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Alfresco vs. Wolf Professional Outdoor Grills (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

June 10th, 2014 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Both Alfresco and Wolf are professional grills. A professional grill simply defined is all stainless steel with high output burners. They will also have better sears, rotisseries and smokers for flavoring meats.

However, the real benefit is the higher BTUs for faster and more complete grilling. The construction is better for the harsh New England winters (like last winter).

Most professional grills are available as built-ins with carts as accessories, so some assembly is usually required. Just as a FYI, we deliver and assemble all grills over $499 free of charge.

Let’s compare both companies.


Dale Sieden, former founder of Lynx Grills, co-founded Alfresco Grills in 1999. Then Jeff Bernstein, former owner of Jade Range Commercial Cooking Equipment and Dynasty Residential Appliances acquired the company. In addition to their signature grills, Alfresco carries all-weather refrigeration, pizza ovens, smokers, grill accessories, and more to help you furnish a complete outdoor kitchen.


Alfresco 42” ALX2-42SZ Built-in and ALX42-42SZC Cart model

  • There are 3 main burners that are 18-SR stainless steel w/Titanium main tube burners. Each burner is 27,500 BTU.
  • Hidden rotisserie motor with chain-driven spit. It has 120 lbs. of turning torque. Ceramic infrared rear burner.
  • Porcelain ceramic 5-way heating briquettes. It evenly distributes the heat to the cooking surface.
  • Optional 27,500 BTU Sear Zone. Reaches 1500 F degrees in 4 minutes. Having that high heat it cooks 50% faster on that burner.
  • Wood Smoker and Herb Infusion System. That a dedicated 5,000 BTU burner.
  • Air Cooled Front Control Panel. It keeps the controls and electronics cool by having flow air to go thru the control panel.
  • Halogen lighting is designed to angle the lights towards the center of the grill.
  • 770 sq. inches of cooking surface
  • Pushbutton ignition used an 110v AC power source
  • Cart models have the option of refrigerator cart or 2 drawers models
  • Alfresco has a design team that will help you put together a hold out door kitchen


Wolf Range Company brand started in business in 1945. They manufactured professional cooking equipment for the restaurant and hotel industry. Over the next 70 years Wolf developed into the premier cooking brand in commercial use. In 2000 Sub-Zero purchased Wolf Range Co, so Sub-Zero could compete in cooking appliances.

The outdoor grills are not manufactured by Wolf. They are manufactured by Twin Eagles and put the Wolf label on them. Name aside, it’s a very good grill.

Wolf 42” OG42 plus cart

  • Can be built in or use on a portable cart.
  • Each burner (3) is 25,000 BTU’S has independent heat control.
  • Infrared sear zone 25,000 BTU’S it gives you direct heat to seal in the juices.
  • Two-position rotisserie system with 14,000 BTU’S infrared burner. 
  • Ceramic briquettes gives you more direct heat while you are grilling.
  • Three-position warming rack stows away when not in use.
  • Halogen lights to light up the cooking surface.
  • LED lit control knobs allow for convenient night grilling
  • Stainless steel burner grates.

Alfresco vs. Wolf Pro BBQ Grills

When comparing the two grills I found that there many differences. The Alfresco has 27,500 BTUs vs. Wolf 25,000 BTUS. The qualities of the burners are also different. The Alfresco is an 18-SR stainless steel w/ Titanium main tube burner that gives you a longer life because the burners are oxidization and corrosion resistant. The Wolf features weather resistant stainless tubular burners.

Alfresco grills have 5-way heating briquettes which evenly distribute the heat from the burners. One of the coolest features on the Alfresco is the hidden rotisserie motor with a chain-driven spit. The motor is not exposed and therefore is great for any weather.

I like the features, BTU output and titanium burner in the Alfresco, but it is a new brand. It’s a nice story, but I am wary of any newer product. Wolf has decent burners and is proven over time. Guess this comparison is a tie depending on what you really like.

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