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How to Place a TV in Your Kitchen Hood

August 15th, 2019 | 3 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Wood Kitchen Hood at Yale Appliance in Framingham

Wood Kitchen Hood at Yale Appliance in Framingham

Custom Wood Hood at Yale Appliance in Framingham

Yes, you can place a television in your hood. You just need the right blower and hood. 

This article was inspired by a recent kitchen renovation. In this article, you will learn how to place a television inside your wood hood.

If you are not interested, then you will learn about the basics of wood hoods and how to properly vent your kitchen. You will also find some new, exciting products from GE.

If you're still not interested, then there will be plenty of other article links at the bottom.

First, let's talk about the issue.

Most kitchen designers and architects say to start your kitchen project by accentuating your windows and view. If you have a beautiful view, that should be the focus of the room. This should determine how you layout your kitchen.

However, having a large bank of windows makes it harder for you to place a TV in your kitchen.

Until now.

Have a look:

Full-Kitchen-with-TV-in-Hood TV-in-Kitchen-Hood

Client's Kitchen Design Featuring a TV in a Custom Wood Hood

So, What Is A Wood Hood?


Custom Wood Hood at Yale Appliance in Framingham

You probably have seen wood hoods in a friend's house or on Houzz, an interior design online community for designers, homeowners, and industry professionals.

People are confused about wood hoods and ventilation. It's not that complicated. Think of a hood without the the shell. It's the exhaust motor, filter, and liner, just without the stainless face.

Have a look:

Custom Wood Hood Insert RH005

Custom Hood Insert RH005 Specifications

Wood Hood Brands and Sizes


Wolf Kitchen at Yale Appliance in Framingham Featuring Custom Cabinet Hood

Almost every brand has a wood hood blower and liner like Best, Wolf, Thermador. Even we (Yale) have a series of blowers.

Typically, the CFM (cubic feet per minute) will range from 600-1200 CFM. What you buy depends on how you cook.

You want a higher CFM over a pro range or if you wok, grill or griddle and create smoke, grease, and heat

You should know how they vent as well: All are vertical meaning they exhaust through the top, but only a few exhausts out the back.

The top is better because smoke travels straight upward. However, venting through the back is often more convenient, especially if it's on an outside wall.

For residents of Massachusetts: Precious few are Makeup Air compatible or can be converted to 400 CFM.

If you and your contractor do not know that strict statute, then download our ventilation guide at the link below.

Finding out later is a problem. In this case, a big problem.

How To Put A TV In A Wood Hood

Full-Kitchen-with-TV-in-HoodIntegrated Television In a Kitchen Hood

You would think a TV and a blower would be tougher in a typical 24-inch hood depth. You are mostly right.

Many of the blowers are too deep.

Our customer used the Yale Custom Kitchen Hood Series RH00529BS because it's less deep than most of the other brands. The TV also has to be shallow. In this case, they used a Samsung with a depth of 3 inches.

You also have to enlarge the hood to fit your cable box as well. Also, pendants or island lighting have to be removed to see the TV.

That's it - an interesting solution to a shared space problem.

But what if you do not want a wood hood?

GE Kitchen Hub Smart_new

GE Kitchen Hub Smart Hood

GE is marketing its Kitchen Hub, a 600 CFM hood and smart touch screen combo (not Makeup Air compatible, Massachusetts residents).

The Universal Hub is not a TV, but a streaming device. It has dual cameras and is internet-ready. You can cook with your friends or stream on Youtube.

It installs easily as well.

Should You Place A TV In Your Range Hood?

You don't have to look at a piece of steel or a chunk of wood over your stove.

Buy a shallow TV and wood hood blower to liven up your kitchen. It's a cool solution if you're limited in where you place your TV in your kitchen. 

Additional Resources

Venting is very important, especially if you like to cook. You do not want lingering odors and grease in your home. So if you have questions about hoods and how to vent, download our Yale Ventilation Buying Guide with advice on how to vent properly, advantages of an exterior, interior, and inline ducting as well as recommended CFMs for all the different ranges.

view our ventilation buying guide

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