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Is the Samsung RF23J9011SR a Good Refrigerator? (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

June 6th, 2018 | 3 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Samsung Refrigerator RF23J9011

The Samsung RF23J9011SR counter depth refrigerator has the new cutting edge 4-door appearance with decent features. 

In this article, you will learn the reliability of this unit based on real service calls, it's best features, when to buy, as well as potential issues to avoid. We also share alternative models for you to consider. First, let's start with our video product review.


The RF23J9011SR is a relatively new configuration of 4-door refrigeration with good features but like every product, this refrigerator has its thorns. Let's take a look.

The Samsung RF23J9011SR

This refrigerator is slightly more functional than a regular French door counter depth refrigerator. We'll show you why starting with Samsung's key features. 

Key Features:

  • 23 cu. ft. Capacity - very spacious 
  • FlexZone - a convertible drawer
  • Triple Cooling System - 3 evaporators to keep your food fresh
  • Finger Resistant Finish
  • Ice Master - An icemaker that produces up to 5 lbs of ice per day
  • High Efficiency LED Lighting
  • Two-Humidity Controlled Clear Crispers
  • Adjustable Shelf - can adjust the height of the shelf to fit taller items, and personalize your storage space
  • LED Display with Water and Ice Dispenser 
  • Power Freeze and Power Cool 
Samsung RF23J9011-1 Samsung RF23J9011 Interior

The RF23J9011SR is a three zone, 4-door French door refrigerator. Your food should taste better in a two-zone as the tastes and odors of the warmer refrigerator air is not trapped in the drier, colder freezer.

Power Freeze and Power Cool - You have the option of fast freezing or chilling your food by easily dropping the temperature in each compartment. It's perfect for firming up your ice cream or chilling a warm drink. 

FlexZone - The bottom right door is considered Samsung's Flex Zone. This convertible drawer and can be changed from refrigerator to freezer with a push of a button. It helps to maximize storage space. 


Aesthetically Pleasing - The exterior is has no handles, so you will not have to match your existing appliances' handle style. Also, being counter depth, this will enhance your overall look of your kitchen.

LED Display with Water and Ice Dispenser - An external water and ice dispenser provides a user-friendly ice blue display to navigate easily through your ice maker's and water options. This is also taller than most dispensers to accommodate drink pitchers or tall glasses. 

Two Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawers - Drawers to prolong your food's freshness, especially for your fruits and vegetables. 

I could talk about the new LED lighting but that is not the reason for you to buy a refrigerator.

Samsung Reliability

2017 Statistics:


Service Qty 

Shipped Qty 

Service Ratio 

Bosch - Benchmark 



54.55 % 




43.96 % 




39.68 % 

Frigidaire Gallery 



30.61 % 

Frigidaire Professional 



30.37 % 




26.73 % 

Fisher & Paykel 



25.96 % 




25.87 % 




21.54 % 

Bosch Appliances 



21.28 % 

LG Electronics 



20.00 % 




16.04 % 




10.53 % 




8.70 % 

Grand Total 



28.94 % 

Note: We removed any brands with 10 or less refrigerators sold within 2017.

Samsung is among the best in terms of reliability for counter depth French door refrigerators at 16.04% based on service calls within the first year. 

Samsung has the most technical and featured products in the industry, so 16.04% is a compelling number.

Potential Problems 


In a short period of time, Samsung is among the top brands sold for appliances in the US. However, their ability to fix problems is hampered by its incredible growth. 

Before you buy Samsung or any other brand, you should inquire as to who will be fixing the unit.

Black Stainless Steel

Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Packages-3

Black Stainless is a new style of appliances. Its darker hues still match most cabinets. If you are sick of stainless, it would be a consideration.

I say “would be” because Black Stainless is an oxide coating and can be breached. If scratched, the stainless-steel underneath will show.

That said, of all the Black Steel manufacturers, Samsung is the hardest to scratch. Before you consider any Black Steel appliances, click here for our scratch test.

Other Popular Models

Samsung offers a ton of counter depth refrigerators. In fact, there are more than any other brand.

Following are two you should consider.


Samsung RF23HCED

This refrigerator is their most basic counter depth French door model. You still have the same two zone cooling along with the same lighting and crisper.

You sacrifice the convertible third door and have just one static freezer compartment.


Samsung RF22KREDBSR-1

In many ways, the features of the RF22KREDBSR are the most useful including:

Door N Door: You can open just the door to access your most commonly used items without having to open the whole refrigerator.

Metal Cooling: Metal absorbs cold faster than plastic. The door and the drawer have metal to keep food colder as well.

Convertible drawer: Much like the RF23J9011SR, the RF22KREDBSR has a drawer converting from refrigerator to freezer.

When to Buy Samsung Appliances

The best time to buy Samsung Appliances are around holidays like Black Friday, Labor Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day because you can save up to 30% with manufacturer rebates. 

Final Thoughts

As we said previously, this is a great refrigerator to consider for your home. It will match other appliances. The third zone will allow you to adjust from freezer to refrigerator based on your needs.

The reliability is excellent but the execution of fixing your appliance problems can be an issue.

You have to know who will be fixing your appliances before you buy.  It is when you have the most leverage.

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