Most Powerful Professional Gas Burners (Reviews/Ratings)

Tam Nguyen  |  August 04, 2015  |  3 Min. Read

Professional Ranges

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The output of a range has increased considerably, especially for pro ranges. The first generation of pro ranges back in 1990 were 15,000 BTU.

Now you can buy a range with a staggering 23,000 BTUs.

So if you like to cook larger fare faster, these three would be a great choice. We will look at the burner itself, then the brands and compare.

Closed (Sealed) vs. Open Burners

The main difference is pretty much in the names.

The closed burners, also called sealed burners, usually have a cap over the flame and controls the direction of the heat.

The open burner, on the other hand, has an open space around the area of the flame and allows for better oxygen flow and for a higher power/BTU output.

So boiling a pot of water will with an open burner.


It is true that most people find the sealed burners a little easier to clean because there is a enclosed cap over the flame. The open burners, however, can easily be removed and cleaned in the sink. There are drip trays that will catch anything that falls through the open part of the burner.

The benefits of having addition cooking power may outweigh the additional cleaning efforts. For comparison, most residential sealed burners around are 15,000-19,500 BTUs as opposed to the 23,000 BTUs of open burners.

Miele is all 19,500 BTU sealed burners. Thermador has one 22,000 BTU burner on their pro steam 48 inch. Jenn-Air will have two 20,000 BTU sealed burners.

Dual Stack Burners

It’s also worth noting manufactures are also producing dual stack burners similar to true open style burners. You’ll find these in smaller ranges like Samsung, Fisher & Paykel and KitchenAid. These are simply a bigger power burner and smaller simmering burner stacked into one. Although it produces higher BTUs (around 20,000), it does not offer the true open design that allows more oxygen to feed the flames.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular open burner options; BlueStar, Viking and Capital. These brands claim to deliver commercial cooking into the residential homes.

kitchenaid-dual-stack-burnerPicture is from a KitchenAid


bluestar 36 inch pro range

The Pennsylvania company, BlueStar, advertises itself to have the most powerful gas range on the market with a burner capable of producing 25,000 BTUs and also seem to have the lowest temperature simmer of the three.



viking 36 inch pro range

Viking, a big pro appliance brand in the industry, offers burners that can go up to 23,000 but does not list their simmer temperature.



capital cooking 36 inch range

Capital also offers 23,000 BTU burners. Their simmering is not as low as BlueStar at 145 degrees.


Listed below is a chart comparing the max BTU burner of each brands 36”, 6 burner models. It is worth noting that although BlueStar offers the highest BTU output, it is only available on one of the burners.









# Max Burners

1 front middle burner

3 front burners

6 burners

Simmer At

130 degrees

Not available

145 degrees

So far, it seems like the best overall open burner is from Capital. Their open burner is unique in the design of the flame ports. They port the burner plates so that there is an even circle of flames.

BlueStar employs a “Snowflake” design burner. Viking seems to be the most simplistic with the usual round burner plate with the hollow center.

If you’re really into wok style cooking or like the high heat that open burners provides, I would definitely consider the Capital. They offer 23,000 BTUs at all six burners and all are capable of low temperature simmering.


The Capital COB366 model is a popular 6 burner dual fuel range that gives you the high power 23,000 BTUs gas burners on top and an electric oven that incorporates moisture to provide better oven cooking results.

Final Thoughts

It is amazing the power increase in all the ranges in the last 20 years. The 23,000-25,000 BTU is over double your parents range. You have to balance speed against the cleanability of a sealed burner. Unbelievably, even sealed burners have output of up to 22,000 on one burner and up to 19,500 on all the burners.

So the best question is: How do you cook? Do you need all the burners to be powerful?

Either way, unlike your folks, you have a choice.

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