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Saba Wahid

Saba is the resident Chef at Yale. She will teach you how to use your new oven, cooktop, or range. She is skilled in every new feature, including steam, induction, convection of all types, air frying, and sous vide. Saba is also the reigning Chopped Grand Champion crowned by Martha Stewart herself. Saba is incredibly versatile with all different types of cuisine. After just one session with her, you will be a better chef.

Saba has also been featured in numerous publications such as Mashed, Eater Boston, the Boston Herald, and the Framingham SOURCE.

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How to Multi-Rack Cook in Your Convection Oven for the Holidays

November 22nd, 2021|4 min read

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10 Best Holiday Side Dishes Using a Convection Range

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How to Roast the Perfect Turkey

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Should You Buy a Gaggenau Steam Oven? (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

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Gaggenau vs. Miele Wall Ovens (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

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Gaggenau vs. Miele Steam Ovens (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

September 3rd, 2021|5 min read

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What Is a Convection Oven and How Do You Use It?

August 18th, 2021|9 min read

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How to Clean a Steam Oven

August 16th, 2021|4 min read

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Best Speed Ovens for 2021 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

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How to Cook Fish in a Steam Oven

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Are Thermador's Star Burners Worth the Hype?

June 25th, 2021|4 min read

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Wolf vs. Miele M Series Wall Ovens (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

June 11th, 2021|4 min read

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Should You Buy the Fisher & Paykel 48-Inch Dual Fuel Range With Induction?

May 28th, 2021|6 min read

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Should You Buy a Double Wall Oven or Specialty Oven and Wall Oven?

May 20th, 2021|6 min read

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Yale Corporate Chef Saba Wahid Wins Chopped

May 13th, 2021|8 min read

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Does the Air Fryer Mode Work in a Regular Oven?

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How to Use Your Galley Workstation

March 11th, 2021|4 min read

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Professional Range Built-In Griddles vs. Grills: Which is Better?

February 16th, 2021|6 min read