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The 5 Most Serviced Appliance Brands

by Steve Sheinkopf

We have already shared the most reliable brands and now we share the not so reliable.

This post is deliberately yet consistently unfair. If we have to send a tech for a minor issue, it is logged as a service visit. We do not distinguish between minor, major, installation or customer information problems. If we send a tech out, then it counts as a call.

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True vs. Marvel Undercounter Beverage Centers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Danny Nguyen

Beverage centers are the most popular type of under counter refrigerator. A beverage center is a combination of refrigerator space and wine storage. Generally they have one or two wine racks on the top or bottom and a single temperature zone.

True and Marvel are two manufacturers with extensive refrigeration manufacturing backgrounds. True Professional Series is a division of True Manufacturing Company which has been an industry leader for over 65 years. You may recognize their logo from convenience stores and supermarkets beverage and food coolers. True has just recently jumped into the residential undercounter refrigeration segment with some pretty impressive products.

Marvel was formed in 1932 when they started manufacturing undercounter ice boxes. Their wine cooler are consistently among the highest rated. Both brands manufacture their products here in the U.S.

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U-Line vs. Marvel Clear Icemakers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Paul Gillis

When you call someone to ask them what they need you to bring the party or to that special occasion, more often than not, some say, just bring yourself. You can always bring a few bags of ice as they are always needed.

However, your good intentions and thoughts can often lead to a leaky bag in your car on the way over, or there will be no room in the Refrigerator or coolers for it. Many times the bag will break open and make a mess when you’re trying to break the blocks of ice. Drinks are better with ice, but not a dirty clunk of ice from a cooler at someone’s backyard barbecue. Now you can even buy icemakers with clear, not cloudy ice cubes.

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The Difference Between Regular and Clear Ice Makers (Reviews/Ratings)

by Paul Groux

An undercounter icemaker is a great way to have extra ice available for drinks, parties and even for icing down injuries. There are two types of icemakers, clear and regular, both kinds need a 120 volt power source and a water connection. They are different from the icemakers inside your freezer because they produce more ice on a daily basis with a better quality of ice.

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Tax Free Weekend

by Steve Sheinkopf

Our best month for the last four years has been August, because of the tax free holiday. Now the Tax Weekend becomes the first month of a tax increase...Just because our state government doesn't want to, doesn't mean we can't

So this weekend select GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchenaid, Franke, Bosch, Schonbek Crystal, Hinkley, Rohl, Hansgrohe, Bertazzoni, Marvel, Uline and Blomberg will have full tax rebates of the 6.25%

August 15, 16 and 17

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Draw it

by Steve Sheinkopf

There seems to be tons of appliance related drawers in the market these days. This seems to be novelty worth a post.

Have a look:

Refrigerator (as well as freezer and in some cases wine) drawers are currently manufacturered by SubZero, Electrolux, Marvel and Uline. I actually see the value in an island especially for children. The prices are $1500-3400, so you will be paying more.

Dishwasher drawers are produced by Fisher-Paykel, who in turn manufacturers the product for KitchenAid. The product is worthwhile ergometrically. You do not have to bend for smaller loads, but at $1400, Miele and Bosch are better products.

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Vineyard Part 2...The Bar

by Steve Sheinkopf

Our last post was about affordable luxury. This one is about luxury period.

Typically when you plan a bar refrigerator, the space is either 15 or 24 inches. Appliances follow cabinets, and this is the standard or almost universal size. In this space, the choices could be refrigerator, refrigerator and freezer, freezer alone, icemaker, wine cooler or refrigerator and wine cooler.

Buying a decent brand is my only guideline. The case is produced with metal instead of plastic. The compressor also breathes from the front instead of the back, so the product can be enclosed in cabinets.

There are plenty of decent brands: SubZero, Uline, Marvel, Viking, Scotsman and Monogram. Rick (from our last post) does not seem to be satisfied with one. He did create a magnificent bar and game room.

Have a look:



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Under Counter Refrigeration

by Steve Sheinkopf

Under Counter refrigerators are the toughest products to consider when purchasing appliances. Why would anyone buy an under counter refrigerator for $1100 or higher from Marvel, Uline, Electrolux or SubZero, when they can buy a dorm refrigerator for $199 anywhere.

The answer is simple. The compressor breathes from the front rather than the back, so it can be built into a cabinet. The dormer has the compressor in the back, so it is only stand alone.

There are other differences: Metal cabinet versus plastic, and temperature control...

Undercounter Refrigeration

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by Steve Sheinkopf

These are few of my favorite appliances. Without question, this is a totally biased column.

KitchenAid compactor: This unit compacts 4 bags of trash into 1. If your chore is to carry trash outside on a freezing cold night, hitting a button is a viable option.
KitchenAid Compactor

Miele Nespresso: I almost became readdicted to coffee after we had one operational in the store. The coffee is fantastic, and it allows up to six different blends as options.
Miele Coffee System

SubZero wine storage. For about the price of an upscale cabinet, try this instead. SubZero is the only product designed for proper wine storage with two distinct temperature zones, a low E glass door that refracts light and safeguards for proper humidity and vibration control.
Sub-Zero Wine Storage

Steam oven/module: By adding moisture(steam), none of the nutrients are lost like conventional ovens. The food just tastes better as well. You can even bake brownies in these ovens.
Gaggenau Steam Oven

TurboChef Oven: Easy interface and a product with a hip retro design that cooks 3-15 times faster than a regular oven. It is new, so lets see if it works.
TurboChef Oven

Marvel Icemaker: 35 pounds of clear ice in 24 hours...After all, you can never have too much ice.
Marvel Ice Maker

Miele full size washer and dryer: It is larger(4.0 cubic) and uses only about 10 gallons of water versus 42 for a top loader. Miele also has a great control and a honeycomb drum that is the most gentle on clothes of any brand. Last year only 10 out of 19,000 service visits from our repair department were for Miele products.
Miele Laundry
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