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JennAir vs KitchenAid French Door Counter Depth Refrigerators and Packages

July 23rd, 2012 | 1 min. read

By Chris Wurlitzer

In 2001, Whirlpool acquired the imploding Maytag company. Although the merger would prove incredibly challenging and expensive for Whirlpool, they were able to enter the french door refrigeration market.

French doors refrigerators are in effect a side by side refrigerator on a pull out freezer. Lucky for Whirlpool (and they were extremely unlucky in this deal), french doors have become popular for aesthetic and functional reasons. They look newer and cooler. The refrigerator is easier to open and the shorter doors are more appropriate with islands and peninsulas than one big door.

Whirlpool offers two french door counter depth models a 20 cubic foot and a taller 22 cubic foot model. They manufacture all these refrigerators on the same platform, so there is little or no difference between their labels Whirlpool, KitchenAid and Jenn-Air except for the handles.

So if the product is the same, how about the price?

20 Cubic Foot

jennair stainless french door refrigerator JFC2089WEM


kitchenaid stainless french door refrigerator KBFS20EVMS

Jenn-Air JFC2089WEM
 $1,499 (after rebates)


KitchenAid KBFS20EVMS
(after rebates)

22 Cubic Foot

jennair stainless french door refrigerator JFC2290VEM


kitchenaid stainless french door refrigerator KBFS22EWMS

Jenn-Air JFC2290VEM
 $2,699 (after rebates)


KitchenAid KBFS22EWMS
$2,919 (after rebates) 

If you are looking for just the refrigerator, presently (and this can change) Jenn-Air is the better value mostly because the rebates are larger on the same unit.

But what if you were buying a kitchen package? Do the refrigerator rebates become cancelled by larger rebates on the other side?

Let's see and compare two comparable packages:

jennair stainless steel kitchen package 72012 kitchenaid stainless steel kitchen package 72012

Jenn-Air Stainless Steel Kitchen Package

 $4,596 after $1,500 in rebates + $300 Yale Gift Card for plumbing and lighting

KitchenAid Stainless Steel Kitchen Package

$5,409 after $190 in rebates 

In fact, it seems to work the other way. The rebates are far larger on the better looking Jenn-Air series...FOR NOW. This can change quarterly. But for the next few months, Jenn-Air is the smarter purchase.

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Chris Wurlitzer

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