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Asko vs. Bosch Benchmark Dishwashers (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Amy Ross  |  August 11, 2016  |  6 Min. Read

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If you are looking for a premium dishwasher, Bosch Benchmark and Asko should be 2 of the 3 considerations. They are two very different companies. Although they both wash dishes, the components, reliability and even country of origin varies greatly.

We will look at both companies, similarly priced dishwashers and then compare. First, however, we should describe the difference between American and European dishwashers.

American vs. European Dishwashers

European dishwashers tend to be quieter and more water efficient. American dishwashers have a soft food disposer versus a washable filter for the European. American dishwashers are a bit deeper and can hold more, but European dishwashers will sit flush and look better aesthetically.


  • Larger place settings
  • Heated dry cycle
  • Hard food disposal


  • Flush installation
  • Condensation drying
  • Filtration systems

However, if you place a panel on the dishwasher, buy the European. It will be seamless to the cabinet.

american vs. european dishwashers

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Let’s look at both companies.


Bosch home appliances are part of BSH (Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group) based in Munich, Germany. As part of the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world, Bosch has been selling high performance German-engineered appliances in the United States since 1991.

Their factory in North Carolina is the largest appliance factory in the world and is where the vast majority of their dishwashers are built. Their Benchmark line are their best, most fully-featured products (some of the Benchmark is made in Germany).

In the Benchmark series there are 3 levels priced at ($1,299, $1,499, and $1,999 respectively). The Benchmark offers every cycle and unbelievable quietness. Let’s review the top of the line Benchmark.

Bosch Benchmark SHX9PT75UC - $1,999 

bosch benchmard SHX9PT75UC


  • 38 dBA: Quietest dishwasher brand
  • A flexible 3rd rack with folding tines adds 30% more loading capacity
  • A clean white light illuminates the interior when the door is open
  • Water softener ensures optimally spot-free and shiny dishes
  • AquaStop Plus 4-Part leak protection prevents water damage 24/7


Asko was actually first to the US with a mass produced European dishwasher. The early Asko products were manufactured in Sweden. Then, Asko was sold to Merloni of Italy who was sold in bankruptcy (still following this?). Asko is now produced by Goranje of Slovenia.

Unfortunately, Asko was lost in translation from a repair/quality standpoint. Recently, they have made a comeback of sorts.

The product from a component standpoint is still excellent with solid steel arms and graphite racks. Asko fan assist turbo dry is a nice feature, especially when drying plastics.

ASKO D5656XXLHS - $1,999



  • 11 Wash Cycles
  • 3 Dish Racks
  • Turbo Drying Plus
  • 8-Steel Construction
  • Multi Position Wine Shelves
  • Pin Secures
  • Knife Stand
  • 44 dB Sound Level

Asko vs. Bosch Benchmark Dishwashers

From a structure standpoint, I like the Asko. The wash arms are stainless and the racks are a virtually indestructible graphite on steel vs plastic and nylon for the Bosch. Asko has a better dry than the condensation style of a Benchmark.

Most of your other desired features, the stainless tub and place setting capacity are identical, so now it is about price, reliability and quietness.


Pricing is the same, but Bosch can have significant rebates during the year. If you time it right, you can save 20% during the year with a package purchase.


Reliability is interesting. The average appliance needs service approximately 11% within the first year. Asko needs service 21% of the time. That number has dropped significantly.

Bosch Benchmark needs service over 23%, while regular, American made Bosch dishwashers only need service just over 9% of the time. So there's a slight edge to Asko.


Bosch is significantly quieter at an inaudible 38 dBA versus 44 dBA of Asko (which is still very good). That is a 60% difference in quietness. Both are worth a look depending on the promotions. What do you think?

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A few review sites have placed this at the bottom of their articles. So here is our take: Our mission is to find reliable products for you to buy. Other review sites may say this as well.

However, we don’t love every product. Quite frankly, it costs us way too much money in repair costs to support less reliable brands.

In fact, we sell fewer brands than most appliance stores. Here is why:

We feel it is our responsibility to repair your appliances after you buy them.

We now have 30 service technicians, each averaging 8-10 calls a day Monday through Friday, plus another 110 on Saturday. That's over 30,000 service calls logged in one year.

The labor rates of fixing an appliance do not come close to the true cost in any product’s warranty period.

That is why no major retailer has a service department. It costs too much labor, money and time.

Our Blog is a bit different than most others you will read. We cannot write glowing reviews of unreliable products.

Hopefully, the bloggers and organizations who write such glowing product reviews for every brand consider servicing these products first. Only then they will understand the consequences of their marketing.

Amy Ross

Amy has worked in sales, design, and home staging for 15 years. She enjoys seeing her projects from beginning to end and is extraordinarily detail-oriented. Amy has assisted in the designs of all three Yale showrooms. In her spare time, she loves spending time outdoors with her husband and two children, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and skiing.

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