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Yale Appliance University - Undercounter Icemakers

November 9th, 2013 | 1 min. read

By Chris Wurlitzer

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In our 9th installment of Yale Appliance University and this time we are featuring undercounter refrigerators. There are big differences between the products in this category. Remember, if you have any questions you'd like us to answer please leave a note in the comments and subscribe to our blog to receive the next update.

Hi Folks, this is Chris Wurlitzer from Yale Appliance + Lighting in Boston, MA. We're back here again with another round of commonly asked questions we receive here at the store, today we're talking about undercounter icemakers. As always, follow the links below for more detailed information from our blog.


Icemakers generally come in 15" width and are going to be about 34" tall because your average counter is about 36" so it's made to fit underneath that counter.

You can get them in stainless steel or panel-ready and have a custom panel made by your cabinetmaker put over the front so it integrates into your kitchen.

There are going to be two different styles of icemakers generally. There is clear ice and regular ice and we'll go over the differences of those in a minute.


As you can see there's a big difference between clear and cloudy ice. Clear ice has no imperfections or oxygen bubbles in it, so it tends to last longer and do a better job cooling your drink whereas cloudy ice is more traditional like filling up an ice cube tray and it has all those oxygen bubbles and impurities still in it.

The difference between a regular icemaker and a clear icemaker in how they actually make the ice is significant. A regular icemaker is kind of what you already do. You fill up the ice cube tray and put it in the freezer. The clear icemaker actually has a very cold plate and cold water is sprayed onto that plate and any imperfections and oxygen bubbles actually drop down from it so you end up with just clear ice. It's significantly better for you and better value because you're actually going to have a longer life of that ice cube. It's going to keep your drinks cold longer and usually those machines are built to a higher standard.

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