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A Review Of Napoleon vs. Weber Gas Grills

Steve Sheinkopf  |  August 16, 2018  |  7 Min. Read

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When I started at Yale in 1986, there wasn't much choice for BBQ grills. You bought a $300 grill to replace after a few years.

Then the professional grill with companies like Viking, Lynx and Wolf were marketed with solid stainless construction and high BTU output. So 10 years ago, you had your $300 grill or a better grill at about $4,000 (give or take).

Then Weber popularized a quality, well constructed grill between $420 to $2,500 and really dominated the whole category. It was cheaper to buy a Weber once rather than a cheaper grill every few years. At the same time, it is a good, less expensive substitute to the expensive pro options.

Weber for the last few years has had very little competition. Until Now.

Napoleon is a large Canadian version of Weber with really interesting features at a decent price. Let's see how they compare.

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Napoleon vs. Weber Gas Grills

Napoleon P500RB Prestige Series Grill – $1249

napoleon gas bbq grill P500RB

  • Up to 66,000 BTU’s for fast grilling
  • Up to 5 burners including the infrared burner
  • 760 sq. inches of cooking
  • Available in black porcelain and stainless steel finishes
  • Stainless steel tube burners with crossover lighting
  • Space saving LIFT EASE roll top lid
  • Stainless steel side shelves with condiment trays
  • Stainless steel cooking system for longer durability
  • Heavy duty rotisserie kit with counter balance and 2 forks for delicious restaurant style cooking using the rear infrared burner
  • Available as a natural gas or propane unit
  • EASY ROLL locking casters

Napoleon PRO500RBPSS - $1,459.99napoleon bbq grill PRO500RBPSS

  • 48,000 BTU’s plus side burner and rotisserie
  • 6 burners
  • Cooking Area: 900 in²
  • Engaging iGLOW™ backlit control knobs for late night entertaining
  • Stainless steel tube burners with crossover lighting
  • Heavy duty rotisserie kit with counter balance and two forks for delicious restaurant style cooking using the rear infrared burner
  • Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ grill and side burner
  • Deluxe high top, space saving LIFT EASE™ roll top lid with polished chrome trim accents and handle
  • Premium stainless steel side shelves with polished chrome towel bars and tool hooks
  • Pedestal base with hidden casters
  • Add the fun and flavour of charcoal on your gas grill with Napoleon’s® optional charcoal tray
  • Available as a natural gas or propane unit
  • Overall Dimensions: 65" W x 49 1/4" H x 28"

Napoleon BBQ Grills

The Wolf Steel Ltd. Company was started by Wolfgang Schroeter in 1976 in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. They started manufacturing wood stoves which were made of solid cast iron and two glass doors.

In 1981 the company developed a line called Napoleon which included gourmet gas grills. The grills offered infrared grilling, which was at the time the most advanced technology in North America.

The company has grown to the largest manufacturer of gas grills, gas fireplaces and stoves. They now distribute in all of North America and Canada. 

Weber Genesis S-330 Grill – $949

weber genesis gas bbq grill S330

  • 3 Stainless steel burners
  • 7mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Stainless steel flavorizer bars
  • 38,000 BTU-per-hour input
  • 12,000 BTU-per-hour input side burner
  • 10,000 BTU-per-hour input sear station
  • Individual electronic ignition
  • 6 Tool hooks
  • Owner’s guide with recipes
  • Primary cooking area = 507 sq in
  • Warming rack area = 130 sq in
  • Total cooking area – 637 square inches

Weber S-420 aka 7120001 - $1,499.99

weber bbq grill 7120001

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  • 4 Stainless steel burners
  • 48,800 BTU-per-hour input
  • 12,000 BTU-per-hour input flush-mounted side burner
  • Snap-Jet™ individual burner ignition system
  • 3/8 inch or 9mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Stainless steel Flavorizer® bars
  • Primary cooking area = 538 sq in
  • Warming rack area = 112 sq in
  • Total cooking area = 650 sq in
  • Tank not included with LP models
  • Natural gas grill includes a 10-foot flexible hose
  • 1 Grill Out® handle light
  • 6 Tool hooks
  • Limited warranty

Weber BBQ Grills


Weber Brothers Metal Works in Palatine, Illinois made buoys for the Coast Guard. In 1952, one of their employees, George Stephen, was looking for a way to grill food. He took one of the buoys and cut it in half to make one part a grill and the top part a lid. George then added a handle and legs and then poked some holes in the lid.

The Weber Kettle grill was born.

George Stephens, in the late 1950’s, bought the Weber Brothers Metal Works and devoted his time to manufacturing the Weber Kettle grill. Over the next 30 years, the company was selling grills throughout the country. In 1985, Weber developed a gas line of grills known as the Genesis. That was a turning point in outdoor grilling because it gives you a precise heat without flare–ups. Weber now sells grills and accessories in 30 countries around the world.

Over the last 10 years, Weber has upgraded its product quality. It is actually number one in terms of percentage of products repaired with an unbelievable 1% service rate (the average is 25%).

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First, this is a great choice between two very good companies. The Napoleon has greater BTU and more room on the grill in terms of square footage as well as a rotisserie with infra-red burner. Weber has the side burner and is less expensive.

However, having cooked on both, Weber seems more even between the burners and the repair rate of 1% is amazing. Truly remarkable for any cooking appliance (Napoleon is still very good at 10.3%).

For this reason, Weber may be a better choice. We're also offering Free Delivery & Assembly on all grills over $499.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 17, 2012 and has been updated for accuracy, freshness, and comprehensiveness.

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Steve Sheinkopf

Steve is the third-generation CEO of Yale and a lifelong Bostonian. He currently resides in Boston, one mile from where he was born. Despite being one of the worst goalies of all time, he is a huge hockey fan of college hockey and the Boston Bruins. The love of his life is his daughter Sophie.

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