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Lynx vs. Viking BBQ Grills (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

July 3rd, 2014 | 3 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Viking and Lynx are synonymous with upscale outside cooking. Lynx is exclusively a grill company whereas Viking manufactures all types of residential cooking products.

Both are incredibly powerful and have great features. Unlike most of our comparisons of equals, there is a clear better choice between the two.


Made n California, Lynx professional grills were first manufactured in 1996. They are known for manufacturing some of the highest quality grills and outdoor kitchen equipment. From the fit and finish to high quality, indestructible cast-brass burners and high burner power Lynx is a popular choice in the most upscale outdoor kitchens.


Made in Mississippi, Viking is one of the most well-known luxury appliance brands in the appliance industry. They are known for using commercial-grade technology to manufacture their professional-style ranges. Today Viking is owned by the Middleby Corporation. To be completely transparent we no longer sell any Viking products as of 6/4/2014.

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Viking vs. Lynx BBQ Grills

Lynx 36’’ L36ASRLP $4699 (cart not included)

  • 935 square inches of cooking space (640 primary, 295 secondary)
  • 3 speed rotisserie can be positioned in two locations and has a rear infrared burner
  • Three pro-sear burners that can reach a total 75000 BTUs
  • Hot Surface Ignition System uses a hot element located directly above the burner port to ignite quickly and safely
  • Control Illumination with Blue LEDs and Dual Halogen Grill Surface Light – an exclusive Lynx feature that makes it easy to see how well done your meats are when grilling at night
  • Heat stabilizing design deflects wind while providing proper ventilation to maintain your ideal grill surface temperature which is especially important for customers grilling on the oceanfront
  • Temperature gauge
  • Lynx Hood Assist Kit makes it really easy to open and close the grill (the hood weighs nearly 40 lbs), the hood will open and close at a feather touch
  • Stainless steel grilling grates are easier to clean than cast iron
  • Ceramic Briquettes create even heat distribution on your cooking surface
  • Smoker box allows you to add soaked wood chips into your grill to give your meats a smoky flavor
  • Fit and finish the craftsmen who make the Lynx grill use heli-arc welding to manufacture a solid integrated body of steal free of gaps and seams where moisture and grease can collect, this enhances the durability of this grill, the fit and finish is really fantastic
  • Warranty
    • Limited lifetime warranty – stainless steel grill body, brass grill burners, cooking grates, sear burner, rotisserie infrared burner
    • Limited 5-year warranty  -- warming racks, spit rods, briquette trays, manifolds and gas valves
    • Limited two-year warranty – all grill components
    • Limited one-year warranty – parts and labor

Viking 36’’ VGBQ53624NSS $4,649 (cart not included)


  • 620 square inches of cooking space and 2-position warming rack
  • Gourmet-Glo™ Rotisserie system with 15000 BTU and heavy-duty rotisserie motor
  • Stainless Steel Grill Burners which each reach 22,000 BTUs
  • 120 V electric ignition system makes it easy to ignite the grill and provide consistent heat, this grill also has automatic reignition
  • Viking Blue LED Lights above every control knob give a luxurious aesthetic to your outdoor kitchen design and halogen lighting on the inside of the canopy makes it easy to see your food when grilling at night
  • Temperature gauge
  • Easy Lift Assist makes it really easy to open and close the grill
  • Stainless steel grilling grates are easier to clean than cast iron
  • Ceramic Briquettes create even heat distribution on your cooking surface, with flip-clean self-cleaning design
  • Smoker box allows you to add soaked wood chips into your grill to give your meats a smoky flavor
  • Fit and finish polished-brushed edged canopy design, laser-etched graphics on control panels
  • Warranty
    • Two-year full – complete product
    • Ninety-day full – cosmetic parts such as glass, painted items, and decorative
    • Lifetime limited – rust-through on all stainless steel components
    • Five-year limited – infrared rotisserie burner(s) and TruSear infrared burner


When comparing these grills at first glance you will see that they both sport a few similar features that are popular in high-end grilling products such as stainless steel cooking grates, illuminated control knobs, temperature gauge, a rotisserie, and a smoker box, the prices are really close too.

I think that there are certain features that point to Lynx as the more premium grill: the all-sear burners have one of the highest BTU outputs in the grill market. This allows you to quickly sear the outside of your steak locking in juices and moisture to emulate a real restaurant-quality grilling experience. The Lynx grill also features more cooking space and I really like the heat stabilizing design for residents who are cooking in windy locations (much safer).

Which Would I Buy?

This comparison is really about reliability and quality of components. The heart of the Lynx grill is cast brass versus stainless on the Viking. Cast will weather better outside than stainless. It's just a more solid material. However, Lynx vs. Viking is about reliability, and there are real questions about Viking in the industry. This is not sour grapes about not being a dealer, as I like other brands not sold at Yale.

It’s just the simple truth. Viking is currently not a reliable brand in our estimation. I hope their new owner can affect a turnaround. In the meantime, Lynx is the better choice.

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