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Why You Should Flush Mount a Wall Oven (Reviews / How-Tos)

February 16th, 2015 | 2 min. read

By Mark Bennett

Flush wall ovens. You may have other concerns in your your renovation as you should, but this is a nice detail.

Look at how clean this looks...

flush mounted wall oven installed in kitchen

In contrast to this (which is still nice)

flush mounted wall oven installed in kitchen

Didnt know you could flush mount a wall oven? We will talk about integrated appliances and show you how to flush mount an oven.

Integrated Appliances

Over the last few years integrated appliances have become much more popular. You probably have picked an integrated refrigerator, so it's hidden from the surrounding cabinets.

integrated appliances in kitchen

Under counter refrigeration, dishwashers, and even hoods can be installed in a similar fashion. Kitchen looks better as you see more of the cabinet and less of the appliance. There are two integrated dishwashers in this photo.

integrated dishwashers installed in kitchen

Other appliances do not have the ability to be paneled or hidden, especially cooking products. This can be a challenge for many designs. One nice feature of some new wall ovens is the flush installation option. This will help you achieve the streamlined look.

How To Flush Mount a Wall Oven

In a standard wall oven installation, the face of the oven will overlap the cabinetry all around, usually about an inch or so. All manufacturers wall ovens are installed this way. These units, depending on the door style and handle, will protrude a few inches.

There are a few companies who offer a flush installation option; Bosch, Wolf, Miele, and Jenn-air being the most well known brands. In a flush installation only the handle will extend beyond the cabinetry.

When doing a flush installation there are many things to consider.

  • The cabinetry will have to be custom to accommodate the installation, so let your cabinet people know
  • The width, height, and depth dimensions for a flush install are always greater than those for a standard installation.

Another problem may be the location of the electrical connections. In many installations the junction box for the power will be above or below the oven, in some instances it may even be in the same opening as the oven. With a flush install and trying to keep the cabinet depth at a minimum, you may need to move that box to the left or right of the oven.

Most wall ovens will have a drop down door, there are a few (the Bosch specifically) that offer a side swing door option. This door swing will also need to be considered. The hinge side will need some additional space to accommodate the hinge and door swing.


Final Thoughts

Always remember to plan well ahead if going with the flush option. You need to insure the cabinets are ordered properly, and the product will work.

The flush look is most prominent in contemporary designs but would look great in any application. Once again, it's a small detail, but one that distinguishes a kitchen.

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