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Danny Nguyen  |  August 05, 2014  |  3 Min. Read

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Before 1990, you bought a KitchenAid dishwasher if you were looking for a premium dishwasher. Asko was the first mass premium European dishwasher in the US. It set the bar with quietness and stainless steel interiors.

Presently, you can choose Asko, Bosch, Miele, the new KitchenAid and Viking in the premium space.

Asko versus Viking is not a comparison of features, but of two companies going two different directions. Unlike most of our comparisons on the blog, this one has a clear winner.

Let's look at both companies, compare the features and draw a conclusion.


Asko was first in the US. Most people think its Bosch. Asko introduced the stainless steel interior and quieter operation. The interior of their dishwasher was built with a simple filter rather than hard food disposer. Asko has had three owners in less than 10 years and has been in and out of bankruptcy.

Their situation has been stabilized by Goranje of Slovenia. They are far more reliable, going from one of our least dependable brands to one of the best at just over 12% repair within the first year (the average is between 20-25%, based on 25,000 service calls).


Viking is better known for their gas commercial stove made for the home since 1990. Their dishwasher was introduced years later. Vikings ownership has changed to commercial manufacturer, Middleby, who has promised to upgrade quality. They need better manufacturing expertise to go along with all the marketing. To be transparent, we do not sell any Viking products as of June 2014.

Asko vs. Viking Dishwashers

Let’s compare...

Asko D5628XXLS - $1,299


  • Stainless Steel Interior and 46 dBA – superior quietness, virtually silent
  • Fully Integrated Dishwasher – unit is built flush with 24” deep cabinet
  • 9 Wash Cycles - Daily Wash; Heavy Wash; Delicate Wash; Quick Wash; Super Quick; Eco Wash; Rinse and Dry; Rinse and Hold
  • TurboDrying – assisted fan helps dry moist quickly and efficiently.
  • SteamSafe – trap hot air inside of dishwasher ensuring top control panel from any moist.
  • Self Cleaning Filters – ensure any partial to stay in filters from harming plumbing.
  • XXL racks – allows up to 17 different plates setting vs 12 settings on standard brand
  • 2 years full parts, and labor warranty

Viking VDB451SS- $2,159


  • Fully Integrated Dishwasher – flush with cabinet
  • 15 place Settings – lots of flexibility on loading household items
  • 5 Cycles - Pots/Pans, Normal Wash, Light/China, Fast Wash, Rinse/Hold
  • AirFlo Gentle Drying – fan assisted to dry dishes.
  • 5-Stage Filtration -  filter, and grinds small food particles out of dishwasher to prevent odor
  • 3 year full parts and labor warranty

Which Do I like?

I am very impressed with the Asko interior structure. Even the spray arm is made of stainless steel versus plastic on the Viking. The ball bearing railing allows security with heavy items, and smooth movements. Viking has thicker and taller nylon racks which gives it more of a commercial heavy duty unit. The Asko XXL racks have extra space for holding taller glasses, large plates, and accessories.

In other words both have great features. The deciding point is reliability. Viking is having problems as a company. In fact, most of their less expensive dishwashers are in fact manufactured by Turkish manufacturer Blomberg.

Asko is reliable over the last 2 years, and trails only Miele for incidents of repair. Hopefully, Viking can turn it around, but for now Asko is the better choice.

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