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Bosch NGM8054UC vs GE Profile PGP959SETSS 5-Burner 30 Inch Gas Cooktops

April 29th, 2013 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Cooktops normally are available in 30” or 36” wide. A 30” wide gas cooktop typically had 4 burners with knobs built to the side. DCS was the first company with a 5-burner 30 inch gas stove about 10 years ago. GE and Bosch have more recently added a 5-burner gas cooktop to the mix. Both companies are similar multi-product, multi-nationals. Bosch has more appeal with upscale homeowners, whereas GE is more builder oriented.

Cooktop vs Rangetop

Most people confuse the term. Cooktop has the controls on the top, but the rangetop has the controls on the front of the unit. Rangetops are also more powerful with the ability to incorpoeate grills, groddle and woks. Cooktops, however, are less expensive.

pro rangetop installation 2013 gas cooktop installation 2013 2

Pro Rangetop Installed

Regular Cooktop Installed


Robert Bosch created the company in 1906 Munich, Germany. Bosch is well known for quiet dishwashers, but they are also very competitive in many other categories. This Bosch cooktop is similar to the older Thermador with updated aesthetics and higher BTUs. From the beginning Robert Bosch has a vision of creating cutting edge technology and humanistic values.

bosch gas cooktop NGM8054UC

Bosch NGM8054UC Gas Cooktop - $1089

Bosch created the 5 burners cooktop NGM8054UC. The layout out this cooktop was strategically placed. The biggest, powerful burner is located in the center. The center burner has 18K BTU of high heat, and can also come down to a low temperature. The grates are continuous which allows easier sliding pot and pans.

  • 1 -18K Burner
  • 3 – 12K burner
  • 1 – 5.5K burner
  • Sealed Burners
  • Streamlined control front knobs


GE Profile

GE (General Electric) is a well-known home appliances brand for many generations. GE started with home appliances back in 1905 with an electric toaster. GE has branched out to Energy, Finance & Consumer, Technology Infrastructure, and Industrial. For transparency, we no longer sell any GE appliances.

ge gas cooktop PGP959SETSS

GE Profile PGP959SETSS - $1399

  • 1 – 20K BTU burner
  • 2 – 9.1K BTU burner
  • 2 – 5.5K BTU Burner
  • Griddle grate

GE vs Bosch Gas Cooktops

GE PGP959SETSS looks and feels almost like the Bosch cooktop. The major difference is the power of burners. The biggest burner is about 2,000 BTU more powerful than the Bosch, but the two other burners are 3,000 BTU less.

GE really pushed the bragging power of BTU. It is quite remarkable how they created a burner more powerful than almost every professional unit. Bosch has a better center burner size grate. This will allow fitting over-sized stock pot, and wok cooking. Since the control knobs of Bosch are aligned in a straight line, it allows the grates to be more evenly spread out. I find that you can fit 5 different sizes of pots and pans more evenly versus GE will not.

Bosch also has three other flexible burners with a multiple purpose cooking. GE's left side burners, however, can be changed into a griddle (griddle is included).

Reliability is roughly the same between Bosch and GE. Bosch is more aggressive with promotions and rebates (like now through the end of April at 30% off packages).

Which one is better?

For me, it is about BTU ratings, GE has placed the sales of this unit on one incredibly powerful burner. The rest of the unit is undersized with the next largest burner being only 9,100. Bosch is far more well rounded at 12,000 BTU for 3 burners, but it all depends how you cook and how many burners you typically use.

Additional Resources

For more information about gas cooking, download the Yale Gas Cooking Buyers Guide with BTU ratings, specs and insider buying tips. Well over 25,000 pwople have read a Yale Guide.

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