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Best 54 Inch Professional BBQ Grills (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

June 21st, 2015 | 2 min. read

By Eddie Jacob

54 inch is the marquee grill for the outdoor with incredibly high BTU, rotisserie, smoker and really advanced sear burners. We will explore the options, so you can decide the right grill for you and your family.

With outdoor grills, there are cheap basic grills like Char-broil, better grills like Weber and professional grills like Lynx and Viking, which are the best. Pro grills will last you much longer than the cheaper grill companies and cook much better. Now don’t get me wrong, Webers are very nice grills for the price, but if you want a grill to last you a long time and cook your food better, it's time to up the ante.

Here is the line up of the pro grills we have decided to sell this year...



Well known for high-end indoor cooking, they make a very solid grill with high power, searing burners, rotisseries and sizes starting at With the Viking name on the grill, you are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood, but the burners are the hottest. (Disclaimer: We do not sell Viking anymore)

VGBQ54224NSS - $5939


lynx 54 inch bbq grill L54PSFR

Lynx is the number 1 sold pro grill in America. Aside from its striking good looks and amazing lighting, (blue LED's) it has weather resistent brass burners which retain heat. In combination with the ceramic briquettes this allows more even heat distribution. Lynx has  possibly the best sear burner on the market and the most flexibility with temperatures from 285 degrees up to almost 1000 degrees.


  • 54" Freestanding Grill
  • ProSear Burner and Rotisserie
  • $7599 built in, $7699 with cart


alfresco 54 inch bbq grill ALX2 42SZCD

Alfresco has chromium (weather resistant steel) stainless steel burners that are 27,500 BTU’s with ceramic briquettes that gives you even heat distribution. The sear burner is also 27,500 BTU's and is capable of reaching 1,500 degrees in only 4 minutes.

Both the stainless steel and sear burners are the most powerful of any grill we carry and Alfresco features a 2-year full warranty compared to 1 year on the other brands. If you plan to design a full outdoor kitchen than alfresco is your best bet. You can send the your outdoor dimensions and they will personaly send you back a custom design for your outside kitchen.


  • 56" 
  • $7199.00


kalamazoo 54 inch bbq grill K1000HB

Kalamazoo is the highest end grill on the market that has brass burners which retain heat and in combination with the stainless steel flavor bars gives you even heat distribution.

This grill also has a unique feature called a Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer. You can leave the drawer empty and cook with gas only or add wood logs or charcoal for added flavor. The gas burners below can be used to just ignite the wood or charcoal and then shut off. It can also be left on to create high temperature cooking over the entire grilling surface. Having this option eliminates the need for a sear burner. More importantly, the drawer allows you to flavor your food in ways the others cannot.

Kalamazoo is custom built in Michigan. It is the most solid product of any kind sold at Yale.

K1000HB Hybrid Fire Freestanding Grill

  • 51”
  • $19,495

The Best 54 Inch Professional Grill

Best All-Around: Kalamazoo - The Hybrid drawer is reallly worth considering for people who love to grill.

Best Looking: Lynx - I love the weather resistent cast brass burner along with the variable sear for differents meat or fish.

Best Outdoor Kitchen Options: Alfresco - They have really anything, and the grill is solid as well.

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Eddie Jacob

Eddie Jacob has 15+ years of sales & consulting experience and is in the appliance sales department at Yale Appliance. He takes pride in total customer satisfaction and enjoys coaching youth soccer.

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