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Sub-Zero versus GE Monogram Refrigeration: Which is Better?

Comparing Sub-Zero vs GE Monogram is a bit different than comparing Bosch vs Miele or any other comparison of equals. Sub-Zero vs GE Monogram is comparing a luxury brand versus a near-luxury brand with a similar look at a cheaper price. Both have merits for a customer.

For full disclosure, we stopped carrying Monogram late in 2011. I like this product, but we couldn't sell it. The near-luxury segment is packed with other labels with big incentives like Liebherr, Bosch, KitchenAid and Jenn-Air.

But these two brands are still two of the strongest and deserve the comparison. We will look at two categories, wine storage and built-ins.

Warranties are virtually the same at 2 years (Sub-Zero is full, Monogram is limited), 5 years on the sealed system and 12 years on the sealed system parts.

Wine Storage

 subzero 424 wine storage


ge monogram wine storage ZDWT240PBS

Sub-Zero 424


GE Monogram ZDWT240PBS

The Monogram is a beautiful unit with really interesting controls and is 10-15% cheaper than Sub-Zero. SubZero, however, has created a system to address the complexities of storing wine. The 424 controls temperature and humidity by employing two evaporators to maintain two distinct zones. The door is a Low-E door, which refracts harmful UV light. It is also gasketed to eliminate temperature cross over between the two zones.

In order to stop wine-killing vibration, the drawers are on rollers and slide out. The compressor is on rubber grommits to eliminate shaking and vibrating the unit when cycling.

Professional Counter Depth Refrigeration

subzero bottom freezer BI36U


ge monogram bottom freezer ZICS360NXLH

Sub-Zero BI-36


Monogram ZICS360NXLH

The 36-inch bottom freezer professional counter depth refrigerator is by far the most popular unit in its size in the luxury niche. Monogram is a nice unit and again is 10-15% cheaper than the Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero, on the other hand, is manufactured to preserve food fresher for a longer period of time. It is still the only refrigerator with two compressors, one for the refrigerator and the other for the freezer. Sub-Zero eliminates air from infiltrating into the refrigerator with a vacuum seal and the crispers are sealed magnetically to prevent the same. 

Sub-Zero is the only company to have an air scrubber. This system scrubs the gases off food, arresting the spoilage process.

For price, Monogram may be the better choice. In terms of functionality and food preservation Sub-Zero is definitely the better product. 

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