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History of Asko at Yale

asko-logo-mar-2013Asko was the most popular European dishwasher at Yale in the early 1990s. They were incredibly quiet and water efficient. Asko was firm with more solid graphite racks instead of nylon as well as all metal wash arms instead of plastic.

Asko lost its way with a bankrupt owner and poor quality, but they have recently improved greatly. We will first look at the company and its best products. At the bottom there are links for comparisons to Bosch and other dishwashers.


Asko started in the 1950’s in Vara, Sweden by a Swedish farmer named Karl-Erik Anderson. He wanted to build his mother a high efficient washing machine and he did. It was so good that he built a manufacturing plant on his farm and Asko appliances was born. Now it has become an international company.

Throughout the 1950’s the company developed refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, and clothes irons. Asko did not develop dishwashers until 1967. Asko only exports dishwashers and washer and dryers to the United States.

Since the 1970’s Asko Company was bought and sold 5 times. The present owner of Asko is Gorgenje Group of Slovenia. Sub-Zero will be developing a distribution of the Asko appliances in conjunction with Sub-Zero refrigerators and Wolf cooking appliances.

Best Asko Dishwashers


ASKO D5634XXLHS – Fully Integrated - $1,349

AquaLevel Sensor - The sensors detect when the quantity of water exactly matches the program you have selected, and it always lets in the right amount of water regardless of the water pressure in your pipes. The sensors monitor the entire wash process and remedy any shortcomings during the program.

The dishwasher sensor works together intelligently to ensure an optimum amount of water in the machine.

Turbo Drying - Fan dry system gets the load completely dry. After the final rinse the moist air works with outside air make the dishwasher completely dry.

AquaSafe - The AquaSafe makes sure that there is no flooding the kitchen with a system that checks 16 different points in the dishwasher to insure there’s no leak.

Steam Safe - It has a cooling system that leads the steam away through a concealed nozzle. What that does is protect your countertopsand homeowner from getting scalded.

XL Series Dishwashers

  • 4 level rack system with its own washer arm.
  • The height inside is large enough to fit larger plates and taller glasses and gives you 40% more capacity. That’s the largest capacity in the industry.
  • ADA Complaint
  • 14 Place Setting
  • Decidable rating 48
  • Available with a Pro or Tubular handle


Asko D5434XL – Full Console Control $1,099

  • Power Zone Pots and Pans
  • Patented spray nozzle shoots water directly in the pan and cleans the dishes better than doing it by hand.
  • Power Zone Cutlery
  • A separate spray nozzle continuously sprays the cutlery basket.
  • Turbo Drying – Fan dry system gets the load completely dry. After the final rinse the moist air works with outside air gets the dishwasher completely dry.
  • ECO - The dishwasher can be connected to hot or cold water. It can connect up to 158F. By connecting the dishwasher to hot water you can save up 20 minutes and 55% of the dishwasher electrical energy consumption.
  • ADA Complaint
  • 14 Plate Setting
  • Decidable rating 48
  • Available in Black, White and Stainless


Asko D5424XL - Super Cleaning System (SCS) $999

  • SCS system cleans the fine filter and all interior surfaces after pre match, before starting the main wash. You do not have wash your dishes before you wash your dishes.
  • 8 Steel - The dishwashers are made with steel. Parts that are steel are containers, loading racks, spray pipe, and spray arms, outer base and heating element.
  • AquaSafe - Makes sure that there is no flooding the kitchen with a system that checks 16 different points in the dishwasher to insure there no points the dishwasher can leak.
  •  Circular Touch Controls
  •  Front LED display controls- simply to use.
  • Memory to the last cycle.
  • Condensation Drying
  • ADA Complaint
  • 50 Decidable rating

What I like about the Asko dishwashers is that it has unique features. On the higher models, the Turbo Dry feature combines its fan dry system with the air outside the dishwasher and completely dries the machine.

One of the complaints of European dishwashers is the drying cycles. Most use just jet dry and the residual steam from the wash cycle. Turbo Dry will help solve that problem. The dishwashers work at higher temperature which dries the dishes better and dissolve the excess food on the plates. I like the 2 year warranty and their capacity as well.

They still need to work on quietness. Bosch and Miele are 37 and 38 decibels. Asko is 10% louder at 48. Overall, however, this is a very solid, well built dishwasher. 

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