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The 5 Best 30-Inch Induction Cooktops (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Neil Katz  |  March 30, 2017  |  8 Min. Read

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GE (General Electric) developed the first induction cooktop in the 1980s, but it wasn't until Diva popularized induction in the 1990s that it started to become popular. It sold for $3,500 for four basic induction burners. Now you can buy a basic Frigidaire induction cooktop for about $1,600. 

However, the best induction cooktops have larger burners and bridge elements (to fit odd shaped pans) as well as advanced technology and controls. 

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We will look at the best induction cooktops you should consider. First, let's look at what induction is and the many benefits of buying an induction cooktop. 

What is Induction Cooking? 

We cover this more extensively in our Induction Cooking Buying Guide, but induction is a magnetic heat. The magnets excite the metal molecules in your pan. The pan cooks the food, bypassing the glass cooktop.

Benefits of Induction Cooktops Video

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Benefits of Induction Cooking

Induction is by far the fastest heat and offers an instant simmer. Because the glass surface does not heat up, it is the easiest to clean and the most child safe. Induction requires less venting and can even be downdrafted, unlike professional gas ranges or cooktops.

Almost every manufacturer now offers induction cooktops, and below, you'll see my top 5.

Any promotions listed may be time sensitive. Always call us to get the most accurate pricing.

The 5 Best 30-inch Induction Cooktops 


jennair 30 inch induction cooktop JIC4430XS

Jenn-Air 30" induction cooktop JIC4430XS - $1,899

The Jenn-Air induction cooktop offers a nice, sleek stainless 7mm trim, reducing any nicks or dents along the outer edge. They offer bridge burners with their induction cooktops. A bridge burner connects the front and back burners together for larger pots or griddles. Together, the two burners add to a whopping 5,000-watt super burner.

Jenn-Air will offer a sensor boiling function. This will automatically select the optimal power level to boil water in haste, and once it reaches its boiling point, it will maintain that temperature by adjusting the power level to minimize the likelihood of spillovers.


  • High power 3,700 watts 
  • Keep Warm setting 
  • Boost Setting: Allows you to achieve temperatures higher than the normal boil setting for 10 minutes; great for frying or searing. It will pull power from other burners for timely cooking. 
  • Size detection: Will only heat to the size of your pan
  • Simmer Function 
  • Can install above a 30-inch wall oven
  • Five Element Timer separate timers for each burner 
  • Pan Detection senses your pan and when you move the pan the burner will automatically switch off

The Jenn-Air cooktop is a great buy. Currently, if you purchase their cooktop and a single or double wall oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher you receive a $1,300 instant rebate. You're basically getting the dishwasher for free. Add in any built-in refrigerator and you will get an instant rebate of $2,000. Plus installation rebates are available.

(Tip: Jenn-Air and KitchenAid are the same units. KitchenAid is cheaper, but Jenn-Air has better package rebates. Buy KitchenAid as a single piece, or Jenn-Air in a kitchen package.)


miele 30" induction cooktop KM5753

Miele 30" induction cooktop KM5753 - $2,499

The Miele induction cooktop is another fantastic piece. Compared to the Jenn-Air, it will offer a sleeker look along with a cleaner design. Miele’s German engineering is the best in the industry. Nearly 96.8% of the parts are produced directly by Miele. This means high-quality control, a solid reputation for reliability, and less service calls for you. Their cooktop offers stainless trim and cleaner looking burner rings, as well.


  • 4 Cooking Zones 
  • 1 Vario Zone of 4 - 6" 
  • 2 Vario Zones of 6 - 9" 
  • 1 Vario Zone of 7 - 11" 
  • Stop & Go Function: Automatically reduces the power level to the lowest setting for all active zones
  • Auto Heat-up: This function reduces the initial power boost and prevents burning. 
  • High power 3,850 watts 
  • Child Safety Lock 
  • Residual Heat Indicator: This special safety device alerts you to residual heat from a specific burner after that burner has turned off. 
  • Twin Boosters: You can combine the power of two separate burners' cooking zones in a single unit. 
  • Power Flex allows two zones into one unique burner. 
  • Flush Mounted Cooktop 


wolf 30 inch induction cooktop CT30IU

Wolf 30" induction cooktop CT30I/U - $2,999

Wolf has long thrived as true luxury appliances. Wolf is owned by Sub-Zero, one of the best premium names in home appliances. Wolf induction has the quickest response with its cooking controls.

With flexible cooking configurations, its four elements accommodate a wide variety of pan sizes. A new feature, the bridge burner, connects the burners so you may use bigger pots or a griddle. The design of the black pixel glass gives it a sleek appearance while hiding any scratches.

The layout of the control panel is on the right side of the cooktop, it is different from other manufacturers. By placing the control panel on the right side, it allows pots and pans to spread out evenly with plenty of space between them.


  • 10 ½" burner  2600 watts with a boost to 3150 watts 
  • 2  8" burners 2100 watts with a boost 3000 watts 
  • 6" burner 1400 watts 
  • Bridge burner 
  • Beautiful design 
  • Easy use control 
  • Sensitive control 
  • Child Safety Lock 
  • Melt setting: melt setting for gentle heat, and true simmer setting prevents scorching. 
  • Independent timer up to 99 minutes. 

Wolf has a sales promotion now that if you purchase a cooktop, a wall oven, and a built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator, you will save an additional $1,000 in mail-in rebates. Plus you get points to put towards purchasing Wolf pots and pans, toasters, blenders, or a small convection oven, for example.


thermador 30 inch induction cooktop CIT304KB

Thermador 30" induction cooktop CIT304KB - $2,499

Thermador is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation - a fully-owned subsidiary of Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group. It is the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world. Thus, it is natural for Thermador to create a top-notch induction cooktop.

Thermador technology has the most user-friendly power settings. Each power point setting pins to the accurate temperature from sauce to sauté. From a novice to a professional chef, this cooktop offers precise cooking.

Thermador induction has the “Power Boost” option for up to 3,700 watts. Thermador is one of the most powerful induction products in the industry for a single (non-bridge element).


  • Auto Shut Off Timer on all elements 
  • Keep warm feature 
  • Pan Recognition 
  • Child Safety Lock 
  • 17 Power Settings 
  • Anti-Overflow System 
  • 9" burner 2200watts with a 3700 boost 
  • 2 6" burners 1400 with 1800 boost  
  • 11" burner 2400 watts with a 3600 boost. 

They have the most aggressive incentives. You can buy a cooktop and wall oven for a free dishwasher, buy a built-in refrigerator to get a free hood, and up to $5,000 in savings.



Samsung  30" induction cooktop NZ30K7880 - $1,889

Samsung developed their first induction cooktop this past year. They have unique features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. They also have digital controls or analog controls.

A very cool feature of this induction cooktop is the blue LED lights that give the burner blue flames making it look like a gas burner. Because of its technology, this induction cooktop is the most innovated in the industry. You can be watching TV and check on the cooktop through an app on your phone and even shut it off. 

samsung induction cooktop with blue led artificial flames

These are additional features that come with this cooktop.

The Burners: 

  • Left Front Burner: Flex Zone Plus, 1800W (Boost 2600W)
  • Left Rear Burners: Flex Zone Plus, 1800W (Boost 2600W)
  • Center Burner:  7"/11", 3600W (Boost 4800W)
  • Right Front burner:  6", 1400W (Boost 1800W)
  • Flex Zone:  7 11/16" x 15 3/4" 

The 2 left burners are part of the Flex-Zone, which means the 2cooking zones can be used as one big surface. For example, you use a griddle for pancakes on Sunday morning while using the flex burner to poach salmon.

  • Power boost -  makes the burner hooter so you can boil faster 
  • Simmer control – gives even and consistent temperature for even cooking 
  • Melt Mode- maintains  low even temperature to melt butter or chocolate 
  • 15 Heating Setting – gives you best setting for what you cooking 
  • Digital-Analogy controls- you can use a knob or the electronic controls on the cooking surface
  • Virtual Flame - it gives you a Blue LED light that looks like flame on the pan
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – you can be sync with a Samsung hood so the hood can turn on when the cooktop is in use
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity - you can check on the cooktop from a Smartphone

So, which is the best 30-inch induction cooktop? 

The new induction cooktop on the market is the Samsung. It has great features like the flex-zone that gives you a big cooking surface to put large pans on. It has some unique features like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Virtual flame so you know it is on.

From a quality standpoint, Miele is statistically the best. They are widely solid and have a strong reputation for producing a great quality product

The Wolf has a better, more precise control panel, and it shows less wear because of its weave pattern. Also, it has the bridge burner for more flexible cooking.

However, in terms of value, the Jenn-Air is a great option and is currently the most aggressively priced for packages. If you buy four Jenn-Air pieces you can get an instant $1,300 rebate.

Thermador has a great layout of burners and a large burner in the center. I like the simple controls by using the numbers instead of sliding your finger around the controls. Thermador has rebates on their four-piece package of appliances as well. 

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