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GE vs JennAir Double Drawer French Door Refrigerators (Reviews/Prices)

April 11th, 2013 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Double drawers are the newest style of french door refrigeration. The extra drawer is either a refrigerator or a freezer. We will look at one model of each and discuss which model would be a better choice for your lifestyle.


Jenn-Air is part of the Whirlpool family of French doors including KitchenAid and Whirlpool. Whirlpool has been producing French doors since their acquisition of Maytag about 10 years ago. We chose Jenn-Air for this comparison, because they offer the best package rebates. Whirlpool manufactures mostly in the US and is based out of Benton Harbor, Miichigan.


GE manufactures the French door under the GE, GE Profile and GE Monogram names. They have not manufactured French doors for a long time. They sourced their early prototypes from Korea. Recently, they have decided to reinvest back in the US specifically with refrigeration.  To be totally transparent, we no longer carry GE appliances of any kind

GE vs Jenn-Air Double Drawer Refrigeration

ge double drawer refrigerator PGSS5RKZSS


jennair double drawer refrigerator JFX2597AEM



Jenn-Air JFX2597AEM

Jenn-Air JFX2597AEMRefrigerator 18.4 cubic foot / Freezer 6.61 cubic foot

This model has the refrigerated drawer.

This model comes with a Quad Sensor™ climate control system which is four separate sensors to help extend freshness by periodically checking internal temperatures and adjusting accordingly. The external ice and water dispenser accommodates taller glasses. It has 2 sealed crisper drawers in the main compartment that have adjustable humidity levels. These drawers also have ball bearing glides which give it a smooth open and close operation. The refrigerated drawer regulates temperature and humidity. The inside is illuminated with ramp up LED theatre lighting.

The Jenn-Air holds more fruits and vegetables. Let’s be honest, the traditional two produce bins in a fridge don’t hold much. The ability to adjust humidity according to what’s inside allows you to prolong the life of the produce as well. Also, households with small children, love the 3rd drawer for storing the kid’s snacks. They are able to access the drawer because it’s not high. If they forget to close the door, it's not a big deal because all your perishables are kept in the main fridge compartment.

Price $2,699

GE PGSS5RKZSS - Refrigerator 17.4 cubic foot / Freezer 7.4 cubic foot

Now for the double freezer drawer model, I chose the GE PGSS5RKZSS as it is similarly sized and priced to the Jenn-Air model.

GE’s offering in this segment contains a double drawer freezer system along with the french doors. It features two freezer drawers for much better organization in the freezer. The door ice maker/water dispenser accommodates taller water bottles. An external temperature display also shows that your food is being kept at the proper temperature. This fridge also features ramp up LED lighting which brightly illuminates the interior of the fridge for your late night snacking needs. Also included in the interior is the Freshness Center which controls the humidity in the crisper bins and meat trays. Humidity keeps your veggies/fruits crisp and your meats red. There is also a Turbo Cool setting that helps bring the temperature back down quickly after the doors have been opened.

There are a couple lifestyle scenarios where I think this style works better. If you’re constantly on the go and eat frozen dinners, the extra freezer is your best bet. Also, if you take advantage of sales and stock the freezer, that extra freezer space will be handy.

Price $2,510


So ultimately, the way I feel about these fridges is that they are lifestyle geared. What’s more accommodating? It really depends on how you use your refrigerator vs freezer space. Reliabilty/service rates are about the same. The GE is certainly better for freezing with the Jenn-Air better for fruits and vegetables.

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