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Electrolux vs Thermador Induction Cooktops (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

May 29th, 2013 | 4 min. read

By Neil Katz

Thermador and Electrolux are two very large European companies. Thermador is a division of the conglomerate Bosch while Electrolux is the world's second largest appliance manufacturer. Both have invested in factories in the USA, yet their approach to induction cooking is radically different.

Thermador is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a fully owned subsidiary of the BSH Bosch, and the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world. In 1947, Thermador developed the first double wall oven. It was considered a major breakthrough of development in the history of kitchen appliances. Thermador has been adding innovations in the residential cooking appliances for more than 75 years now.

Electrolux dates back to 1919 when it started making Lux brand vacuum cleaners in several European countries. The company continued to grow and in 1925 they made refrigerators. In 1951, Electrolux started making washing machines and then dishwashers in 1959. In 1962, Electrolux got into professional food service equipment. Electrolux continued to grow by buying other companies like Frigidaire, White Consolidate goods, Eureka and other European companies. Now it is a Swedish (based in Stockholm) a multinational company in household and professional appliances. It is the world’s second-largest household maker after Whirlpool.

What is induction?

Induction cooking uses electromagnetic friction to transfer heat from the cooking surface to the cookware. The cookware needs to have a smooth magnetic surface in order for it to work with induction. There are coils under the glass surface that produce molecules in the pan and creates heat very rapidly. This allows the pan to get hot quickly but not the cooking surface.  Induction will boil and simmer faster yet require less venting.

What is a Hybrid cooking surface?

A hybrid cooking surface has both induction and electric radiant burners. The advantage of the hybrid cooking surface is you can use heat resistant glassware, aluminum, ceramic, and copper cookware. It makes the radiant burners more versatile and offers more cookware selection. The downside to having a hybrid cooking surface is that the other regular electric burners will not give you the same speed or control as the induction burners. Induction heats up the cookware much faster and you can also control it better than electric. Electrolux offers hybrid in their cooktops and ranges. Thermador does not.

Thermador makes two sizes cooktops 30 and 36 inch. They have models that are black mirrored finish and available in black with stainless steel frame. Thermador cooktop with silver mirrored finish which blends in with stainless steel appliances. They also have the incredible new Freedom induction cooktop, where the whole unit is a burner. At $4,999, it is in a different price and technology category.

thermador 36 inch induction cooktop CIT365KB


thermador 30 inch induction cooktop CIT304KB

Thermador 36" Models


Thermador 30" Models


  • 13" Element - the largest cooking element which gives you 40% more usable cooking area for your oversize pots and pans.
  • PowerBoost – heats cookware faster than other types cooking technology.
  • Triple-Zone – Only activates the heating zone that that it has direct contact with the pot surface. That means you can use different size pots on that one burner and it will heat more efficiently.
  • Auto Shut-Off Timer –  is available for all burners. It enables you to set desired cook time.
  • Speed Heating - Induction cooktops heat 50% faster than traditional gas cooktops.
  • Keep Warm function allows meals to remain ready to serve
  • Anti-Overflow System - exclusive feature shutting off the relevant element and sounding alarm when liquids are detected on user interface
  • 2-step digital control panel indicates when elements are hot or very hot
  • Touch control panel with blue light illumination offers 17 power settings
  • Pan Recognition - Element will not turn on if other small objects are placed on the cooking zone

The wattage for Thermador burners:

  • (2) 7” burner - 1800/2500 watts
  • 9” burner - 2200/3300 watts
  • 6” burner - 1400/1800 watts
  • 13” burner - 3300/4800 watts (outer ring)
  • Higher wattage is when using the PowerBoost.

Electrolux has two types of induction cooktops. They have hybrid with some radiant and induction burners and also available in all induction burner cooktops. They come in two sizes 30 and 36 inch wide.

The hybrid models:

electrolux hybrid induction cooktop EW36CC55GS   electrolux hybrid induction cooktop EW30CC55GS

Electrolux 36” EW36CC55GS - $1869


Electrolux 30” EW30CC55GS - $1659


  • 36” and 30” model has 10" and 6" Induction burners. 36” cooktop has 3 has three radiant burners and two for the 30”. And the 10" induction element offers 3,400 watts of power on the 36” and 3200 watts of power on the 30” model.
  • Induction hybrid cooktops include a combination of electric elements that are compatible with all cookware, and induction elements that are compatible with most cookware - if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pot or pan, it will work.
  • Power Assist Function- generates rapid heat for a quick boil

The All-Induction Models

electrolux 36 inch induction cooktop EW36IC60LS   electrolux 30 inch induction cooktop EW30IC60LS

Electrolux 36” EW36IC60LS - $1869


Electrolux 30” EW30IC60LS - $1659


  • More Energy-Efficient - Cooking with induction is 70% more efficient than gas and 20% more efficient than electric.
  • 7/11" Dual Element - Powerful and versatile element accommodates smaller cookware at a high level of performance, but with the same energy efficiency induction cooking provides. The 11" burner size provides up to 4,800 watts of power for larger pots and pans.
  • Perfect Set Controls - With up to 10 digital preset touch settings you can quickly raise or lower temperatures, so cooking can begin at any time - without waiting for preheating.
  • Keep Warm Setting - Maintain food at the perfect serving temperature with this setting - it's a great feature when you're entertaining.
  • Power Assist Function - Generates rapid heat for a quick boil.

Electrolux 36” all induction burner wattage:

  • One 8” burner - 3200 watts
  • One 7”/11” burner with 3700/4800 watts
  • One 7” burner with 2600 watts
  • One 6” burner with 2600 watts

Thermador vs Electrolux Induction Cooktops

Electrolux features more induction products. The hybrid cooktop allows you options with radiant and induction cooking surface for less money. Many people have old pots that their parents gave them or got has a gift that are sentimental and cannot be used on the induction.

Both products are decent. Electrolux smaller burners have higher wattage. There 7” and 6” have a substantial higher wattage than Thermador. The largest burner is the same wattage but the cooking surface on the Thermador is 13” and Electrolux is 11”.

The bigger difference is the layout of the burners. The Electrolux have the controls down on the right corner. That makes the burners in an awkward layout.

Thermador has the controls in the lower center of the cooktop that gives you a better lay out for all the burners. The Thermador controls are easier to use by touching the number that you want to use. Also, all the burners have a PowerBoost that shares power from one burner to another.

In terms of rebates, Electrolux has kitchen packages 3-4 times a year, whereas Thermador's "1, 2, Free" of a purchase of a cooktop and wall oven for a free $1200 dishwasher is better.

Lastly, Thermador is one of the top 5 most reliable brands sold at Yale and is certainly the better choice at the higher end. Electrolux, however, is less expensive and is a decent choice for less money.

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