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2023 Thermador Induction Range Review: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

July 28th, 2023 | 6 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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2023 Thermador Induction Range Review: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Thermador recently introduced their new induction 30-inch and 36-inch range. Both ranges have a few unique features and a few problems as well.

In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of Thermador's induction ranges and read comparisons to Wolf, Miele, LG, Bosch, and Fisher & Paykel.

In the end, you will know whether this range is right for you.

Let's get started.


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Thermador Induction Ranges

Thermador's 30 and 36-inch induction ranges combine advanced technology with premium design. 

For those who love to cook, these ranges provide a variety of temperature settings and quick response times. 

Thermador's induction ranges offer adaptable options for cooking with multiple pots and bridging elements for larger cookware. 

Below we'll cover Thermador's best features, including their MyZone feature, preset zone options, smart connectivity, and more. 

2 Reasons to Consider a Thermador Induction Range

Thermador's Induction Stovetop with Liberty Technology

Thermador Induction Range Stovetop
Thermador Induction Range Stovetop

Thermador's induction range stovetop is the best in the industry by far.

It uses Thermador Liberty technology - you can do anything, make that more than anything.

The main difference between regular induction technology and Thermador Liberty induction technology is the flexibility and versatility of the cooking area.

While regular induction cooktops have fixed cooking zones, Liberty induction cooktops offer a full surface cooking area, providing more freedom in arranging cookware and accommodating larger or multiple pots and pans.

In the 30-inch category for induction ranges, most brands typically offer four burners and possibly a bridge element. However, none of them can match the functionality of Thermador's induction range with their Liberty technology.

Fisher & Paykel's 36-inch induction range comes close with its super burner of 5500 watts located in the middle, accompanied by two bridge elements on each side.

Wolf's induction range features an interesting setup with four burners combined into one oversized burner.

Additionally, Liberty induction cooktops are equipped with advanced features:

  • Teppanyaki Mode - You can cook with six separate pots, but the elements on either side can be bridged to accommodate larger pans. You can use either or both sides as a griddle in Teppanyaki mode.
  • Move Mode - With Move Mode, you can move the pan back and forth, and the cooktop will remember the setting and automatically adjust.

But you can do so much more with this cooktop.


The MyZone can change whenever you move 2 inches for up to 5 zones.

Let's say you are cooking rice or mac and cheese like I typically do for my daughter in this case.

You want to boil the water, lower the temperature when the rice is added, then simmer the rice at a low temperature before serving.

It is preset from the factory at 9-5-1, but you can set whatever zones you want depending on how and what you cook.

Other Notable Thermador Induction Range Features

Clock and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Thermador Induction Range Clock and Controls

The Thermador induction range has a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) clock, offering better functionality.

Additionally, this range has smart capabilities through the HomeConnect app, allowing smooth integration with your Wi-Fi network.

With the HomeConnect app, you can access various convenient features, including recipe tie-ins that enable you to explore and cook various dishes effortlessly.

One-Two-Free Rebate Program

Thermador Induction Range and Paneled Dishwasher

And yes, you can choose a complimentary Thermador dishwasher when you purchase a Thermador induction range through their One-Two-Free rebate program. However, these ranges are not cheap at $8,399 or $11,299.

Are Thermador Induction Ranges Reliable?

This is more of a guess because the range is new.

Induction Cooktop Reliability

The BSH companies, Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau, traditionally are reliable, taking the top three spots for the most reliable induction cooktops.

Induction Range Reliability

Bosch is the most reliable induction range, according to over 33,000 service calls completed by our service department just last year.

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One Drawback of Thermador Induction Ranges

Small Oven Capacity

Thermador 36-inch induction range with an oven capacity of 4.9 Cu. Ft.
Thermador 30-inch induction range with an oven capacity of 4.4 Cu. Ft. 

Thermador's induction ranges come with a 4.4 cubic foot single convection oven for the 30-inch model and a 4.9 cubic foot oven for the 36-inch model.

Miele offers a 4.59 cubic foot oven, while Wolf's 30-inch model provides a 5.1 cubic foot capacity.

On the other hand, LG has a large 6.3 cubic foot oven, and the Café double oven induction range has a total capacity of 6.7 cubic feet.

Interestingly, the size of 36-inch ovens can be misleading. Despite the expectation of a significant size difference compared to 30-inch models, that's not always the case.

For example, Bosch's 36-inch induction range features a 3.7 cubic foot oven, and the La Cornue CornuFé model offers 3.81 cubic feet.

Most 36-inch induction ranges have oven capacities below five cubic feet.

Wolf's 36-inch model is one of the largest, with a 6.3 cubic foot oven, roughly similar to LG's 30-inch model.

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An In-Depth Comparison: Thermador's Induction Ranges vs. Other Top Brands

Thermador vs. Miele Induction Ranges

Thermador vs. Miele 30-Inch Induction Ranges

Miele's induction ranges offer a larger capacity and a wide range of features, including a twin convection system for even heat distribution.

With Miele's signature MasterChef guided cooking system, you can input your desired cooking preferences, and the range will calculate the ideal time and temperature accordingly.

Moreover, Miele's induction range is equipped with a steam cooking function.

Thermador vs. Fisher & Paykel Induction Ranges


Thermador vs. Fisher & Paykel 36-Inch Induction Ranges

Moving on to Fisher & Paykel, their pro series 36-inch induction range comes at a similar price, over $11,000.

As mentioned, it has a powerful cooktop with high output in the middle and can bridge on both sides. However, it lacks the advanced functionality found in Thermador's range.

The oven offers 15 specialty modes and twin convection, setting it apart from Thermador's single convection system.

Thermador vs. Wolf Induction Ranges

Thermador vs. Wolf 36-Inch Induction Ranges

Wolf's induction ranges don't include a steam cooking feature but come with their version of the MasterChef guided cooking system, called Wolf Gourmet.

Based on your input, this system recommends the appropriate time, temperature, and rack position. Wolf's convection system also uses blowers, ensuring superior airflow for a more consistent temperature in the oven.

Overall, if you go with another brand other than Thermador, Wolf's induction range is an exceptional choice.

With the Wolf Gourmet guided cooking system, the range offers precise time, temperature, and rack position settings. Moreover, their super burner combination combines four burners into one, enhancing cooking flexibility.

Should You Buy a Thermador Induction Range?

Thermador Pro Harmony 36-Inch Induction Range

For the cooktop, Thermador is the best without question in either size. You can do anything. The oven is decent, but others are bigger and more functional.

Reliability should be good only because it is for every BSH product. However, that is not a guarantee.

Ultimately, it's your range and your decision. If you use the stovetop mostly, then it's the best. You have plenty of induction range options, especially in the 30-inch size.


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