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U-Line vs. Marvel Clear Icemakers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

October 29th, 2013 | 2 min. read

By Paul Gillis

30IMATBSFR ice cubesWhen you call someone to ask them what they need you to bring the party or to that special occasion, more often than not, some say, just bring yourself. You can always bring a few bags of ice as they are always needed.

However, your good intentions and thoughts can often lead to a leaky bag in your car on the way over, or there will be no room in the Refrigerator or coolers for it. Many times the bag will break open and make a mess when you’re trying to break the blocks of ice. Drinks are better with ice, but not a dirty clunk of ice from a cooler at someone’s backyard barbecue. Now you can even buy icemakers with clear, not cloudy ice cubes.


U-line is a family owned company located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1963 Henry Uihlein founded the U-Line corporation. They were the first company to develop a residential stand alone icemaker. U-Line is one of the least repaired brands in the undercounter refrigeration category at Yale.


Marvel was started in 1932 and their first product was under counter freezers. Marvel manufactures a majority of their undercounter units in Greenville, MI. They also supply hospitals and laboratories with undercounter refrigeration units as well as hazardous use for oil rigs and other dangerous locales.

Clear Icemakers

Clear ice maker Clear icemakers spray water onto a plate from the top down. The impurities are drained leaving clear water and then clear ice. Most other icemakers, however, fill from the bottom and then freeze leaving the impurities inside the ice cube. This process will create a cloudy cube. A clear ice maker will hold longer in a cold drink or in a nice single malt scotch. The cube is not full of air like a regular icemaker or crescent ice. Clear ice makers are very convenient and most store about 30lbs of ice.


A few important considerations. Installation has to be perfect, leveled correctly and usually it is advisable to buy an icemaker with a built-in drain pump. The pump will protect the unit from drain clogs and leaks. Another critical factor is to maintain and clean any icemaker. Every 6 months the units must be drained and put through a cleaning cycle.

Marvel vs. U-Line

uline undercounter icemaker 15 inch CLR2160S40


marvel undercounter icemaker 30IMATBSFR

U-Line CLR2160S40 - $2339.99

  • 60 lbs 24 hour production
  • 30 lb storage capacity
  • Square cube ice
  • Pump included
  • Clean light indicator
  • 3 hour Silent shut down mode
  • Ships with factory installed drain line

Marvel 30IMAT-BS-F-R-P - $2689.99

  • 30 lbs 24 hour production
  • 30lb storage capacity
  • Square cube ice
  • Pump included
  • No clean light indicator
  • No shutdown mode
  • must install drain line

U-Line and Marvel both produce a real competitive unit, but the U-Line seems to be a better choice with the ability to create more ice. U-Line also has a lower incidence of repair. Both are good units, however, but U-Line is statistically better.

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Paul Gillis has over 15 years of experience in the appliance industry. Paul like to spend time golfing, working in the garden and fixing up his 100 year old home.

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Paul Gillis

Paul Gillis has over 15 years of experience in the appliance industry. Paul likes to spend time golfing, working in the garden and fixing up his 100 year old home.

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