 & CVA4066


Thermador BICM24CS

Miele: CVA4062 $2,899 and CVA4066 $3,099

  • Makes their coffee system in two models (CVA4062 with a removable water tank and CVA4066 that can be plumbed directly to your water line. Both offers the same features.
  • Offers a grinder bypass so you can pour ground coffee (caffeinated or decaffeinated) in designated chamber for more versatility
  • Has a conical grinder which precisely and evenly grinds the beans
  • Can accommodate different size cups
  • Side swing door with a hidden handle
  • Frothing system - comes with a stainless steel tank for milk when Frothing
  • Flushed installation in cabinets
  • Easy to use Navitronics touch screen control panel
  • You can purchase additional accessories like a plate and cup warmer or a storage drawer
  • Limited 2 year warranty

Thermador: BICM24CS $2,299

  • Removable water tank for filling water. No direct plumbing to water line
  • Savor swirl brewing system – gives maximum flavor by brewing the coffee beans under a high pressure chamber
  • Steam and Froth with attached frothing nozzle
  • Up to 12 different coffee size selection
  • 6 different strengths of coffee options
  • 8 programmable settings for your favorite coffee
  • Push button knobs with LCD display
  • Pull out tray to access coffee and water tank
  • Limited 2 year parts and labor warranty

Thermador has many good features. It is easy to use and less expensive than the Miele. The negative to the Thermador is that it does not sit flush with cabinets. It also has traditional knobs vs digital controls. Thermador cannot be connected directly to a water line, so you will be refilling the reservoir.

Miele, however, offers many more benefits and can be flushed with the cabinets so that it has that true built-in look. Miele can also be plumbed directly to your water line which is easier than manually filling up the water tank yourself. The digital touch or "MasterChef" controls are intuitive and easy for you to make a cup of coffee or espresso.

Miele is more expensive but I think it is worth the added cost. Having the option to hook this up directly to your water line is a great feature. The digital controls also a big plus.  The perfect cup of Joe has never been easier.

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Neil Katz

Neil Katz has been in appliance sales at Yale for over 25 years. Neil spends time following the Sox and Patriots and watching the stock market.

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