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Lynx vs. The Big Green Egg (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Paul Gillis  |  May 27, 2014  |  3 Min. Read

Lynx  |  BBQ Grills  |  Big Green Egg

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Hard core grilling enthusiasts will cook 12 months a year through any type of adverse weather conditions.

In New England, where we are finally shoveled out, most of our customers have now finally cleaned out or set up their grills for some tasty backyard barbecues. The” Eggheads” and Lynx owners are part of the group that will cook on a grill whenever there is an opportunity to.

Note: We no longer carry The Big Green Egg
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This will be an interesting comparison because both have dynamic equipment and the resulting food taste is great from either of them. They just use different cooking methods.

The Big Green Egg uses a charcoal based system in their ceramic body. The Lynx uses gas burners, briquettes and infrared heat that are encompassed in a stainless steel frame.

Both have their ardent followers, so let’s look at each.


The Big Green Egg Company was founded in 1974 by Ed Fisher. They are based in Tucker, Georgia and the majority of their production is based in Mexico. This year’s “EggOctoberfest” will be held in Stone Mountain Park, GA, just a few miles from their headquarters. Over 1,500 Eggheads will get together and try various different recipes on hundreds of Green Eggs.

The Egg actually emulates the old Japanese ceramic cookers. These first ceramic grills came to the attention of the American grilling enthusiast right after World War II, when US soldiers would bring them back in empty transport planes from Japan.

Lynx Professional Grills was started in 1996. Lynx grills are manufactured and assembled in Downey, CA. The entire design team is constituted of over 30 people who have previously designed commercial restaurant equipment for brand name BECA. Products for restaurant equipment are designed to withstand constant and heavy use. Add outdoor weather and grills need to be made to last and the key to Lynx’s success is their indestructible cast brass element.

Lynx has evolved with the expanding outdoor kitchens. They have cocktail stations, ice machines, refrigeration, side burners, and access panel, warming and storage drawers. All designed with innovation and engineered to last.


The shape of the Big Green Egg is designed to contain the heat with only a small vent at the top that creates a draft to keep the fire burning. The egg is a charcoal barbecue. Lump wood charcoal is recommended by the “Eggers”. This type of charcoal has no additives that may contaminate the flavor of the food.

The sealed design of the grill results in a slow easy burn and creates little ash. Big Green Eggs can used for smoking or grilling and with some accessories, can bake bread or cook a crispy tasty pizza. Big Green Eggs are designed in 6 sizes and the largest one capable of cooking at one time, either two 20lb turkeys or 24 burgers.

Lynx Grills are available in 27”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 54” configurations for built-in or freestanding applications. Lynx grills are made of heavy 16 gauge stainless construction with finished seams and finely polished mirrored edges. Lynx burners are rated at 25,000 BTU per burner.


The Big Green Egg is manufactured from high fiber ceramics developed for the Space Shuttle program designed to reflect heat and this allows temperatures of up to 650ºC (1,202ºF). A permanent porcelain glaze ensures the signature green color will not fade or discolor under any outdoor conditions. A spring-assisted hinge system and a heavy stainless steel cooking grid offer great lifespan. They have added a wheel damper on the top to give better air flow control and that result with much better temperature regulation.

Lynx is one of the very few grill manufactures that use a cast brass burner. Brass radiates heat more effectively than other metals and has a lifetime warranty. Lynx sear burners have a full range of temperature control. The Lynx cooking system has specially designed high density ceramic briquettes. They reduce flare ups and enhances food flavor as drippings from the food hit them and turn to smoke.

Lynx hood assist is a heat treated stainless steel spring system. It is designed to reduce 90% of the hood weight making opening and closing of the hood a breeze. Cooking on windy days can pose a challenge for many grills, but Lynx grills have a wind-fin design that stables the critical surface temperature when cooking with the grill closed in windy conditions.


         The Big Green Egg XL EGG XLHD-HD-11 - $1199.00

NEST-XL Casters and Bracer Bar    $177.95
EMXL Wooden Side Shelves   $99.95
PSXL  Plate Setter   $1149
EAP Ash Pan  $19.95
ATXL Ash Tool XL  $15.95
Total Package    $1,624.29


Lynx - L36PSFR2NG 36" - $5699
36” Grill with 1 Pro Sear Burner and Rotisserie - $5699

Big Green Egg vs. Lynx

The Big Green Egg and the Lynx Pro Grill are both great products. We cook on both of them here at Yale and both are top performers.

The price is for the Lynx is much higher, but for the enthusiasts who want the stainless steel look, blue LED control lights and internal halogen surface lights for night time cooking, this is a great call. The controlled sear burner and solidly constructed brass burner are really great for consistent heat.

The Big Green Egg is also solidly constructed and ceramic heat can be very versatile. The temperature can be regulated for slow cooking a turkey or real high sear heat for meats. The signature Green surface will not fade or discolor under tough New England conditions. They are tough to compare as Lynx is bigger and perhaps easier to understand. The Big Green Egg, however, is far more versatile with the ability to actually cook as well as grill.

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Paul Gillis

Paul Gillis has over 15 years of experience in the appliance industry. Paul likes to spend time golfing, working in the garden and fixing up his 100 year old home.

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