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Are Steam Washing Machines Worth It? (Reviews/Ratings)

by Brett Lucero

Steam has become more popular as the price difference between steam washers and regular front load washers has diminished over the last few years.

Regardless, laundry is generally cheaper to buy around holidays with rebates and promotions.

“I get the point of steam in a dryer but what does it do in a washer?”

This is a question I’ve been posed numerous times in the past. Is there some actual benefit of this feature? Let's look at the features and decide the value.

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Best Yale Pro, Decorative, Wood and Under Cabinet Hoods (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

Proper ventilation is very important in a new home, especially if you like to cook. You do not want lingering odors in your home and grease in your kitchen. At the same time, Massachusetts has new make-up air laws, so you want your new vent to pass inspection.

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Topics: Yale Hoods

Most Reliable Dishwashers for 2017 (Reviews / Ratings)

by Steve Sheinkopf

When you need a new dishwasher you will ask about the quietness, along with cycles, racks, and overall capacity.

Now, it is the first time to talk about reliability. This article is all about reliability within the first year and the most reliable/unreliable brands. First, let's look at the methodology.

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Topics: Dishwashers, Most Reliable Appliances

Bosch Benchmark vs. Miele Gas Cooktops (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

by Brittany Jatkola

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or simply upgrading the appliances, choosing the right cooking product is usually a top priority, since it is the main component in the kitchen.

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Topics: Miele, Gas Cooking, Bosch Benchmark

What are the Best 18-inch Dishwashers? (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

The 18-inch dishwasher is almost exclusively an urban phenomenon. Typically, smaller apartments have smaller spaces with smaller kitchens producing the need for smaller appliances.

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Should You Buy a Third-party Appliance Warranty? (Reviews/Ratings)

by Steve Sheinkopf

Have you ever had a truly bad service experience? We all have. Usually, it is a restaurant or other routine interaction like a convenience store or dry cleaner perhaps. You may never return to that establishment.

However, as bad as a horrible meal or ripped shirt may be, your experience after buying a third-party appliance warranty will be far worse, and you won't realize how much until it is too late.

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Topics: Yale PSA

KitchenAid vs. Samsung Dishwashers (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

by Mason Nguyen

Quite a bit has changed since the last time you bought a dishwasher. The premium dishwasher companies like Miele, Bosch, and KitchenAid can be purchased for less than they were 5 years ago.

The Korean companies like LG and Samsung have become more popular. In fact, Samsung is now the most popular appliance brand in the US. However, most of that volume is in refrigeration and laundry. How does their dishwasher compete against the premium KitchenAid?

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Topics: Dishwashers, KitchenAid, Samsung

The Best 36-Inch Induction Cooktops for 2017 (Ratings/Reviews/Prices)

by Jessica Petrino

Induction is not new technology since it was introduced in the 1980s. However, it is far more recent than gas or traditional electric, which started in the 1920s and 1930s. The first popular induction cooktops were the now defunct Diva at $3,500 for four basic burners.

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Topics: Induction Cooktops, Website

The 5 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

A counter depth refrigerator does not protrude from the cabinets. It is more aesthetically pleasing because you won't see the sides. It is also a benefit to have a shallower refrigerator in a galley kitchen or with an island design. There will be more room between the refrigerator and the island itself. 

Simply, counter depths look better. We will look at the different types and then the 7 best to consider.

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Topics: Jenn-Air, Bosch, Frigidaire, Website, Refrigerators, Counter Depth Refrigerators, KitchenAid, Samsung

Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Packages (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

So, you are buying a full suite of appliances for your kitchen. It is not easy researching each unit, but there may be a better way. Consider buying the brand.

This strategy works because all your appliances will match. Rebates also increase when you buy a whole kitchen package. It’s a much smarter way for you to buy appliances.

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Topics: Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Packages

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