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Hestan Aspire Vs. Weber Summit BBQ Grills (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

April 27th, 2020 | 4 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

There are tons of great grills at every price range.

Weber has its popular Spirit and Genesis series with decent output under $1,000. Lynx has its Professional All Sear grill at $7,219.

In the middle, it's tough to decide with a large number of brands and options out there.

We have tried and stopped selling six different brands, just in the last three years. Just because it says, 23,000 BTU output doesn't mean it grills well.

For example, our chef once placed her hand on a working grill to demonstrate the cold spots and unevenness of cooking of that particular brand.

If you live in Massachusetts, you should consider buying a better grill (and covering it)to prevent rusting.

Two of your best options for a better grill without spending $7,000 are the Hestan Aspire and the Weber Summit.

In this article, you will learn about both brands, their features, and then a comparison at the end. You will also learn a lot about grills in general and which may be better to buy for you.

Hestan Aspire 36-Inch BBQ Grill - $3,899 built-in or $4,848 with cart




  • 647 Sq. In. Primary Grilling Surface
  • 83,000 Total BTUs
  • Ceramic Infrared Rotisserie Burner
  • External Rotisserie Motor

Built-In: EMBR36 - $3,899

Hestan Grill Cart ECD36 - $949 

Haven't heard of Hestan? It's a newer grill that has been around for three years. However, they are a subsidiary of the powerhouse commercial brand, Meyer

They debuted the only truly colorful grills in the industry with diamond-cut grates to retain heat for a better sear.

They also have the only variable temperature for an infrared rotisserie burner. Its max output is the hottest at 18,000 BTU.

Hestan is a beautiful grill. Somehow you don't think of a style for grilling.

The Aspire is Hestan's less expensive series. It's pretty similar to their main series.

The unit features 23,000 BTU burners instead of 25,000 like their mainline. The infrared isn't as hot for the rotisserie at 14,000 Versus 18,000 BTU. They also use regular stainless steel instead of diamond-cut grates.

It's still a decent consideration at almost half the price of their regular unit.

Weber Summit Grill E-670 - $2,749



  • Summit E-670 Series
  • 60,000 BTU
  • 624 sq. in. cooking area 
  • 6 Burners
  • Free Delivery
  • Dimensions - Lid Open: 57.1" H x 74.1" W x 30" D
  • Dimensions - Lid Closed: 50.5" H x 74.1" W x 26.5" D

Weber is the most popular grill sold.

Their products last longer and perform better than other similarly priced grills. It's that simple.

In 2018, Weber launched its GS4 initiative for better ignition, fewer flareups, and better grease management on its Spirit and Genesis grills.

Curiously enough, Summit wasn't included in that initiative.

Summit is still Weber's best grill from a feature standpoint.

Let's look:


It has an impressive array of features with 60,000 total BTU burners plus sear station, side burner, rotisserie burner, and sear station.

From an output standpoint, it is competitive with a professional grill.

Or so it seems.

Hestan Aspire Vs. Weber Summit BBQ Grills

The total BTU is similar, if not higher, for Weber. The size is similar as well at 647 square inches for the Hestan versus 624 for the Weber.

However, the Hestan is three 23,000 BTU burners versus six 10,000 BTU burners for the Weber plus the sear station.

Hestan will be able to cook faster because of the hotter individual burner.

Infrared Vs. Traditional Burners

We wrote a post about this last week. Infrared is a hotter, more direct heat than a traditional gas burner. Gas diffuses the heat, whereas infrared direct it.

Weber also uses a sear station. It is just another row of burners between their regular burners for added heat.

Hestan uses the infrared. Along with Lynx, Hestan has a varying infrared between 400-1000 degrees. You can sear a piece of steak at a higher temperature or fruit and veggies at a lower temperature.

Burner Systems

Hestan, like most pro units, uses ceramic briquettes to increase surface heat and limit flare ups. Their briquettes are easy to clean because you just need to flip them.

Weber-Summit-BurnerWeber Summit BBQ Grill Burners and Flavorizer Bars


Weber uses stainless steel Flavorizer Bars. The bars limit grease flareups.

Grill Options & Accessories


Hestan-Grill-RotisserieHestan BBQ Grill Rotisserie on Display at Yale Appliance in Boston


Professional grills seem to pride themselves on how much weight their rotisserie will hold.

Hestan will hold 40 pounds with a 14,000 BTU infrared behind the rotisserie for additional heating and evenness of cooking.

Weber will hold about 20 pounds and has a 10,600 BTU infrared burner.


Weber has a 6800 BTU smoking tray located slightly under the grill. Hestan has a tray accessory. You would add charcoal to the tray for smoking.

I don't think either should be considered a smoker per se, but both can add a smokey flavor.

Side Burners

yale-appliance-hanover-hestan-built-in-grill-and-side-burnerHestan Built-In Grill Display Featuring Side Burners on Display at Yale Appliance in Hanover


Weber has side burners. You have to buy a set from Hestan for an additional $1000-$2,500 depending on size.

Weber-Summit-Gas-Grills-Side-BurnerWeber Summit BBQ Grill Side Burners

Reliability & Warranty

Both brands have excellent reliability and warranties.

Most Reliable Outdoor BBQ Grills For 2020

  Serviced QTY
Lynx 17
Hestan 5
Wolf 2
Kalamazoo  1
Weber 16
Traeger 0
Grand Total  41

The Weber warranty is ten years on parts excluding normal wear and tear. Hestan is unique with a lifetime warranty on the burners, rotisserie, and stainless construction.

It's a great warranty. You may need it if you live in a coastal city and leave it uncovered. Given time, salt air can eat through most anything.

Hestan Aspire Vs. Weber Summit: Which do you choose?

First, both are very good grills. They have similar sizes.

Hestan is almost $2,000 more than the Summit plus the cost of the burner.

However, it has better burners, and the ability to truly sear any food from steak to veggies. It's one of two grills with a variable sear.

You also have a better rotisserie with a hotter rotisserie burner.

It's a better grill with a better warranty.

Is that worth $2,000 to you?

Additional Resources

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