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Bosch Benchmark vs. Jenn-Air Induction Range (Prices/Reviews/Ratings)

September 22nd, 2015 | 2 min. read

By Brett Lucero

Bosch and Jenn-Air have both introduced new slide-in induction ranges. Today we’ll compare what sets these two ranges apart.

You might be confused with so many similarities. We will look at both companies, products as well as induction technology. 

Induction Cooking

This technology heats your cooking vessel by electrical induction. There are copper coils under the cooking surface which an alternating electrical current passes through to your magnetic pans and heats them up.

In other words, the range excites the steel molecules in your pan and the pan heats the food. Read more about the Science of Induction here

It is far more effective than electric cooking, because the glass of the stove does not transfer the heat. Induction allows you to make quick changes in temperature without the excess heat. Additionally, induction cooking is roughly 30% more efficient than gas cooking.

Jenn-Air Induction Range

Jenn-Air is the high-end company of Whirlpool. Since 2007 they have invested 300 million in improving their cooking products.

JIS1450DS - $3,199 


  • 6.2 Cubic Foot Oven
  • Baking Drawer
  • Soft Close Door
  • Telescoping Rack
  • Sensor Boil
  • 11” 3600 Watt Element,  7” 2500 Watt Element, 7” 2350 watt element, 6” 1800 Watt Element
  • 7” burners have a bridge element
  • 4000 watt broil
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Auto Convection Conversion (takes the guesswork out of scaling down cooking time)
  • Aqualift Self Cleaning Technology (steam assisted cleaning)
  • 11 Specialized Cooking Modes
  • Full review of the JIS1450DS here.

Bosch Benchmark Induction Range

Bosch Benchmark is the newest line from the giant Bosch company. Benchmark features a more industrial look and like Jenn-Air is focused on cooking.

HIIP054U - $3,199


  • 4.6 Cubic Foot Oven
  • Genuine European Convection (heating element behind the fan)
  • Temperature Conversion for Convection Cooking
  • Meat Probe
  • Two Oven Lights
  • Star K certified
  • Quiet Close Oven Door Hinging
  • Warming Drawer
  • Telescopic Racks3800 Watt Broil Element
  • 11” 2,400 Watt Element,  9” 2,200 Watt Element, (2) 6” 1,400 Watt Elements

Which is Better?

The Bosch Benchmark has European convection so air is blown through the back of the range for more even heat than the Jenn-Air range.

I like the specs on the Jenn-Air with the largest oven on the market at 6.2 cubic foot. It is almost 30% larger than the average. The larger bridge burners are great for odd shaped pans, and the range has lots of power.

It also has a higher temperature baking drawer than the Bosch warming drawer. Jenn-Air has steam assist self cleaning with just a 40 minutes cleaning cycle instead of the average three hour self cleaning cycle.

It looks like the Jenn-Air is better, but where is it? This product is now one year late to the market. Do you think the first generations will not have some issues? Neither do I.

Additional Resources

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Brett Lucero

Brett Lucero has been with Yale Appliance since 2005, working in our delivery team before transitioning to the sales department. Brett enjoys spending time snowboarding, striper fishing, and golfing.

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