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What is a Kalamazzo Hybrid Drawer Grill? (Reviews/Ratings)

May 11th, 2015 | 2 min. read

By Tam Nguyen

Love the convenience of grilling with gas? Check. Like the higher heat of charcoal grilling? Check. Want the smoky flavoring that wood-grilling provide? Check.

Introducing the grill that can do it all.

Hybrid Drawer Grill

A Hybrid Drawer Grill combines the speed of gas grilling with the flavor of charcoal and wood.

The Kalamazoo Hybrid grill drawer system gives the option of grilling with gas, charcoal, wood or any combination of the three.

You can heat up the grill using the gas, add charcoal to increase the heat and insert wood for smoky flavoring.


Which Fuel to Use? 

There are ongoing debates within grilling communities about which are the best fuel to use for grilling. Charcoal and wood provides a deep, smoky aroma and flavor. It also gives meat cuts dark smoky appearances as well.

Gas on the other hand brings out the natural flavor of the meat and also gives the cut a nice sheen with natural pink coloration. For example, if you’re looking for a stronger bacon flavor of pork cuts or ribs, gas would tend to be the better option to achieve this.

Leave the drawer empty and you still have the ultimate gas grill. The Kalamazoo Hybrid will enable to grill with any method that you may choose.


Kalamazoo Hybrid Grills

There are three Hybrid Drawer models available. Each model offers the option of free standing cart or built in application. Each will also offer the option of have a side burner as well which is great to have for steaming something like a pot of lobsters before grilling. 

All of these Kalamazoo Hybrid grills are built to order in Michigan. The signature of all craftsmen that worked on making the grill will be imprinted inside the door panel.

Let's take a look at a few:



  • (Built-in model shown)
  • 2 Cast Brass Burners providing 55,000 BTUs NG or 48,500 BTUs LP
  • 111,300 total BTUs NG or 110,100 BTUs LP
  • 23" x 22” primary grilling surface
  • Single Hybrid Fire Grilling System drawer



  • (Built-In model shown)
  • 3 cast brass burners providing 82,500 BTUs NG or 72,750 BTUs LP
  • 145,150 total BTUs NG or 142,100 BTUs LP
  • 33" x 22” primary grilling surface
  • Single Hybrid Fire Grilling System drawers



  • (Built-In model shown)
  • 4 cast brass burners providing 110,000 BTUs NG or 97,000 BTUs LP
  • 179,800 total BTUs NG or 172,800 BTUs LP
  • 46" x 22” primary grilling surface
  • Side-by-side Hybrid Fire Grilling System drawers

Unique Features

All three models are able to provide the intense heat for searing but it’s not just a grill on steroids. It also has the ability to go really low for slow, smoker type of cooking.

Highlight features of these hybrid grills includes:

  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Double cooktop with propane tank cabinet
  • Flip-up warming rack
  • Deep hopper cleaning system
  • Ambient control panel lighting
  • Ignition burner with electronic hot surface ignition
  • Rotisserie system with two infrared burners; motor mounted in cabinet.

The main differences is the number of primary burners and drawer system configuration.

It also has customizable cooking surfaces that’s optimized for meat, fish or vegetables. You can even have the Kalamazoo laser etch your name or a logo onto the surface. Imagine holding a corporate event and having the company logo on every burger that comes off of the grill!


Final Thoughts

If you love to grill, consider putting in one of these Kalamazoo hybrid grills. They’re made in Kalamazoo, MI with high quality premium Stainless Steel that’s designed to withstand outdoor seasonal weather.

Although it commands a higher price than most of the other grills out there, it does offer very unique features like the hybrid drawer and incredibly solid construction.

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