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BlueStar has a new 36-inch professional refrigerator with some interesting features. We will review the BlueStar and compare it to some more familiar names like Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, and Sub-Zero.

First of all, BlueStar is a family-owned range company based in Pennsylvania. They have been around making solid cooking appliances since the 1880s. After talking about manufacturing a refrigerator for a while, they have finally introduced their first model after years of development.

In terms of features, this is a very good product, maybe because of the years of development. They offer the best features of what currently is available.

New BlueStar 36-Inch Professional Refrigerator - Model BBB36


BlueStar's New 36" Professional Refrigerator [Video]

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Two Compressors

This includes individual compressors for the freezer and refrigerator. Having a two-compressor refrigerator makes food taste better because the aromas and tastes of the moist cooler air of the refrigerator do not get cycled in the dryer freezer compartment. Think of fresh fish odors trapped in your ice cream.

Digital Graphic Interface Controls


They have a graphic interface for temperature control. It operates like your basic touchscreen and keeps a better temperature with less disparity than a regular refrigerator thermostat.

Nanotechnology Shelving

The shelves have a nanotechnology coating, so spills congeal and stay on the shelf rather than spreading through the refrigerator. So, you don’t have to clean all the nooks and crannies of a whole refrigerator if something spills. Sub-Zero is the only other company offering these two features.

Stainless Interior

BlueStar also offers some unique features more true to their commercial roots. It is the only professional refrigerator with a stainless interior. Only Gaggenau offers this, but in a smaller integrated refrigerator. Stainless is non-porous, more hygienic and much easier to clean.

Storage Bins


Their bins are perhaps the most well designed. Both the refrigerator and freezer can accommodate a cookie sheet. So, you can take your food from the oven right to your refrigerator without having to replace the baking sheet.



The door shelves are solid metal, not plastic, so you will never have to worry if that full soda bottle, 6-pack or loaded shelf will ever give way.

Customize with Colors


BlueStar is available in 750 colors rather than just stainless, so if you want to match their range or want a splash of color in your kitchen then this is a good alternative.

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BlueStar vs. Sub-Zero Pro Refrigerators


However, this refrigerator is not for everyone. There are no panel options, which is currently a popular trend. Although in many ways, the refrigerator is well designed and better than most brands.

Sub-Zero has a vacuum seal, magnetic crispers, and an air scrubber to keep food fresher for a longer period.


And at $9,899, it is a similar price to a Sub-Zero as well.


Still, the BlueStar is worth considering with its stainless interior, very solid and functional shelving capacity, and the ability to customize based on color alone.

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