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Jenn-Air vs. Samsung 4-Door French Door Refrigerators (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

November 16th, 2017 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

You are probably familiar with the French door refrigerator with a side-by-side top and the freezer below. 


A French-door unit typically has a pull-out freezer drawer and two upper refrigerator doors that open out to the left and right. 


The key advantage for the French door is the ease of access to the refrigerator and having more visible. Most French-door refrigerators can accommodate large items like pizza boxes, and the crisper drawers are easier to keep clean because of the accessibility at waist height. 

Now, 4-door refrigerators have become a new trend with a couple of different styles. You can buy them with two drawers or 4 separate doors. We will look at both styles of Jenn-Air's and Samsung's and then compare. 



  • Flex Zone drawer-4 different settings
  • 22.5 cubic ft
  • External ice and water
  • Twin Cooling Plus
  • Power freeze/power cool

Samsung Family Hub RF23M8590SR - $3,299



  • Family Hub connectivity to Wi-Fi
  • Convenient French door design
  • Flex drawer
  • Stylish polygon handles
  • In-door cameras
  • Autofill water with flavor infusor
  • Gallon storage in the door

Samsung and Jenn-Air both are great refrigerators. Both use almost similar cooling systems. Samsung refers tot heir system as Twinn Cooling Plus, whereas Jenn-Air refers to their system as Twin Fresh Climate Control. 

Both Systems use one compressor but have two separate evaporators. Using this technology allows you to have two independently controlled temperature zones for the refrigerator from permeating foods in the freezer - think fresh fish odors not ending in your ice cream.


One big difference between the two is that Samsung uses stainless steel panels on the back wall. Metal retains cold better than plastic so milk and juices are kept colder. 

Metal backing Samsung.jpg

Samsung Stainless Steel Panel

Jenn-Air, like Sub-Zero, has a filter to scrub ethylene gases from foods so foods stay fresher for a longer period of time. Ethylene gases advance spoilage as well as cross-contamination of other foods. 

Jenn-Air Filter.jpg

Jenn-Air Filter

Samsung has their Flex Zone in many other of their refrigerators, so the drawer or fourth door can be refrigerator or freezer. You can be flexible for parties or whether you need more refrigerator space. 


Samsung Showcase Door

Samsung, on certain models, has the showcase door or door within a door for easy access to milks, juices, and items on the door. 

Which is better?

The comparison is somewhat of a mismatch as Samsung has 16 models varying in regular and counter depth with every kind of door imaginable including the state of the art Family Hub internet ready refrigerator.

Jenn-Air just offers the two most popular styles in regular and counter depth. Samsung offers more features and, if purchased during one of the 7 holidays including the month of November, then it is also less expensive. 


Samsung is more reliable than Jenn-Air and it is the most reliable brand with a dispenser at 19%. Yes, that is a high number but refrigerators need service more than any other product... by far. 


Before you buy, you need to know who fixes either, especially Samsung. The downside of technology is finding a technician to fix problems. Many companies do not service Samsung (we do), so be very careful. 

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