JennAir JFC2089 vs JFC2290 Counter Depth Refrigerators (Ratings/Reviews)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  July 10, 2012  |  3 Min. Read

Jenn-Air  |  Counter Depth Refrigerators

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Jenn-Air has rapidly become the most popular counter depth refrigerator. There are two reasons. First, the Jenn-Air is part of the best selling package with a slide-in range, intergrated dishwasher and convection over-the-range microwave.

jennair slide in package 72012


jennair pro kitchen package 72012

Jenn-Air Slide-In Kitchen Package


Jenn-Air Pro Kitchen Package

The pricing is very competitive at $1,549 and $2,749 after rebates. Let’s take a look at the differences, because $1,200 is a ton of dough.  You will also see similar pricing differences in KitchenAid, because Whirlpool manufactures both. 

jennair counter depth refrigerator JFC2089 jennair counter depth refrigerator JFC2290

Jenn-Air JFC2089 Counter Depth Refrigerator

Jenn-Air JFC2290 Counter Depth Refrigerator


First of all both of these models are 36” wide and counter-depth which means that the depth of the box of the refrigerators is 24”, so it does not protrude from the cabinets.

The heights of these two models vary. The JFC2290 is 72” tall and the JFC2089 is 69” tall. At 72 inches, the hinges are hidden for a cleaner and more finished look. 2 cubic foot is added in the taller unit.


The models differ in the interior as well. Beginning with the freezer, the taller JFC2290 has slightly more capacity and offers a little bit more organization than the shorter JFC2089 model. The JFC2290 has two main larger drawers and one shallower drawer in between for flatter items such as frozen pizza and vegetables. This allows for better organization and not as much piling up in the bins. This freezer also has a separate large ice-maker bin with an ice scooper that can be locked in place to the freezer door so it pulls out every time you open it. In the JFC2089, the freezer has two drawers and in the top drawer, has an ice bucket on the left side for the ice to drop into. You would need to pull out the top drawer to access the ice bucket. There is an adjustable divider in the lower drawer to separate and organize freezer items.

Jennair JFC2089 freezer Jennair JFC2290 freezer
JFC2089 JFC2290


In the refrigerator compartment both models have glass spill proof shelves, two crisper drawers, a wide deli drawer at the bottom, a filtered internal water dispenser on the left hand side and gallon storage on the doors. What differs is that the JFC2290, being the upgraded model, has a little bit larger capacity and has crisper drawers that are on ball-bearing racks to allow for a smooth open and close. In the JFC2089, the drawers are more standard and have plastic on plastic tracks. The internal water dispenser on the JFC2290 has a one hand mechanism which allows you to push the glass up against the switch to dispense the water. In the JFC2089, you need to use two hands since the switch is located above the spout. You need one hand to hold the glass and one hand to push the switch.

Jennair JFC2089 inside Jennair JFC2290 inside
JFC2089 JFC2290

Cliff notes summary:

  • JFC2290: 2 cubic foot bigger, taller with better shelves and dispenser
  • JFC2089: The least expensive french door counter depth on the market at $1,549

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