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A Review of the Top Rated Slide-In Gas Convection Ranges

February 28th, 2013 | 2 min. read

By Rick Medeiros

Slide-In ranges are ranges without a backguard. The main benefit is aesthetics. You can see your backsplash for a more custom, refined look.

Second benefit is cleanability. The range fits over the cabinet, so there is no seam for liquids to seep through.

gas slide in range installed 2 2013

Convection cooking is a fan-forced heat for a more even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity. The main benefit to heat distribution is more even cooking, especially baking. In a non-convection oven, the element below radiates upward, so the items on the bottom rack will be cooked more than the items on the top rack. With convection, the heat is spread more evenly.

Top Rated Slide-In Gas Convection Ranges

jennair JGS8850CDS gas slidein convection range electrolux EW30GS75KS gas slidein convection range frigidaire FPGS3085KF gas slidein convection range kitchenaid KGSS907XSP gas slidein convection range

Jenn-Air JGS8850CDS

Electrolux EW30GS75KS

Frigidaire FPGS3085KF 

KitchenAid KGSS907XSP 

Jenn-Air JGS8850CDS - $1699 after $400 in mail in rebates

  • 16,000 BTU PowerBurner
  • Warming Drawer
  • 4 Sealed Burners

jennair power burner gas range 2013

Jenn-Air's power burner (as seen on our showroom floor)

Electrolux EW30GS75KS$2699 (package rebates available) 

  • Min-2-Max® Burner
  • 18,000-BTU boil to a gentle 450-BTU simmer.
  • Warming Drawer
  • 5 Sealed Burners

electrolux power burner gas range

Electrolux min to max power burner (as seen in our showroom)

Frigidaire FPGS3085KF$1769

  • 600 - 17,000 BTU (Dual Flame) Burner
  • Warming Drawer
  • 4 Sealed Burners

frigidaire fpgs3085kf display 2013

Frigidaire FPGS3085KF on display at Yale

frigidaire power burner gas range 2013

Frigidaire power burner (as seen on showroom floor)

KitchenAid KGSS907XSP$2189 (package rebates available) 

  • Warming Drawer
  • Glasstouch Electronic Oven Controls
  • 600-15,000 BTU TripleTier Burner with InstaWok Reversible Grate
  • 12,500 BTU Power Burner
  • Two 6,000 BTU Simmer Burners

kitchenaid KGSS907XSP installed

A great example of the KitchenAid range in a home. Notice how the grates overlap to give it the clean look.

kitchenaid kgss907xsp display 2013

Notice the enamel surface. This is less likely to scratch and will make cleanup a breeze with most spills.

Which is best?

Tough question. The Electrolux has the most features, modes and ability to cook in different ways. The control panel is very intuitive and easy to use. Jenn-Air is a good looking, relatively inexpensive stove. It is also part of our best selling package. I also like the KitchenAid with the wide grates, but the product needs to be restyled, especially with the stove vent going through the cooktop (not good). Frigidaire is a solid, dependable product. It is actually one of the most reliable products in the industry.

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