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U-Line vs. True Clear Ice Makers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

January 3rd, 2017 | 2 min. read

By Amy Ross

Yale Appliance Icemakers

For many years, you had limited options for buying icemakers. Sub-Zero, Scotsman, U-Line and Marvel were the best brands. True started manufacturing icemakers in 2014 and the product and company are totally different.

Yale Appliance Icemakers

We will look U-Line, True and then compare both products. First we will look at clear ice makers.

Clear Ice Makers

Clear ice makers filter the impurities and oxygen bubbles within the ice cube. This results in a slower melting cube, so you taste more of your drink with less water. We have ice makers live so you can see the available shapes of the cubes.


One of the most common questions is noise. Between the refrigeration system and the ice dropping into the bucket, they are all noisy.

Here are a few maintenance tips:

  • Buy it with a pump rather than a gravity drain, because pumping the water away from the ice maker results in way fewer service calls.
  • If you buy an ice maker, be prepared to clean it every 6-8 months.

Let’s look at two popular brands, True and U-Line.

True Refrigeration

True has been in the refrigeration business since 1945. Most people would recognize the name because of their commercial background. Many supermarkets, convenience stores, bars and restaurants have used True commercial products.

They now have a residential division. Products include beverage centers, refrigerators, refrigerator drawers, wine only storage, and beer dispensers. They produce a 24-inch unit with some nice features including an all stainless steel interior and zero clearance hinging for integrated, seamless installation.

In 2014, True introduced the most energy efficient ice machine on the market. The new True ice machine is capable of producing 70 pounds of ice per day to be stored in the 28 pound capacity. The current largest production is 60 pounds, while most are 40-45 pounds per day.

True TUI-15 - $3,489

True ice makers are ordered hinged specific and stainless steel front or panel ready.


  • Zero clearance hinging
  • Built in water filter rated up to 1,250 gallons
  • Auto clean system
  • Ice scooper integrated inside door
  • 300 series stainless steel or panel ready
  • 70 lbs of Clear Ice in 28 lbs storage capacity
  • 14 TriLumina LED lighting

First, it is designed and manufactured to a different standard. True is UL approved to be placed indoors or even outdoors. It has a warranty for three years with a 6 year limited part guarantee.

Like many decent ice makers this model filters impurities for clear ice. However, it has a pump built-in to move the wastewater to a drain. Most other pumps are an optional add-on.


U-Line was started and still based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are a manufacturer of built-in under counter refrigeration products for the home starting since 1962. They were the first built-in ice makers and wine units for residential use.

U-Line Corporation manufactures several undercounter built-in appliances such as ice makers, refrigerators, freezers, wine storage systems, and refrigerator drawers.

U-Line is now owned by Middleby, a commercial manufacturer based in Ohio.

U-Line CLR1215- $2,509

U-Line ice makers are ordered hinge-specific, with panel ready, stainless steel, white or black finish options.


  • 60 Lbs. Daily Ice Production
  • 30 Lbs. Ice Storage Capacity
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Silent Mode
  • Ice Scoop Included
  • Cleaning Indicator Alert

When the clean indicator light is illuminated there will be a 45 minute self-cleaning cycle. This is very important because it will help the ice maker operate more efficiently, make sure you get clear ice cubes, and cut way down on service calls.

Which Should You Buy?

Both are good options.

U-Line is very similar to Marvel (owned by the same company). You look at True and it is built to a different standard.

It has more production at 70 versus 60 pounds. The LED colors inside are cool, and you can choose three different sizes of cubes.

However, any product UL approved for outside use is designed to withstand almost anything. Their warranty of 3 years is reflective of the product quality.

Additional Resources 

Download the Yale Undercounter Refrigeration Guide with features, specs and inside tops to all the ice makers, refrigerators, beverage centers and wine coolers from True, Sub-Zero, Marvel, U-Line and others. Over 200,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

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