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True Undercounter Residential Refrigerators (Prices/Reviews/Ratings)

August 30th, 2015 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

I love selling professional grade products.

Real professional products have better longevity as they are expected to work in adverse conditions.

Unfortunately, most commercial products, especially refrigerators, do not meet residential energy standards...until now.

True Refrigeration

The True Professional Series is a division of the True manufacturing company. The True Manufacturing Company was founded in 1945 in O’Fallon, MO. The True manufacturing company is widely known for producing commercial refrigeration.

True Refrigeration products offer optimal flexibility with adjustable shelving system to convert a wine unit to a beverage center or additional refrigerator. Since these units are built to hold a wide variety of products, they have a broad temperature range from 33 to 65F degrees to keep all beverages at their optimal temperature.

True Refrigeration also has a luxurious appearance with a stainless interior and exterior, white, amber, or blue LED lighting for gentle illumination, UV tinted glass to prevent sunlight from damaging beverages, digital temperature control to ensure temperature accuracy, a door lock to ensure child safety, and UL rating for outdoor use.

They are produced in 24’’ and 15’’ sizes with a glass, panel overlay or stainless door and are designed to fit flush in a 24’’ deep cabinet to create a sophisticated streamlined look.

The warranty is 3 years full and 6 years on the sealed system.

Product Overview

The True Professional Series consists of wine storage, beverage centers, all refrigerator units, refrigerator drawers, and beverage dispensers.

True 24’’ Wine Storage TWC-24DZ-R-SG-A - $3599

true refrigeration wine cabinet TWC24DZRSGA

On Display at Yale

  • 5 glide out wine racks and 1 floor cradle to accommodate up to 45 bottles
  • UV tinted glass to protect wine from sunlight
  • Two temperature zones and precise digital temperature control from 40F to 65F degrees
  • UL rated for outdoor use

True 24’’ Beverage Center TBC-24-R-SG-A - $2999

true refrigeration 24 inch beverage center TBC24RSGA

On Display at Yale

  • Rapid commercial quality cool down of beverages
  • Precise digital temperature control as low as 33 F degrees
  • UV tinted glass to protect wine from sunlight
  • 2 adjustable or removable stainless steel and glass shelves and two wine shelves to accommodate 13 wine bottles
  • UL rated for outdoor use

True 15’’ All Refrigerator Unit TUR-15-R-SG-A - $2599

true refrigeration 15 inch beverage center TUR15RSGA

On Display at Yale

  • 5.4 CU.FT. of capacity
  • Balanced forced air refrigeration system causes fast cool down and even temperature
  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Rated for both beverage and open food storage
  • Two heavy duty bin dividers per drawer
  • Rated for both beverage and open food storage
  • UL rated for outdoor use

True Refrigerator Drawers TUR-24D-SS-A - $3199

true refrigeratoion double refrigerator drawers TUR24DSSA

  • Balanced forced air refrigeration system causes fast cool down and even temperature
  • Precise digital temperature control
  • UV tinted glass to protect wine from sunlight (in glass door models)
  • 2 adjustable or removable stainless steel and glass shelves and ability to convert into a wine storage unit
  • UL rated for outdoor use

True Single Tap Beverage Dispenser TUR-24BD-R-SS-A - $3299

true refrigeration beverage dispenser TUR24BDRSSA

Double Tap TUR-24DD-R-SS-A 

  • Dispenser is ideal for the beer connoisseur or those who love to entertain
  • Airflow technology delivers a frosty and refreshing beverage every time
  • Convertible to a beverage center, wine cabinet, or all refrigerator making it the most adaptable piece in the industry
  • Balanced forced air refrigeration system causes fast cool down and even temperature
  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Standard with draft tower, tank, regular valve, and low profile sankey tapper
  • UL rated for outdoor use

Why we are selling True

As I said before, we love professional products for fit, finish and reliability. Commercial store owners and restauranteurs expect working products, so the quality tends to be better. Their warranty is also excellent at 3 years with 6 years on the sealed system.

Some other advantages include flexibility between wine and refrigeration in the same unit as well as flush appearance. I really like the lock feature as well. True is also UL rated for outdoor use and is the only line offering as many models for the outside. That alone speaks to product durability, if you can be placed outside in the elements.  Lastly all True models have finished sides for built in or freestanding applications, and every True refrigerator is Made In The USA.

We are really excited to sell this line.

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Steve Sheinkopf

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