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Can You Mix Finishes in Kitchens and Baths?

by Amy Zuckerman

Editor's Note: I am building a house. When I look at current trends, most kitchens now add one or two design elements. Like most, I was buying stainless faucets, stainless cabinet pulls, and stainless pendants. I like the mix better. It adds personality to your space. Think about it.

Can you mix finishes? The answer is an enthusiastic YES! I love the creativity it takes to use this design technique. Look at it as a "feel thing" when you are designing the lighting in a room. Today, the rules are to be broken! I will show you some awesome rule breaking kitchens I love.

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A Review Of Farm Sinks

by Todd Rourke

Ah….the farm sink. If you want to distinguish your kitchen, this is one way to do it. Let's look at a few.

Farmers sink are most commonly white in a 30 inch width.

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