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Thermador vs. Viking 48 Inch Pro Ranges (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

April 8th, 2014 | 3 min. read

By Paul Groux

Thermador and Viking have always been known as leaders in the high end luxurious appliance market.

They are very similar companies, especially most recently. Viking has a brand new range with some great features. We thought it might be good to compare versus Thermador's introduction of 2013.


Thermador was founded by William Cranston in 1916 manufacturing portable and electric built in heaters. In 1932 Cranston merged with H.H. Fogwell and started to manufacture under the Thermador Electric Company. In 1947 Thermador introduced the 1st stainless steel wall oven and cook top. Thermador  introduced the first warming drawer, self-cleaning oven, speed oven and retractable down draft system. Thermador is presently part of the BSH home appliance group. With headquarters in Munich Germany BSH consists of Thermador,Bosch,Siemens and Gaggenau. The BSH group is the 3rd largest appliance manufacturer in the world. Thermador ranges are presently manufactured in Lafollette, Tennessee.


The Viking Range Corporation was created in the late 1970’s by a general contractor named Fred Carl JR. Mr. Carl dreamed of using a professional range in his kitchen yet one had not been created. Then finally in 1989 Viking started producing professional ranges in their Greenwood, Mississippi plant where they are still manufacturered today.

Like Thermador, Viking is viewed as a luxurious appliance manufacturer. They are also well respected in the culinary world of food and wine. Viking was most recently purchased by the Middleby Corporation who is one of the largest manufacturers of  commercial food processing equipment in the world.

Let’s now compare Thermadors best 48 inch range to Vikings best 48 inch range.

Thermador vs. Viking 7 Series 48 Inch Professional Ranges


Viking VDR7486GSS - $13,549



Thermador PRD48JDSGU - $13,999

3x23,000 (front) 2x15,000  1x8,000 Burner BTU 1 x 22,000 (front right) 5x18,000
Back Burners 1,700 BTU Lowest Simmer 4 Extra Low at 375 BTU (pulsate) 
6 Sealed Raised Burners  Burner Cleanability 6 Sealed Raised Star Burners 
Removable Chrome with Thermostat Griddle Type Removable Titanium with Thermostat 
 Self-Cleaning Electric Convection Oven Type Self-Cleaning Electric Convection 
4.7 cu. ft. Main Oven Size 5.1 cu. ft.
2.6 cu. ft. Convection Self-Cleaning Small Oven 1.4 cu. ft. Steam & Convection
No Warming Drawer Glass Surface Warming Drawer 
Yes Lighted Control Panel Yes 
Yes  Soft-Close Door Yes
12 Colors Available in Colors Stainless Only
3-Year Warranty, 6-Year with Viking Hood Warranty 2-Year Warranty

Let’s take a look at the difference from the top down. The Viking offers 3 x 23,000 BTU power burners compared to 1 x 22,000 BTU power burner on the Thermador. However the Thermador compensates on the smaller in power by offering 5 x 18000 BTU burners compared to 2 x 15,000 on the Viking. Both are more powerful than the norm in the industry.


The Viking low simmer (vary simmer) cycles to 1,700 btu and is a constant low flame. The Thermador low simmer burner’s cycle off and on and averages depending much heat is applied to the pan. The Thermador low simmer cycles to 375 btu. Both ranges have sealed burners for cleanability.

Burner Composition

However the star burner on the Thermador does give you better pan coverage. The Viking griddle is chrome and the Thermador griddle is titanium. The Viking chrome griddle is slower to heat, but retains heat better than titanium. However the titanium is easier to clean.


The main oven on both ranges are electric convection self-cleaning ovens. The Thermador main oven is 5.1 cubic feet compared to 4.7 cubic feet of the Viking. The Viking smaller oven is also a self-cleaning electric convection oven and is 2.6 cubic feet. The Thermador smaller oven is 1.4 cubic feet but is a steam convection oven. Under the steam oven there is a separate glass surface warming drawer. Having the steam oven and warming drawer provides you with a ton of cooking options in one range with both a steam oven and a warming drawer.


Thermador has a free dishwasher. It's actually manufacturered by Bosch and is worth $1,200. Viking has an interesting warranty offer of up to 6 years with other Viking purchases.

Which Do I like?

First, I like the Viking. If steam and warming do not matter to you, then Viking should be considered. I also like the new direction and manufacturing expertise of Middleby. 

However, Thermador does have steam, which is the healthiest way of cooking. The warming drawer allows foods to be warmed or refreshed for up to 3 hours. I also like the reliability of the Thermador product. It is the only mass luxury brand on our most reliable appliance brands list for repair.

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Paul Groux

Paul Groux has been with Yale Appliance for over almost 20 years, specializing in appliance sales. He is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper and has completed two Boston marathons.

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