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New Jenn-Air Vs. Dacor Column Refrigerators (Reviews / Prices)

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In the old days, if you were looking for a super premium refrigerator, you would buy a Sub-Zero. Your only choice was which model and size.

Now you have many different choices. Jenn-Air, Dacor, Thermador, and BlueStar all have new, exciting refrigeration.

In this article, you will learn about two of the most technologically advanced brands, Jenn-Air (owned by Whirlpool) and Dacor (owned by Samsung).

In the end, you’ll have an insight to which column refrigerator may be better for your kitchen.

First, let's look at what column refrigerators are. 

What Are Columns?


Jenn-Air Column Refrigerators at Yale Appliance Boston

Columns are individual units such as a refrigerator, freezer, or wine cooler that come in various widths ranging as small as 18 inches to as large as 36 inches.

They are usually about 25 inches deep including the door depending on the brand. This depth allows you to have them sit completely flush, or integrated, with your cabinetry.

Since columns are individual units, you have the option of installing them right next to each other or into entirely separate sections of the kitchen. They give you the ability to completely customize your kitchen layout to the way it would be most functional for your lifestyle.

Now, let’s take a look at the features and benefits of Dacor's and Jenn-Air's refrigerator and freezer columns within each brand. For comparison sake, I will be comparing the most significant models each brand has to offer in these two categories.

To be transparent, we do not sell Dacor appliances.

New Jenn-Air Column Refrigerators


Jenn-Air 36-Inch Refrigerator Column JBRFR36IGX - $7,399.00


Jenn-Air 36-Inch Refrigerator Column JBRFR36IGX

Features and Benefits

  • Temperature Management - Jenn-Air gives you three separate temperature environments in the refrigerator. You can keep each crisper at different temperatures along with the main compartment.
  • Obsidian Interior - Inspired by the beauty of volcanic glass, this column has a dark, reflective finish.

Jenn-Air Nanotechnology Shelving

  • Nanotechnology Shelves - They have a coating on them that absorbs spills, so they don’t spread making cleanup of a spill a much easier task.
  • Wi-Fi - Jenn-Air has Wi-Fi in their refrigerator, allowing you to do voice commands with Amazon’s Alexa and Connect to Wi-Fi for real-time notifications and to control your columns from anywhere.
  • Internal Water Dispenser - On the left wall of the refrigerator is a filtered water dispenser.
  • Sabbath Mode - This mode disables portions of the lights, features, and controls by the observance of the weekly Sabbath and high holidays.


Jenn-Air Glass and Metal Bins

  • Solid Glass and Metal - All-metal bins and shelf frames along with odor-resistant solid glass shelves that have a forcefield at the edge that prevents spillovers.
  • 20 cu. ft. capacity


The Jenn-Air fridge column has three different temperature zones giving you temperature control of separate drawers and your main refrigerator compartment. This is perfect for storing fruits, vegetables, or meats at their ideal temperatures.

The main compartment is aluminum, so it's not porous and won't hold onto smells or show stains, plus your food will stand out more and be easier to spot when looking for that midnight snack.

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Jenn-Air 30-Inch Freezer Column JBZFL30IGX - $6,999.00

Jenn-Air 30-Inch Freezer Column JBZFL30IGX

Features and Benefits

  • Divinity Freezing - One air tower and two precision thermostats calibrated every second for precise temperature control.
  • Wi-Fi: Jenn-Air has Wi-Fi in their refrigerator, allowing you to do voice commands with Amazon’s Alexa and connect to Wi-Fi for real-time notifications and control your columns from anywhere.
  • Obsidian Interior - Inspired by the beauty of volcanic glass, this industry-exclusive dark finish erupts with reflective, high-contrast style.
  • Sabbath Mode - is a feature that disables portions of the lights, features, and controls by the observance of the weekly Sabbath and high holidays.
  • Solid Glass and Metal - All-metal bins and shelf frames along with odor-resistant solid glass shelves that have a forcefield at the edge that prevents spillovers.
  • 17 cu. ft. capacity


Like the refrigerator, Jenn-Air's freezer column has the same black interior and precise temperature control because of the two separate thermostats versus one for most brands. For example, you can have a zone for frozen beef and one for ice cream.

The Wi-Fi connectivity is also a great feature in both the fridge and freezer columns as it will send you updates of problems or if the water filter needs to be changed.

Like Sub-Zero, Jenn-Air has nanotechnology shelving, so it doesn’t congeals and doesn’t spread the spills. Every refrigerator should have this feature because it is impossible to clean large milk or juice spill thoroughly.

You can also use Alexa to give it voice commands, like to drop the temperature down a few degrees if your ice cream is just too frozen to scoop easily.

You can read more about Jenn-Air's new refrigerator columns here. 

New Dacor Column Refrigerators

Dacor 36-Inch Refrigerator Column DRR36980RAP - $7,899.00


Features and Benefits

  • Remote View - has two cameras inside the refrigerator and Wi-Fi will allow you to see what is in your refrigerator from your phone.
  • Push to Open - you touch the door the refrigerator will open. You need not touch the handle. If nobody touches the door after a few seconds, the door will close automatically.
  • Internal Water Dispenser - on the left wall of the refrigerator’s interior.
  • Steel Cool Interior - The refrigerator has stainless fully wrapped throughout. It retains the cold in the refrigerator.
  • Sabbath Mode - is a feature that disables portions of the lights, features, and controls by the observance of the weekly Sabbath and high holidays.
  • Fresh Zone Drawer - it is a stainless-steel drawer that has an adjustable temperature setting for any types of fish, meat chilled drinks or deli. You can also defrost items in that same space.
  • Hidden Control Panel -the control panel allows you to set the ideal temperature throughout the refrigerator. The controls are on the drawer, which is about waist high.
  • Shelving - tempered Spill-Proof Glass with Metal Trim
  • 21.5 cubic foot capacity


Dacor, being owned by Samsung, has a little bit more technology than the Jenn-Air.

Though they both have Wi-Fi, the Dacor has two cameras in the fridge that you can access through there app when at the grocery store to see what you have and don’t have to save to prevent and preventing you from buying items you may already have.

The stainless holds cold better than aluminum so that you can place milk and juices next to the steel for a faster cold.

Dacor 36-Inch Freezer Column DRZ36980LAP - $8,099.00


Features and Benefits

  • Dual Ice Maker- Makes standard ice cubes and it makes cocktail ice cubes. Cocktail ice cubes are suitable for mixed drinks when entertaining.
  • Steel Cool Interior - The freezer has stainless fully wrapped throughout. It retains the cold in the freezer, which makes it run more efficiently.
  • Push to Open - If you push on the door, it will open, and if nobody touches the door after a few seconds, the door will close automatically.
  • Sabbath Mode - is a feature that disables portions of the lights, features, and controls following the observance of the weekly Sabbath and high holidays.
  • Wi-Fi - Use the Wi-Fi to get alerts if something needs maintenance or use it for IQ remote diagnostics if there is something wrong.
  • Quick freezer – a feature you quickly freeze things were coming home for supermarket meats and ice cream.
  • 21.5 cu. ft. capacity


The Dacor freezer column has two ice makers in it, one for your standard crescent-shaped ice cubes. It also has a setting for ice designed for cocktails. Cocktail cubes melt slower, so it doesn’t water down your drink.

On both the freezer and fridge columns for Dacor, they have the push to open feature on the door. Like Thermadors’, Dacor allows you to push to open the door as well as pull.

If you have your hands full, you can push the door open.

Jenn-Air Vs. Dacor Column Refrigerators


Jenn-Air Refrigerator Column

Dacor Refrigerator Column

Jenn-Air Freezer Column

Dacor Freezer Column

Overall Dimensions

24”,30”& 36”

24”, 30”& 36”

18”,24” & 30”

18”,24”,30” & 36”

Special Features?

Nanotechnology shelves, Internal water dispenser, Black metal interior,

WiFi with Alexa

Push to open the door, Stainless interior,

Internal water dispenser, WiFi

Dual Thermostats, Black metal interior

WiFi with Alexa

Push to open door, DualIcemakersthe s, Stainless interior, WiFi

Temperature Control

3 Separate Zones

2 Separate Zones

1 Zone with

2 Thermostats 

One Zone

Ice Maker




Yes, 2 of them

Water Dispenser










Both brands have similar features; the key thing is what sets them aside and makes them different. The Dacor has unique features like the push the open door, which you will also find in other brands like Thermador and Sub-Zero.

Some other features that set Dacor aside are having two different kinds of ice makers and the full stainless steel interior.

Jenn-Air doesn’t have the stainless steel interior, but it is still made up of painted aluminum and glass for a unique look and to hold the cold better than plastic.


Jenn-Air Painted Aluminum Interior 

For sizing Jenn-Air only markets a freezer to 30” width on the freezer whereas Dacor has 36”.

Which Column Refrigerator Should You Buy? 

This one is hard.

Jenn-Air has better temperature control. Dacor has cameras, two ice makers, and some other exciting features.

Both are cool but first-generation products. We have no reliable data on either product. Typically, each of our articles includes our service ratings.

Two ice makers are a great feature, for example, but the number one repair is the icemaker, now you have two.

The answer is not what to buy but from whom should you buy it from.

You should find out who will be servicing either and what this experience entails.

Chances are, you will need service and or maintenance within five years or sooner.

The best service and support ratings determine our winner rather than similar features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between integrated and column refrigerators?

As it turns out not much as all columns are integrated. You can buy an integrated refrigerator and freezer in one unit as well.

Can any refrigerator be built-in?

No, most refrigerators are 32-36 inches deep. You can build your cabinet out to achieve a similar look.

What’s the difference between shallow depth and integrated refrigerators? 

Shallow depth is 24 inches plus door and handle.  The unit will be hidden, but the door will protrude.  Integrated fits within 24 inches.

You will notice a shallow depth refrigerator, but the integrated refrigerators will be indistinguishable from the cabinetry.

Are integrated refrigerators more expensive? 

Integrated refrigerators are more expensive than most refrigeration. The more cubic footage an integrated refrigerator has, the more expensive it is. The lowest priced integrated refrigerator is from Fisher & Paykel

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