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Samsung Family Hub vs. GE Café Counter Depth Refrigerators (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Jonathan Beresford  |  December 02, 2016  |  3 Min. Read

Counter Depth Refrigerators  |  GE Cafe  |  Samsung

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Remember when refrigerators were simple and just kept your food cold? Not anymore.

The next generation is Wi-Fi enabled with TVs, coffee systems and SodaStream attachments. Refrigerators are much more than chillers and freezers these days. They can be the communication hubs for your home.

Two companies bringing this type of technology are GE (now owned by Haier of China) and Samsung.

We will look at both of their products and then compare.

GE Café CYE22USHSS - $2,700-3,000

GE Cafe CYE22USHSS Counter Depth Refrigerator


This unit is pretty cool at first glance.

You are immediately drawn to the single-serve Keurig K-cup brewing station in the ice and water dispenser. It also doubles as a hot water dispenser for teas where it lets you choose between 4 preset temperatures.

Also it has a hot water scheduler. By using your GE app, you can actually schedule when and what temperature you would like to have your hot water dispensed. Also added is a precise fill. While not exclusive to GE, it is nice to get that precise measurement for food and drink prep.

GE Cafe App

The dispenser unit itself is also quite large, tall enough to fill any large container in your home easily. Lastly, it is equipped with a sharp looking LCD color screen with a USB port which will allow you to upload your favorite photos to personalize your unit.

Moving on to the interior, the lighting is 7 LEDs that are positioned well and placed to function as task lighting while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. There is plenty of useable fresh food space within this unit.

The shelves are all moveable and include a “quick space” shelf which folds back for taller item storage. Also has a full width LED lit temperature controlled drawer.

Other Features

  • Dual Evaporator (dedicated climate control for each section)
  • Drop down storage tray (hides away when not in use)
  • Stainless Steel design Door Bins
  • Adjustable humidity drawers  
  • Deli pan
  • Sabbath mode compatible
  • Removable door gaskets

Samsung Family Hub RF22K9581SR - $4,399.99

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator RF22K9581SR.png


The Family Hub is the world's only truly connected refrigerator. It allows you internet access on the front. It also allows you to see inside the refrigerator from your phone. Want to see if you need ketchup while you are at the supermarket? Just open the app on your phone and have a look.

Opening the doors of this unit, you are immediately drawn to its unique interior. 4-pillar high efficiency LED lighting with a combination of arctic blue and stainless steel interior. Visually this unit is incredibly appealing and truly unlike anything else on the market at this point.

The bottom right hand door operates off of a dedicated second compressor and third evaporator system. It can be converted from freezer to refrigerator in 8 hours for useable fridge capacity all the way to 19.5 cu. ft. It also has 4 selectable temperature settings Fridge, Chilled, Soft Freeze, and Freezer.

Other Features

  • Food Management - Three built-in cameras take a picture of the refrigerator's interior. You can order groceries online from the touchscreen
  • Family Message Center - The Sticky Board and WhiteBoard features let you leave messages for family members and sync up calendars from your connected mobile device.
  • Entertainment - stream music to the built-in speakers or mirror your smart TV on the 21.5" touchscreen using such apps as Pandora and Tune In
  • FlexZone - bottom-right door can be a fridge or freezer, maximizing fresh food storage space. The most fresh food storage available at 17.65 cu. ft. when the FlexZone is used as a refrigerator. Five customizable temperature settings: Cool at 41(degree)F, Cheese/Veggie at 35(degree)F, Chill/Meat at 30(degree)F, Soft Freezing 23(degree)F and Freezer at -8(degree)F to 5(degree)F
  • Triple Cooling System - 3 evaporators for ultimate freshness and provides precise temperature and humidity controls in all three zones. Your food stays fresher longer with 3 evaporators

Samsung Family Hub vs. GE Café Counter Depth Refrigerators

These machines will do much more than just keep your food cold.

If you like coffee, the GE is a wonderful advance and will save counter space. The programmable app is a great option so you set it once to have hot water at any time.

The Samsung is way more than coffee. You are looking at a communication hub inside your kitchen with flexible refrigerator/freezer space (btw, their Chef Collection line has Sodastream functionality too).

We have gone way past food preservation.

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Jonathan Beresford

Jonathan Beresford is an Appliance Sales Consultant at Yale Appliance. Jonathan has over 12 years of sales experience and prides himself over his superior customer service. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family and play golf.

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