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LG vs. GE French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerators: Which Is Better?

October 27th, 2023 | 8 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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LG vs GE French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerators

In this article, you will learn the differences between LG and GE counter-depth French door refrigerators, their most popular models, and problems to consider, including ice maker and compressor issues.

We will also discuss class action lawsuits and other problems associated with both brands.

By the end, you will understand the reliability of both brands and the issues they face.

Now, let's look at the company profiles.

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Company Profiles


Also known as GE Profile, Café Appliances, and Monogram


GE is not the same company we grew up with. It is now a part of the Chinese company, Haier.

Interesting Fact: In 1987, GE redesigned and manufactured a new rotary compressor. The CEO, Jack Walsh, was never informed about the problems as these compressors were installed in their top-tier refrigerators.

This mistake cost GE over one billion dollars.

Their appliance division struggled for years and was rumored to be on sale for two decades until Haier acquired GE, outbidding Electrolux.

Haier has since revamped the GE line. There are 17 French door refrigerator models across the GE, Profile, Café, and Monogram lines, ranging from $2,200 to $4,500.

The differences between these models are not as pronounced as those in LG, as you will soon see.

GE Counter-Depth Refrigerators

  • Price Range: Entry-level to mid-range. 

  • Design: Traditional with a focus on functionality. Typically, you'll find standard finishes like white, black, and stainless steel. 

  • Features: Offers basic essential features suitable for most households without any extravagant add-ons. 

GE Profile Counter-Depth Refrigerators

  • Price Range: Mid-range to upper-mid-range. 
  • Design: Sleek and modern, with some advanced design elements that differ from the basic GE line. 

  • Features: Enhanced technological features compared to the basic GE line, such as touch controls, better dispensing 

Café Counter-Depth Refrigerators

  • Price Range: Upper-mid-range to high-end. 

  • Design: More customizable in terms of appearance. The Café line is known for its unique finishes (like matte black or matte white) and customizable hardware (like brushed bronze or brushed stainless handles). 

  • Features: Incorporates chef-inspired details and Keurig coffee-making 

Monogram Counter-Depth Refrigerators

  • Price Range: Luxury segment. $4500 plus rebates 

  • Design: Exquisite and highly detailed, often incorporating professional-grade aesthetics and materials. 

  • Features: Tends to include the most advanced technologies offered by GE, such as advanced climate control, impeccable craftsmanship, and, often, integration with high-end smart home systems. 

Of course, this is all marketing. GE is the most cost-effective.

The Profile adds a few features, such as a better dispenser and additional shelving. Café allows for customization.

Monogram has the best appearance with its minimalist look, but it comes at a higher price.


Also known as LG Studio, LG Signature, and SKS


LG began as Goldstar. I recall their old black and white TVs.

It's a Korean multinational conglomerate that operates in many industries, primarily focusing on appliances.

They offer several different product lines, but they tend to blend together in a somewhat confusing manner.

LG French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerators

  • Basics: LG's standard lineup of French door counter-depth refrigerators offers solid functionality, durability, and energy efficiency. Their Counter-Depth MAX French door refrigerator is the largest counter-depth refrigerator you can buy.

  • Design: These typically come with a sleek, contemporary design, often available in various finishes like stainless steel, black stainless steel, etc. 

  • Features: Standard features usually include a linear compressor for consistent cooling, humidity-controlled crispers, and an ice and water dispenser. Some models also feature LG's Door-in-Door panel, which provides easy access to popular items. 

  • Price Range: Generally, the most affordable of the lot. 

LG Studio Counter-Depth Refrigerators

  • Basics: This line bridges the gap between LG's main offerings and their high-end Signature series. LG Studio is about sophistication and a refined look. 

  • Design: These fridges often have a built-in look, with premium finishes and contoured doors. The design is meant to blend seamlessly with upscale kitchens. 

  • Features: It contains many of the advanced features present in the LG line, such as the InstaView Door-in-Door panel, where you can knock twice on a glass panel to illuminate contents without opening the door. Many models also offer smart home connectivity. 

  • Price Range: Pricier than the standard LG, but usually less than the SKS and Signature lines. 

LG Signature Counter Depth Refrigerators

  • Basics: The pinnacle of LG's home appliance offerings, combining cutting-edge technology with ultra-premium design. 

  • Features: They are the best of the freestanding counter depths available in their four-door designs.

  • Price Range: The most expensive in freestanding with models up to $8,000.

SKS (Signature Kitchen Suite) Counter Depth Refrigerators

  • Basics: SKS is LG's luxury kitchen line, focusing on advanced technology and pro-style design for the culinary enthusiast. 

  • Design: These fridges are titanium for a unique look.

  • Features: SKS's high end refrigerators have all of LG's best features.

SKS also includes built-in and column refrigeration to compete with Sub-Zero, Viking, and Monogram. 

Technical Differences

Compressor Differences: The Biggest Difference Between LG and GE Refrigerators

Let's address the compressor differences.

LG Inverter Linear Compressor

The LG Inverter Linear Compressor uses less power and has fewer working parts than a conventional compressor.

It also saves more energy, provides higher reliability, and offers greater durability with a 10-year* parts warranty on the compressor.

GE Compressor

A reciprocating compressor, also known as a Scotch Yoke compressor, is designed to provide years of reliable service.

The main component of a refrigerator is the compressor. This type of compressor consists of a reciprocating piston operating in a stationary cylinder.

According to GE, "The compressor is actuated through a sliding yoke by a crank on the upper end of a vertical shaft. The shaft is made of hardened steel and runs in cast iron bearings. The upper bearing is self-aligning, which helps eliminate wear. A rotary oil pump is located at the bottom of the shaft, ensuring the compressor remains lubricated and operates smoothly over the years."

The GE compressor was introduced in 1994, while LG introduced theirs in 2014. LG's should be more efficient and quieter (when it works).

Compressor Warranty

GE offers a standard one-year full warranty and five years on the sealed system.

LG provides a one-year full warranty, five full years on the sealed system, and ten years on the compressor. This warranty is the best in the business.

But why?

LG Compressor Issues

LG settled a class action lawsuit in 2019 for refrigerators sold from 2014 to 2017. However, they didn't discard the inverter.

In contrast, GE abandoned its ill-fated rotary compressor in the 1980s. LG chose to improve upon it. But did they succeed?

Let's examine the numbers.

First-Year Reliability Comparison: GE and LG French Door Refrigerators

Are inverters reliable?

Over the past three years, LG has been the most reliable refrigerator brand.

However, three years might not be a sufficient period to determine true reliability. After all, consumers expect a refrigerator to last more than three years, even if it comes with a better warranty.

LG also incorporates inverters in their dishwashers and washing machines.

Now, let's evaluate the reliability stats in comparison to other brands.

French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator Reliability for 2023

The following service rates are based on a minimum of 100 refrigerators sold and a total sample of over 3000:

  Service Rate
Fisher & Paykel 5.0%
LG 6.9%
Café Appliances 9.9%
Bosch 10.7%
Thermador 15.6%
GE Profile 16.5%
GE Appliances 19.6%
KitchenAid 25.5%
Beko  25.9%
Grand Total 14.7%

From the stats, inverters are reliable, at least in the short term. We will monitor this going forward.


The flip side of reliability is the availability of service when problems arise.

In this aspect, GE is superior with its own factory service.

You should factor this into your decision because you will need service on your new refrigerator. Google service in your area to compare LG with GE.

A Note About Extended Warranties

Don't buy an extended appliance warranty unless the store provides its own service.

Box stores aren't lacking in this respect; they will eventually find you a service.

Most internet and local retailers can't provide this service because warranties are backed by a third party. Save yourself the headache.

Product Comparisons

LG vs. GE French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerators

LG LRFLC2706S vs. GE GYE22GYNFS Refrigerators


Cubic Footage

LG's least expensive refrigerators are also their largest.

The Counter-Depth MAX (LRFLC2706S) is 26.5 cubic feet, making it the largest counter depth you can buy by at least three cubic feet. 


It's 4.3 cubic feet larger than the GE model. That's roughly the size of a college dorm refrigerator.

How LG and GE Cool

Both of these refrigerators offer models with water and ice dispensers and have unique ways to keep your food cool.

The Counter-Depth MAX features Door Cooling+, which shoots cold air from top to bottom when you open the refrigerator.

GE TurboCool and TurboFreeze

TurboCool activates the compressor and fans, circulating cold air rapidly throughout the refrigerator compartment. This swift circulation brings the temperature down more quickly than standard cooling methods.

TurboFreeze enhances the compressor's output and increases fan circulation to freeze your food rapidly.

Single vs. Twin Evaporators

However, the Counter-Depth MAX doesn't cool like other LG models. The refrigerator has thinner walls and a new type of insulation.

The Counter-Depth MAX uses one compressor and one evaporator, with a sensor in each to monitor temperature.

GE, on the other hand, employs two evaporators: one for the refrigerator and another for the freezer.

The humid, warmer air of the refrigerator doesn't mix with the drier, colder air of the freezer. This design reduces defrosting and prevents odor and taste transfer, especially from the refrigerator to the freezer.

LG Metal Back Wall


The Counter-Depth MAX has a metal back, which can keep food colder because metal absorbs cold more efficiently.

LG InstaView Panel


The Counter-Depth MAX is available with or without a dispenser and offers an InstaView door for a higher price.

Tap the door twice to see inside or tap it again to darken.

Which Do You Buy?

LG offers the largest size; it's the most substantial available. Samsung introduced theirs just as I was writing this.

The Door Cooling+ and metal back should help maintain the refrigerator's cold temperature.

However, GE is technically superior with its two evaporators, ensuring the refrigerator and freezer don't share the same air.

LG LRMVC2306S vs. GE Profile PYE22KYNFS Refrigerators


GE is available with or without ice. Subsequently, the next series is the Profile with fewer differences, while LG undergoes significant changes in its following series.

GE Profile Feature Upgrades


The Profile features an improved dispenser, shelving, climate-controlled crisper drawers, and a new lighted back.

The highlight is the lighted back wall; it's an excellent idea.

How They Cool

LG's "Smart Cooling Plus" has two evaporators like the Profile and uses nine sensors to maintain temperature consistency.

LG Door-in-Door Panel


LG incorporates a convenient door-in-door panel that grants effortless access to commonly used items such as milk and juices stored on the door.

Temperature Controlled Drawers
1. LG Full Convert Drawer
2. GE Profile Refrigerator Drawers


LG features a middle drawer that converts into a refrigerator or freezer with five temperature settings.

In contrast, GE's drawers feature three adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to customize the conditions for different types of food.



The design retains the door cooling feature from the previous model but lacks the metal back of the Counter-Depth MAX.

Its capacity is 22 cubic feet, whereas the Profile offers 23.1 cubic feet.

Ice Makers

LG-Refrigerator-with-Craft-Ice-MakerLG Craft Ice Maker

Both models come with multiple ice makers. GE produces both cube and crushed ice, while LG provides cubes, crushed ice, and the larger, slower-dissolving Craft Ice—ideal for cocktails where less water from melting ice is preferred.

Which Do You Buy?

The LG model offers more flexibility, from its door to its drawer. The Profile, on the other hand, is akin to the GE but has additional features.

LG LRYKC2606D vs. Café CXE22DP4PW2 Refrigerators


LG Feature Upgrades

LG introduces an enhanced dispenser and reintroduces the metal back feature.


LG is available in both stainless and black stainless finishes.

Café, however, allows customization with three color options: stainless steel, black, and white.

Cafe-Appliances-in-Stainless-Steel (1)

They also offer handles in brushed black, bronze, brass, copper, flat black, and stainless, providing variety beyond just matching stainless with stainless.

Café Feature Upgrades


This version offers an upgraded dispenser capable of brewing Keurig coffee.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Remote Access

Both brands support smart functionality, sending alerts for events like an open door or a needed filter change across all their refrigerator models.

A unique Café feature allows users to set coffee brewing times automatically through the GE SmartHQ app.

Which Do You Buy?

The choice hinges on individual needs. Café has distinct styling and enhanced features compared to the reliable LG.

Key Takeaways

Your choice largely depends on your priorities. If it's size you're after, the Counter-Depth MAX offers a massive 26.7 cubic feet.

Beyond that, your decision may be based on features, finishes, ice cube types, or the InstaView door.

Additionally, it's essential to research the service quality in your area.

Additional Resources

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