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ULine vs Marvel Undercounter Refrigerators (Reviews / Ratings)

July 26th, 2012 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

U-Line vs Marvel Undercounter Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings)

U-Line and Marvel are two of the most popular brands in undercounter, built-in refrigeration. Both are available in a variety of configurations and both brands are the best mid-range priced undercounter options.


U-Line has been around for 50 years and was founded in 1962 by Henry Uihlein. They manufacturered the first patented automatic built-in residential ice maker. Today they now have ice makers, wine refrigerators, beverage centers, all-refrigerators, refrigerator/freezers and drawer models available in three different series. The 1000 series offers nice features such as glass shelves and digital controls at a lower price. The 2000 series offers more upgraded features such as Energy Star rated models with convection cooling for more even temperature and smoother racks. Lastly, the 3000 series is a modular line exclusive to U-line that offers a sleek design with dimensions in 18” and 36” widths. The 300 series also has an advanced temperature control system so you can program the temperature depending on the specific type of food or beverage you are storing.

uline 1000 series undercounter refrigerator 1175BEV uline 2000 series undercounter refrigerator 2175WCC uline 3000 series undercounter refrigerator 3036RRGL
1000 Series Beverage Center
1175BEV - $1,449 
2000 Series All-Wine
2175WCC - $2,249 
3000 Series 36" Glass Door Refrigerator
3036RGGLS - $3,549


Marvel was started in 1932 when they began making under-counter freezers. Shortly thereafter they developed under-counter refrigeration. Marvel became a major industry leader in the luxury refrigeration market with the first upscale under-counter wine storage unit. They were also the first to introduce the all-black interior which allows homeowners the capability to design built-in refrigeration in any room of their home. Marvel’s refrigeration is known for their quiet, yet powerful compressors with microprocessor controlled thermostats to provide accurate constant temperature. Today they offer Professional style (handles look like that of a Viking style appliance) as well as their standard style refrigerators, beverage centers, wine storage, ice makers and refrigerator drawers.

marvel undercounter refrigerator 6BARM marvel undercounter refrigerator 61WCM marvel undercounter refrigerator MPRO6GARM
Marvel Beverage Center
6BARM - $1,419 
Marvel All-Wine
61WCM - $1,369 
Marvel 24" Glass Door Refrigerator
MPRO6GARM - $1,799 

Undercounter vs. Freestanding Refrigeration

Regarding pricing, both brands typically range between $1000-$3500 depending on the item. Customers often come into the showroom looking for under-counter refrigerators and have sticker shock when they see the prices of these pieces. They’ve seen units at stores (Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, etc) or online for $500 or less and they don’t realize that the models they were looking at were free-standing models. We sell a Frigidaire for about $500.

Freestanding models breathe from the back and cannot be built into cabinets. They require at least 5” of clearance all the way around. If you were to build-in a freestanding model, the refrigerator would not last because it would overheat. U-Line and Marvel under-counter refrigeration are designed to be built-in. They breathe from the bottom and can be completely surrounded by cabinetry. They also have more advanced temperature control systems to maintain a constant temperature, as well as better quality interiors, design flexibility and metal, not plastic interiors.

freestanding undercounter refrigerator installed undercounter refrigerator
Freestanding Undercounter Refrigerator Undercounter Refrigerator

U-Line vs. Marvel

U-Line and Marvel are very similar in quality but U-Line has a few exclusive features. For example, they offer a convection cooling system for their beverage centers and refrigerators which allows them to have an Energy Star rating. The convection cooling system is a fan in the back of the units that circulates the cold air to maintain even temperature. In all other units without this feature, typically the temperature is a few degrees warmer at the top than the bottom.

Another important feature is U-Line's hinging system, which allows for integration with cabinets. In other words, the U-Line does not protrude from the cabinets and is indistinguishable from the cabinet itself. Have a look below..

standard undercounter refrigerator integrated undercounter refrigerator
Marvel  Uline

Lastly, as I mentioned before, U-Line offers exclusive 18” and 36” models in their 3000 series which is a designer favorite due to the ease of planning those sizes into a kitchen design with standard cabinetry.

For more information, read a Yale Buying Guide packed with great information about different aspects of home improvement.


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