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Liebherr Counter Depth Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings)

May 29th, 2012 | 2 min. read

By William Hanley

liebherr refrigerator displayCounter depth refrigerators fit neatly into segments. There is regular counter depth or a shallow refrigerator. A pro refrigerator has the compressor on the top and an integrated refrigerator fits within the cabinet itelf.

These refrigerators all have consistent prices and features within their segment...except for Liebherr, which has better features than a shallow depth refrigerator at a much better price than a professional or integrated refrigerator.

First, Liebherr is a German family-owned company whose primary business is refrigeration and building (construction) cranes. They are known for quality of construction and adherence to energy efficiency and cutting edge "Green" technology.

Features of Liebherr

Liebherr has a dual refrigeration system which allows the refrigerator and freezer to be controlled independently. The benefit of a dual system is that no air transfers between the compartments. For food storage this is critical; since no freezer air ever enters the fresh food compartment the environment remains moist and keeps produce much fresher. Another advantage is odor; your freezer will never smell like the refrigerator and vice versa. The controls are digital so you know the temperature inside your refrigerator and freezer.

This refrigerator also has TWO variable speed compressors which run continuously. The advantage to this is for efficiency and to offer quiet operation. This is different from most other brands which have only one.

Inside a Liebherr is also different. It has unique features such as Bio-Fresh technology, Frost-Safe bins and Super-Frost.

  • Bio-Fresh is a patented technology that keeps the refrigerator compartment at a steady temperature of 32 – 35 degrees. This is the ideal humidity level for vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish to retain their vitamins and stay fresh much longer than a standard refrigerator which storages between 38-40 degrees. (This saves money!)
  • Frost-Safe bins in the freezer keep the cold air in even when the freezer door is open, and warm air can’t seep in and cause “freezer burn” to your food – another money saver!
  • And then there is Super-frost which will lower the freezer temperature to -25 degrees for flash freezing. This quick freeze feature helps lock in all the nutrition, colors and freshness of the food for a longer stay in the freezer. 

These are a few of Liebherr’s great interior features; let’s move on to the exterior.

Prices and Configurations

In terms of configuration, Liebherr offers the most versatile combinations, anywhere from 24” - 36” wide by 80” - 84” high, prices range from $2,799 to $6,499. In 24” the column can be all refrigerator, all freezer, all wine, combination refrigerator top/freezer on the bottom,  refrigerator and bio- fresh, wine cooler and refrigerator or, bio-fresh and freezer. They can be either freestanding or combined for 48” wide side by side refrigerator in any combination. For an idea of cost, their most popular column, the CS-1310 is $2,849.

In 30” the combination can be refrigerator/freezer model CS-1400 $3,099, refrigerator with bio-fresh and freezer with either a swing-out door freezer or two freezer draws. Again they can be freestanding or combined to make a 60” wide unit.

In 36” Liebherr offers a refrigerator with two freezers draws on the bottom CS-2060, or refrigerator with bio-fresh and two draws on the bottom with either a single door refrigerator or a French door refrigerator at only $4,999.

liebherr counter depth refrigerator CS1310 liebherr counter depth refrigerator CS1400 liebherr counter depth refrigerator CS2060

Liebherr CS-1310 - $2,849

Liebherr CS-1400 - $3,099

Liebherr CS-2060 - $4,999

Whether it is 24”, 30” or 36” wide unit with multi combinations, you can design as a freestanding look, built-in look, or a fully integrated look. These units are available with stainless steel fronts from the manufacturer or ready for your custom panels to seamlessly match your décor.

So if you are looking for an alternative to a $8,000 professional refrigerator, consider a Liebherr with good features for much less money.

Vincent Pham

Vincent Pham has worked in appliance sales for over 10 years. Vincent is a father of four and enjoys travelling and gardening.

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