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Viking D3 vs Thermador 30 Inch Dual Fuel Pro Ranges (Reviews/Ratings)

August 13th, 2012 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

As we posted couple of weeks ago, Viking has introduced a new line of appliances called D3. It is a vast improvement over their old Designer line with better features and a better price. How does it compare to other brands like Thermador?

Dual Fuel

Although electricity is not really a fuel, dual fuel refers to a gas top with electric convection oven. It is the best of both worlds with gas being faster on the top and electric being more even in the oven, especially for baking. Both Thermador and Viking are available with gas ovens as well, but I typically compare base gas models. I thought it may be different for a dual fuel comparison.


Viking is an independent niche manufacturer based in Greenwood, Mississippi. It was founded by former KitchenAid executives who in 1990 started manufacturing a rejected Whirlpool prototype. That prototype would become the iconic Viking range. In recent years, Viking has lost focus concentrating on pots, pans, culinary excursions and seemingly everything but their range. D3 is a major release for Viking to recover for its lack of investment.


The opposite can be said for Thermador. They limped along as a forgotten division of Masco until they were purchased by Bosch in the 1990s. Bosch has spent a ton of money updating the overall product quality of Thermador. Along with very aggressive rebates, updated features and improved product quality, Thermador again has become a prestige brand.

Both brands are manufactured in the United States. Viking in Mississippi and Bosch/Thermador in North Carolina and California.

Viking D3 vs Thermador 30 Inch Dual Fuel Professional Ranges

viking d3 professional range RDSCD2305BSS


thermador professional range PRD304GHU

Viking D3 RDSCD2305BSS

  • 64,000 btu cooking surface
  • 5 sealed burners
  • 4.7 cu ft capacity oven
  • 3 telescopic slide out oven racks
  • 6” backguard included
  • 10 pass broil and bake elements
  • Custom colors available at added charge
  • 3 year warranty
  • $3,499.00

Thermador PRD304GHU

  • 72,000 btu cooking surface
  • 4 sealed burners
  • 4.4 cu ft oven capacity
  • 3 telescopic slide out oven racks
  • 6” backgaurd included
  • 8 pass broil and bake elements
  • Available in stainless steel only
  • 2 year warranty
  • $5,199.00

At first glance, the Viking is a better value with a better warranty (3 years versus 2 years) and a much better price. Thermador has a better cooking surface with very hot 18,000 BTU burners and a great simmer as well with 2 extra low simmer burners of 200 BTU. Viking has 5 burners with 2 high BTU at 18,000 and 17,000. The other three are 12K, 9K and 8,000 BTU.

Both ovens are convection. Both ranges are featured in packages with plenty of rebates. So which do you choose? Thermador is a more powerful range, yet Viking is a better value at $1,700 less. You also have the ability to customize the Viking with color as well as accessorize the knobs.

That's where I would normally end a post. You decide what is right for you. The blog is about comparing objectively as there is no "best" product. Best could be value, price or features.

That being said, we have sold Viking since its inception. I love its "Made In The US" story and respect that Viking was the author of the professional category and risked everything in the process (not sermonizing, but I know they are reading this).  

However, they have lost their way in recent years, sold products before testing fully and the product quality has suffered as a result. Hopefully D3 is a step in the right direction (I am a fan of this company and am impressed with this release), but I am still skeptical.

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