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Bosch Benchmark vs. Electrolux Induction Slide-In Ranges (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

July 22nd, 2014 | 3 min. read

By Danny Nguyen

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Induction is magnetic heat. What's that? The magnets in the cooking surface excite the molecules in your pan. Because of this the pan, not the cooking surface, cooks the food.

We explain the process more extensively in our Induction Cooking Buyers Guide.

Benefits of Induction

Induction is the best cooking source available. It is faster than a professional gas unit with the lowest simmer available. It is the most efficient and requires the least amount of venting. Induction can even be downdrafted. Because it requires a magnetic pan to activate, it cannot be turned on by children.

You can read more about induction cooking benefits.

Slide-In vs. Freestanding

Differences Between Slide-In and Freestanding Ranges

Wistia video thumbnail - Freestanding vs. Slide-In vs. Front Control Ranges

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Freestanding ranges are the most common and have a backguard with controls. Slide-ins have the controls on the front. This small distinction allows you to better customize the kitchen and see the backguard. There are also no seams on the sides so it is easier to clean. Slide-ins, however, are more costly.

» What's The Difference Between Freestanding and Slide-In Ranges? «

Bosch just recently launched their new modern look, Benchmark. Their biggest change is adding an induction range to their lineup. Bosch is better known for their dishwasher, but this new addition will change consumers minds about the brand. Electrolux  was once known for their vacuum, but they have one of the best induction ranges on the market.

Let’s compare the two models against each other, and see which is better.

Bosch Benchmark

B/S/H group owns Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau. They are one of the most well-known European appliance companies in the world. Bosch appliances are mainly built in Newbern, NC. Bosch's goal is to give the consumer the best value for their quality. Bosch's new Benchmark will be the premium level of their appliances. The new series will include refrigerators, dishwasher, ranges, and wall ovens.


Electrolux is a Fortune 500 company. Electrolux is the world’s largest appliance manufacturer and based out of Sweden. Electrolux has been in business since 1919. The company acquired an American company Frigidaire in 1996. Their brand and product is relatively new in the US.

The Bosch Benchmark designed their ranges to have the look of a slide-in without having to worry about having a piece of countertop to fill in the gap behind the range like on traditional slide-in model. The Electrolux slide in induction stove will require space filler.

Bosch Benchmark vs. Electrolux Induction Slide-In Ranges

Bosch Benchmark HIIP054U


  • The New Bosch Slide-in Range Fits in Any Freestanding Range Cutout
  • 3,600W Induction Power
  • Warming Drawer Keeps Everything You Cook Warm and Ready to Serve
  • Powerful 3,600 Watts Speeds Cooking Time.
  • Full-Extension Telescopic Rack Offers Safe and Easy Access
  • Big Capacity 4.6 cu ft Oven

Electrolux EW30IS65JS


  • Perfect Turkey Setting takes the guess work out
  • 3,400W Induction Power
  • Perfect Pair Ovens (up to 450 degrees)
  • Wave-Touch Controls (sleek, clean look)
  • Luxury-Glide Oven Racks (easy access)

Final Words

The cooking surface is much bigger on the Bosch induction stove. The control panel is in the front of the stove; therefore it allows Bosch to have a bigger surface for pans. Electrolux places their control panel as part of the top surface.

The oven size in the Bosch is much bigger than Electrolux. At 4.6 for Bosch compared to 4.2 for Electrolux.

Electrolux has easier to operate controls for different cycles like Perfect Turkey, dehydrate and proof. Bosch has a warming drawer at the bottom versus a full oven in the Electrolux.

I love the Bosch benchmark induction overall for their modern, simplicity design. From the handles, LCD screen, and hinges to the oven Bosch paid attention to all details. It is a great product especially for being new. Electrolux is a good product, especially its simple to use oven controls.

The real intangible is reliability. Electrolux is average. Bosch is generally good, but this is brand new so we won't know for a little while.

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