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The New LG Heat Pump Dryers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

April 30th, 2015 | 2 min. read

By Amy Ross

Heat pump dryers have proven to be very successful in the European market, where energy costs are higher, and are slowly making their way to the U.S. Whirlpool and Blomberg are already in the market.

Should you buy one? 

We will discuss how heat pumps work and whether LG is the right machine for your home.

Benefits of Heat Pump Dryers

The idea behind a heat pump dryer is more energy efficiency as well as uses less wear and tear on the clothes. Traditional dryers vent outside, wasting the hot moist air used for drying. Heat pumps extract moisture from the air and recycle it, which can result in up to 60% energy savings.


With this unit, you have the option to choose between drying with a heat pump, or drying traditionally using their two 1,500 watt heaters. The heat pump will not use the heating element and will be the most efficient.

However, cycle lengths will be significantly longer, sometimes upwards of 2 ½ hours. The traditional drying method, will be faster, but of course will use more energy.


Unique Features

European dryers are 4.0 cubic feet, whereas LG is a standard American at 7.3 cubic. It also offers steam in a cycle. Most other dryers do not.

This unit also offers a wide range of flexibility with 14 cycles, and if that’s not enough, the LG is NFC enabled! Meaning you can download more customized cycles with your smartphone.

LG vs. Whirlpool Heat Pump Dryers

They are two different machines really. Whirlpool is condenser or non vented drying. You do not have to vent, so you can place the dryer anywhere. For example, you can place the Whirlpool upstairs in any closet with water and 220 volts.

LG is vented, so it will always be limited by the vent. It has better heating elements at 3,000 vs. 1,300 for Whirlpool, yet Whirlpool was faster in some tests. They both have the ability to turn the heat pump on or off for time or better energy efficiency.

LG does have more gadgets and cycles than the Whirlpool.

Final Thoughts

I am a true believer in this technology. Heat pump dryers will save a ton of money for the average family, and the technology has already been tested in Europe. This is a very good machine with plenty of options and ample size.

However, for builders and remodelers, condensing dryers might be a more convenient option as you do not have to run or worry about a vent.

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