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Slide-In vs Freestanding Ranges (Comparisons/Reviews/Ratings)

In the past, there were just two types of ranges on the market: slide-in and freestanding.

Both types had their distinct benefits.

Many manufacturers are combining the best qualities of each and are creating a hybrid range. This article will address freestanding, slide-ins as well as this new hybrid of both.

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What is a Freestanding Range?

Freestanding ranges have finished sides and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Unlike slide-in ranges, they do not require counter tops on both sides to hide their unfinished sides.

Traditional freestanding ranges have a backguard with the controls on it. The majority of traditional freestanding ranges are 30’’ wide however some models come in 40’’, 24’’ or 20’’ widths.

90% of the ranges in the US are freestanding with the main benefit being affordability at the lower end and more features for the price at the medium as well as the higher end.

freestanding range display at yale appliance

Example: Freestanding Frigidaire FPGF3081KF - $1,169.99

Frigidaire freestanding range FPGF3081KF

  • 5 burners
    • 17K BTU power burner
    • 15K BTU power burner
    • 10K BTU burner
    • 5 K BTU burner
    • 5 K BTU simmer burner
    • Center burner is an oval shape, great for griddles and skillets
  • Self-cleaning
  • Warming drawer

What is a Slide-in Range?

Slide-in ranges have the controls on the front. They sit on top of the countertops and give your kitchen a built-in look without “breaking the bank” on wall ovens and cooktops. The main advantage is seeing your backsplash without looking at the stoves back.

slide-in range allows backsplash to be shown pro style range with custom tile

Slide-in ranges are only 30’’ wide with unfinished sides so they are truly designed to be fit in between two cabinets. They are about 2” wider on top so they overlap the countertop.

One of the main benefits to the overlap is cleanability. Food and crumbs can’t drip down the sides like it can with a freestanding range.

slide-in range display at yale appliance

Example: Slide-In Electrolux EW30GS75KS - $2,709.99


  • 5 sealed gas burners
    • 18K BTU power burner
    • 16 K BTU power burner
    • 2 x 9.5 BTU burners
    • 5 K BTU simmer burner
  • 2 cubic ft True European Convection Oven
  • 7 cooking modes
  • Self-cleaning
  • Luxury glide rack
  • Warming drawer

Slide-In vs. Freestanding Ranges

Hybrid Ranges

Hybrid ranges have the controls on the front like slide-in ranges. However, this type of range can replace your 30 inch freestanding range without cabinet modification, unlike a slide-in range. It is simple to replace an existing range.

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It may look like a slide-in, but the hybrid has the seam between the cabinets like a freestanding range. Food, liquids and crumbs can drip down the sides.

Example: Jenn-Air Hybrid JGS1450DS - $2,799.99 (after rebates)

Jenn-air hybrid range JGS1450DS

This hybrid has finished sides like a freestanding range. If you like the idea of the sides of the range overlapping the countertop, this range has an optional trim kit you can purchase to give the range this desired look.

  • 5 sealed brass gas burners
    • 19K BTU power burner
    • 15 K BTU power burner
    • 8200 BTU burner
    • 2 x 8 K BTU simmer burners
  • Genuine European Convection
  • 6 cubic ft oven capacity (main oven + drawer)
  • Full extension warming drawer with oven capability
  • Dampened hinges for smooth door closing

New Jenn-Air Hybrid Range

Which Should You Buy?

It depends. For price, the freestanding range is still a good choice. For example, the difference between an induction freestanding and slide-in range with similar features is over $1,000.

You should consider hybrids for higher end replacement. You have the similar look of a slide-in, but there will be less carpentry and cutting countertops (never fun, often problematic). Hybrids are the stove of the future, because manufacturers can satisfy new and replacement with one range.

For new construction, you should consider the slide-in for looks and cleanability. Boil over water or soup, and there are no worries about drips down the side of the range.

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