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5 Best 42-inch Professional Built-In Refrigerators for 2024

June 27th, 2024 | 10 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Due to its larger capacity, the 42-inch professional counter-depth refrigerator is becoming the new standard over the 36-inch.

However, you don't have as much selection.

This article will teach you about the four best brands, their features, and their problems.

Ultimately, I'll show you a different way to buy a 42-inch refrigerator that you may not have thought of.

Let's start with a brand-new refrigerator that is different from anything else on this list.

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5 Best 42-Inch Professional Built-In Refrigerators for 2024

1. Thermador T42BT120NS

Unlike others, this refrigerator is integrated, fitting seamlessly with your cabinets. The door protrudes by a few inches, giving it a sleek look.

However, the reduced depth means it has a slightly smaller capacity—23.1 cubic feet compared to Sub-Zero's 24.7 cubic feet—and comes with some other issues we’ll cover later in the article.

You have three options: two stainless steel finishes with different handles, and a panel-ready model, which allows you to customize the refrigerator with your own panels. We’ll discuss panels further in the problems section.

Now, let's explore Thermador's best features before diving into the issues

Best Features of the Thermador T42BT120NS

Twin Compressors

Twin compressors are standard now for all premium refrigerators but still worth mentioning.

The refrigerator's warmer, moister air, and the freezer's colder, drier air are separate, so the freezer defrosts less.

Your food, especially in the freezer, will taste better because you don't have the odor transfer from the refrigerator.

However, the location of the compressor below is important, as you will see in the comparisons section.

Stainless Steel Surface


Stainless steel is the most hygienic surface and is the standard in commercial kitchens because its solid surface prevents germs from proliferating like other surfaces.

Cold is absorbed better in stainless than other finishes, so place your milk and juices next to the stainless.

Thermaflex Drawer


You can flex the refrigerator or freezer from 0 to 39 degrees on the right-hand top drawer.

You may like the idea of changing the refrigerator to a freezer or just having the ability to keep it as a refrigerator or freezer.

However, being able to convert can also be helpful if you entertain.

You have seven temperature settings, ranging from 0 to 39 degrees, so you have the correct setting for ice cream or pastry.

Ice Drawer


The 42-inch and new 48-inch models also hold two kinds of ice. The top drawer pulls out, so you don't have to bend like in a Sub-Zero bottom drawer.

Diamond Ice

The standard ice on all models is the thicker "Diamond Ice."

It's slower to dissolve than regular ice and better for cocktails and fine liquors, so you taste more of the drink and less water from ice melting.

On the left-hand side, you also have regular ice for colas, beverages, and juices, in addition to cold filtered water.

LCD Screen/HomeConnect App


This refrigerator is loaded with tech, including an LCD screen that displays every setting.

This is an upgrade for presentation for any refrigerator. The four cameras inside the refrigerator allow you to look inside while shopping, so you won't buy that extra jar of sauce or mayo.

Home Connect is one of the best-rated appliances for any brand. You can control the temperature, get alerts that your door is open, or change your water filter on the app.

So it's a nice look with interesting new features, now the problems.

Potential Problems of the Thermador T42BT120NS

1. Increased Height Due to Compressor Location

With the compressor below and multiple drawers, this refrigerator starts taller and ends higher than a classic French door model.

From the floor, the height of the refrigerator is 6 feet 11.5 inches (or 83 9/16 inches). That's several inches taller than Luka Dončić, who stands at 6 feet 7 inches (sorry, Luka).


For comparison, let's look at the Sub-Zero 48-inch French door refrigerator.


With the compressor on top and one large freezer drawer, it's only 6 feet to the top.

To be fair, this is true for any integrated refrigerator, not just Thermador.

2. Adjustable Shelving

Thermador is only adjustable in the top parts of the refrigerator:


You can't adjust the shelves below the top four shelves, but you can always fit items below the shelves as well.

3. Installation and Panel Cost


With tighter tolerances in cabinets, multiple-door integrated refrigerators can be a real pain to install. Seriously.

We have 18 installation teams in Boston who would rather install a double wall oven or cut granite than put panels on a refrigerator.

It's a four to six-hour job if the cabinet, panels, and floor are perfect—though they rarely are.

Also, be prepared to spend $1,200-$2,000 for installation plus more for the added cabinets and hardware.

This problem is not limited to Thermador but to any integrated refrigerator with multiple doors, including my Sub-Zero at home.

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2. Sub-Zero CL4250UFD/O

Sub-Zero is still American-made and family-owned.

Best Features of the Sub-Zero CL4250UFD/O

Sub-Zero refrigerators boast the best food preservation system, capacity, and adjustability.

Split Climate Technology

The new split climate technology improves this unit by moving air in multiple places for more even temperatures. Sub-Zero was the original refrigerator with two compressors.

Vacuum Seal


The vacuum seal on the door is designed to keep outside air out, while magnetic crispers keep air in the crisper. This enhances the freshness of your produce.

Ethylene Air Purification System

Sub-Zero's food preservation system scrubs ethylene gas off your fruits and vegetables, which is the gas they emit that causes them to spoil.

This means your produce stays fresher longer. Imagine an avocado lasting two to four weeks in a Sub-Zero refrigerator – that's how effective this system is.



The shelves are split and offer various configurations.

Sub-Zero's nanotechnology coating on the shelves prevents spills from spreading, so you won't have to clean up sticky messes months after they happen.

Smart Functionality

You can now control your refrigerator from the Sub-Zero app. Receive push notifications when the door opens or the filter needs to be replaced.

Sub-Zero 42-Inch Refrigerator Options


Sub-Zero offers the most side-by-side options, including French door and professional styles for a restaurant look.

The 42-inch size accommodates large trays and platters side-by-side, unlike the smaller 36-inch size. 

💡Pro Tip: Always bring plates, platters, and glasses to the store before buying to avoid discovering size issues after installation.

Lastly, Sub-Zero refrigerators are available with internal water, ice, or an ice dispenser. You can choose between a paneled finish or stainless steel.

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3. True TR-42SBS-SS-C

True is another family-owned American company similar to Sub-Zero.

Known primarily as a commercial manufacturer, if you've ever bought ice cream at your local supermarket, you likely pulled it out of a True freezer.

This unit reflects its commercial styling, and True manufactures almost every component in its factory, including the glass.

Best Features of the True True TR-42SBS-SS-C


The hinges are designed to handle one million pulls.


You can customize a True refrigerator with 13 colors and 6 hinge options, allowing for a unique finish. Additionally, their 42-inch model is available with a glass door.

Color customization is a growing trend in appliances, and True offers some eye-catching combinations. Notable options include white with gold accents, green with pewter accents, and blue with copper accents.

Use the arrows on either side of the image below to explore True's customization options:

1 True Pro Refrigeration in Blue and Brass
2 True Professional Refrigeration in White and Brass at Yale Appliance in Hanover
3 True Professional Refrigeration from KBIS 2023 featuring True's new signature color, Bluestone
If you want to learn more about True, then listen to their CEO from our series, Behind the Brand.

Temperature Control

True refrigerators feature two compressors and two evaporators. The temperature can be controlled in one-degree increments, similar to a Sub-Zero.

All Stainless

True is solid steel both inside and outside, with no plastic components. While they don't have an air purifier like Sub-Zero, their stainless-steel interior absorbs cold air better than plastic or painted metal.

Stainless steel also doesn't retain odors, resists spoilage to a certain degree, and is much easier to clean.

Refrigerator Bins

True's crisper bins and shelving are also made of solid glass and steel.

Sub-Zero and True are both excellent choices. True offers interesting colors and a glass door option, while Sub-Zero can be paneled.

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4. Monogram ZISS420DNSS

Then there is Monogram.

The refrigerator is about $5,000 less expensive than the Sub-Zero or True Plus and offers $4,500 in incentives when you buy other Monogram appliances.

Best Features of the Monogram ZISS420DNSS

Advanced Features

Monogram refrigerators feature the same two-compressor system as the others. However, their temperature control is unique.

Instead of top-down airflow, air is blown in from each shelf, ensuring even cooling throughout.

They've also added more user-friendly features, like setting the precise temperature in your crisper bin.


You can even "Express Thaw" a piece of chicken or "Express Chill" that white wine before dinner.

Water Dispensers


The ice and water dispenser is the most user-friendly, with different settings for sports bottles and pitchers, and it's made of solid stainless steel.



Wi-Fi connectivity might not seem like a huge feature for a refrigerator, but Monogram's SmartHQ platform is the most sophisticated in the industry.

Monogram is available only in a side-by-side configuration. You can panel it or buy it in stainless steel.

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5. LG Studio SRSXB2622S

LG Studio recently introduced their 25.6 cubic foot stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator.

Best Features of the LG Studio SRSXB2622S

The best feature of the LG Studio SRSXB2622S is its total capacity of 25.6 cu. ft., making it the largest 42-inch built-in refrigerator on the market.

It also has LED lighting, glass shelves, and an exterior ice and water dispenser. This is another less expensive option at just over $10,000.

The Studio may not have all the features of a Sub-Zero or True, but LG is reliable now that they have resolved their compressor issues from 2014-2017.

The Studio line offers a wider range of less expensive packages than Monogram or Sub-Zero Wolf.

Flexible 42-Inch Refrigeration Solutions

So those are the five best options.

Here’s a trick if you want a 42-inch model from multiple brands.

While most manufacturers have stopped improving or even producing the larger 42-inch refrigerators, they continue to manufacture the smaller integrated types.

Instead of buying a single 42-inch unit, consider purchasing a 24-inch refrigerator and an 18-inch separate freezer.


The advantage is you can place these anywhere.

If you are left-handed, for example, put the refrigerator on the left. If you don't use the freezer often, place it on the outside perimeter of your kitchen.

Integrated refrigerators look great because they are shallower and fit seamlessly within your cabinets.

For example, the Thermador Pro blends in so well that it's hard to tell where the cabinet ends and the refrigerator begins.


The disadvantage is you lose some cubic footage because of the shallower depth.

Which 42-Inch Professional Built-In Refrigerator Should You Buy?

There are some fantastic 42-inch refrigeration options out there, giving you way more storage than a 36-inch model.

You don’t have to give up lateral space, even with a side-by-side refrigerator.

When it comes to deciding whether to go for one unit or two, and choosing the brand, it all boils down to your personal preferences and the layout of your kitchen.

Sure, brands like Sub-Zero and Thermador are top-tier and loaded with features. But don’t overlook the likes of True, LG Studio, or Monogram.

What do you think? Got questions or comments? Drop them below.




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