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The 5 Best Integrated Refrigerators for 2019 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  March 01, 2019  |  7 Min. Read

Integrated Refrigerators

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Integrated refrigerators have become more popular because the seamless design looks great in cabinets.

As energy standards become more stringent, more integrated refrigeration is becoming larger while there are less efficient professional refrigerators for high-end kitchens.

In this article, we'll cover the best-integrated refrigerators to consider for your kitchen.


The 5 Best-Integrated Refrigerators

5. Fisher & Paykel


Built-In Refrigerators French Doors-Panel Ready:

Built-in refrigerator French doors with stainless panels with the water dispenser on the door and ice maker in the freezer:

Fisher & Paykel is an appliance company based out of New Zealand now owned by Haier. In the US market, they are best known for manufacturing narrow width, counter depth refrigerators, and dishwasher drawers. Fisher & Paykel is the only basic refrigerator on this list.  It looks like a regular refrigerator, and at $6,000, it's the least expensive by far.


  • Active Smart technology maintains consistent temperature and monitors your habits to operate efficiently
  • Ice maker with filter built into the refrigerator (different than other freestanding Fisher & Paykel models)
  • Fast freeze allows you to lower the temperature temporarily so that you can make sure your groceries get cold quickly
  • LED internal lighting
  • Stainless panel option sold separately
  • Accessory kits available to extend height to fit old refrigerator cutouts

Pros: The price is aggressive.

Cons: It's tough to install a panel on this unit. It's available in just one size. It also lacks height like other column refrigerators.


4. Gaggenau


Gaggenau is the premium brand in the BSH corporation (sister brands are Thermador and Bosch). They are best known for side-swing wall ovens and steam ovens with their modern styling.

Gaggenau’s refrigerators are produced in the same factory as the Thermador, Bosch, and Miele, however, Gaggenau has a stainless interior modeled after commercial appliances.

Stainless steel absorbs cold air better, so foods will cool faster. It's also non-porous and more hygienic as well.

Normally Gaggenau is way more expensive than Thermador EXCEPT if you are buying a larger quantity for a building.

For whatever reason, developers are placing more Gaggenau in their projects than any other high-end brand.

Model Offerings:





18’’ no dispenser



Hinge reversible

24’’ no dispenser



Hinge reversible

24’’ w/ external dispenser



Right and left hinge options




Hinge reversible

36’’ French door




30’’ bottom mount



Hinge reversible

36’’ bottom mount



Hinge reversible


  • Made in Turkey
  • Stainless interior for an upscale look and commercially inspired cooling performance
  • Motorized shelf makes it easier to access items on top shelves
  • Temperature controlled crispers
  • Bright LED lighting with sidewall panels
  • Aluminum door bins for better durability
  • Humidity controlled crisper drawers with the ability to optimize temperature based on which foods you are storing
  • Fast cooling reduces temperature to get new groceries to temperature quickly
  • Internal or external ice maker options (depending on model and size)

Pros: Stainless interior holds cold temperature better; the electronic shelf makes it easier to access items on top shelves.

Cons: Controls are out of date relative to the others in this category. 


3. Thermador


Thermador is a premium appliance brand owned by the BSH Corporation. Thermador is primarily known for manufacturing professional-style ranges.  

Thermador was one of the first companies to introduce column refrigeration in the US.
They have upgraded their products recently with new bins, a new touchscreen display, and a push to open door.

Model Offerings:





18’’ no dispenser



Hinge reversible

18’’ external dispenser



Left and right hinge options

24’’ no dispenser

$5649 for 24’’, $5499 for 23.5’’


Hinge reversible

24’’ external dispenser



Left and right hinge options

30" no dispenser



Hinge reversible

36’’ no dispenser



Hinge reversible

36’’ French door




30’’ bottom mount



Hinge reversible

36’’ bottom mount



Hinge reversible


  • Made in Turkey
  • Half-gallon bins on the door for more fresh food space
  • Door shelves and produce bins can be adjusted to any level on door for more flexibility
  • Open door assist, door can open with a light push to the panel, great for full integration with handless kitchen cabinets
  • Humidity controlled crisper drawers
  • Super cool feature in refrigerator allows you to temporarily reduce temp to cool foods quickly
  • LED internal theater lighting
  • Soft-close doors and drawers
  • TFT touch controls to regulate temperature
  • Option for filtered external ice/water dispenser on 18’’ and 24’’ freezer columns
  • Automatically filtered diamond ice maker in freezer
Video Thumbnail


2. Jenn-Air


Jenn-Air is brand new. They are among the first with Wi-Fi connectivity along with Dacor (owned by Samsung). They are the first to be compatible with Amazon's Alexa.

Jenn-Air's three zone temperature management system allows you to differentiate the temperatures between multiple zones. There are two zones for the crispers and one for the main compartment. The freezer has two as well.

The interior is striking and well-lit. The shelving is smart. Along with Sub-Zero, Jenn-Air uses nanotechnology on their shelves, so spills congeal and do not spread.

Cleaning grape juice in a refrigerator is tough, but these shelves will help keep your refrigerator cleaner.

Jenn-Air also has attractive rebates as well for a whole kitchen.

Pros: Well thought out refrigerator with temperature management, Wi-Fi, and better shelving.

Cons: Very new and not yet tested by our team.



1. Sub-Zero


Sub-Zero was the original industry pioneer for built-in refrigeration about fifty years ago. They actually manufactured the first column but at an odd 27-inch size.

They still have the best seal, so air cannot infiltrate into your refrigerator to spoil your food. Their air scrubber “scrubs” the ethylene gas off spoiling foods and eliminates cross-contamination, so foods stay fresher, longer.

There is some promotional packaging when combining Sub-Zero refrigeration with Wolf cooking products.

Model Offerings:





18’’ no dispenser



Left and Right Hinge Options




Left and Right Hinge Options


$6930 no dispenser $7080 internal water


Left and Right Hinge Options


$7340 no dispenser
 $7550 internal water


Left and Right Hinge Options

24’’ bottom mount

$6500 no ice

$6650 ice


Left and Right Hinge Options

30’’ bottom mount

$7440 no dispenser

$7550 internal water


Left and Right Hinge Options

36’’ bottom mount

$8060 no dispenser

$8250 internal water


Left and Right Hinge Options

These are the most popular. Sub-Zero makes more options that are 30’’ or 36’’ all-refrigerator or all-freezer bottom mounts as well.


  • Made in the US
  • Dual Compressor and Evaporator
  • Accepts custom or stainless-steel panels
  • Double freezer drawers for optimal organization
  • Full height door - True cabinet integration without exposed venting grille
  • Internal water dispenser (optional)
  • Air purification system scrubs air of ethylene keeping food fresher longer
  • Crystal interior with Nano-coated spill-proof shelving
  • Soft close doors and drawers
  • Soft-on LED lighting gradually illuminates refrigerator interior
  • Smart-touch control panel for user-friendly precise temperature management
  • Low temperature and high humidity controlled storage crispers

Pros: The most model options, years of manufacturing, made in the US, options for internal water. Best filtering and air scrubber prolongs food life.

Best seal and the only air scrubber for longer lasting and fresher food.

Cons: Interior is a not as flashy as some of the others, no external water dispenser.



Which Integrated Refrigerator Should You Buy?

Integrated is the new growing trend for upscale refrigeration. Your choice will likely depend on aesthetic preferences, features such as internal or external water, service history, and your budget.

It really depends on what you value which we took the time to list below:

The Best Control Panel

Winner: Jenn-Air

You have it on your phone with an app.

Runners Up: Sub-Zero, Thermador

These brands also offer a comprehensive TFT display to adjust refrigeration conditions.

The Best Lighting

Winners: Jenn-Air

The sidewall LED lighting is the best out there.

Runner-up: Thermador

Best for Contemporary Kitchen Design

Winner: Thermador


Thermador’s new integrated refrigeration can be touch-to-open, perfect for handle-less kitchen designs.

Best for Running Water

Winner: Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero offers a filtered internal water dispenser on many of their integrated models that maintain the seamless aesthetic of integrated refrigeration on the outside and does not affect internal refrigerator capacity.

Runners Up: Thermador, Miele, and Gaggenau

These brands make select freezers with external ice/water. The problem with this design is that the ice maker takes up a huge amount of internal capacity and affects the overall aesthetic of the integrated refrigerator.

Best for a Tight Budget

Winner: Fisher & Paykel

RS36A72J_Stainless-Fisher Paykel-1.jpgRS36A72J1-RD3672-Internal-Fisher-Paykel.jpg

For years, the industry begged for a fully integrated counter depth refrigerator. Fisher & Paykel is first to market with a solution under $4,000.

Runner-up: Jenn-Air

Best Cooling System

Winner: Sub-Zero and Jenn-Air

At the end of the day, the goal is to make your food cold. Sub-Zero is the most advanced in terms of temperature control in conjunction with an air scrubber system to remove ethylene gasses. Jenn-Air has the best temperature management system with three zones.

Best Bins

Winner: Thermador

You can customize the bins for whatever you use.

Sub-Zero, Thermador, and Jenn-Air Integrated Refrigerators Compared

   Sub-Zero  Thermador  Jenn-Air
Sealed Door Vacuumed sealed Soft close door Full magnetic seal
Push to Open Door On a select few you can add the Press to Open accessory Yes No
Air Scrubber Yes No No
Bins Magnetic crispers Customizable bins Steel and aluminum bins
Nanotechnology Shelving Yes No  Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity  No No Yes
Touchscreen Controls Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Management Touch controls for precise temperature management You can temporarily reduce temperatures to cool foods quickly Three temperature zones for better temperature management

These are the top three integrated brands with their most unique features compared below.

Sealed Door: It's tough to open a Sub-Zero door because it's designed to keep air out of your refrigerator. Jenn-Air has a full magnetic seal. We will have to test both.

Push to Open Door: Thermador has this feature. It's interesting and useful because you can open the door even if your hands are full. On certain models, you can buy the additional accessory to have the press to open feature for a Sub-Zero refrigerator. 

Air Scrubber: Sub-Zero, known for their reputation of keeping food fresher for a longer period of time, has an air scrubber to remove gas from spoiling foods and prevent cross-contamination. Jenn-Air and Thermador do not have an air scrubber. 

Bins: Sub-Zero's magnetic crispers prevents air from infiltrating your bins to keep food fresh. Jenn-Air's bins are steel and aluminum while Thermador's are fully customizable. Thermador's customizable bins on the door are exceptional. You can order whatever kind of bins you will use.

Nanotechnology Shelving: Jenn-Air and Sub-Zero have nanotechnology shelving making spills easier to clean up while not spreading or leaving juice or milk rings.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Jenn-Air has Wi-Fi in their integrated refrigerators with Amazon’s Alexa voice control as well as three temperature zones you can manage.

Touchscreen Controls: Thermador has TFT controls. Almost all your functions and controls can be accessed by on the top of the refrigerator. Sub-Zero and Jenn-Air have touchscreen controls as well. 

Temperature Management: Jenn-Air has three temperature zones you and adjust and manage. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an integrated refrigerator?

Because it is seamless with your cabinets and looks great.

GE, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire either do not manufacture an integrated refrigerator or sell a small amount through a subsidiary like GE Monogram for example. Only niche companies like Viking, Thermador, Gaggenau, Liebherr, Sub-Zero, and Bosch actively market the product.

What brands make integrated refrigerators?

Integrated refrigerators are specialty products.

GE, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire either do not manufacture an integrated refrigerator or sell a small amount through a subsidiary like GE Monogram, for example.

Only niche companies like Viking, Thermador, Gaggenau, Liebherr, Sub-Zero, and Bosch actively market the product.

What’s the difference between built-in and counter depth refrigerators?

A counter depth refrigerator is a less deep freestanding refrigerator comes  side by side or French doors with freezer on the bottom. That are 24” depth models that are designed to not exceed your cabinets. Most models are 36” wide.

Built-in-refrigerators are built into the cabinetry. They are only 24” deep. They are 80 to 84-inches tall. They can run 30 to 48-inches wide. They accept wood panels that make refrigerators blend into the cabinets for a seamless look. They can also come in a stainless steel finish that gives you the professional look.


Integrated refrigerators are flush to the cabinet. Nothing protrudes. While the other two are noticeable, integrated refrigerators will look more like your cabinets.

Counter-Depth, Professional + Integrated Refrigerators 

Video Thumbnail

Column Refrigeration vs. Refrigerators/Freezers

Traditional Kitchen w Integrated Refrigeration
Integrated refrigerators are generally available at 18", 24", 30" and 36 inches to fit standard cabinet sizes containing both a refrigerator and a freezer.

Columns generally are the same size but are either refrigerator or freezer.

You customize columns to how much space you want to dedicate toward refrigeration or freezing.

Since I tend to use a lot of refrigeration space, I would place a bigger refrigerator column in a central location in my kitchen. A smaller drawer integrated freezer can be placed anywhere since I use it so sparingly.

Do integrated refrigerators last longer?

The integrated refrigerator are a higher quality products. They are new, so it is hard to say. However, most lack the heavily serviced dispenser. Buying both units should add years as well.

What are the most reliable refrigerator brands?

The standard refrigerators like Whirlpool, GE, and Frigidaire are the most unreliable. The life expectancy is 8-10 years. The seam to have higher rate repair.

Samsung actually has the best repair record, yet awful service when there are issues.

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