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Are Appliance Extended Warranties Worth It?

by Steve Sheinkopf

ABC is having an expose on extended warranties, so I thought this may be a relevant topic to update.

We do not push warranties. It's up to you.

This article will help you decide when you should consider a warranty, when it's not necessary and when you should run from the offer.

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Should You Buy Appliance Extended Warranties?

by Steve Sheinkopf

Should you buy extended warranties? The answer is perhaps and never. 

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Buying Appliance Extended Warranties

by Steve Sheinkopf

I was in a competitors' store over the weekend, and saw this Maytag refrigerator.They really push extended warranties all over the product and store. 

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Buying Extended Service Contracts

by Steve Sheinkopf

We are increasing the prices of our service contracts effective August. Quite simply, we are spending more money fixing products than the actual warranty. I would like at least to be even after cost of repair.

The question is: Should you buy one? The answer is maybe, depending on what products and who is selling it.

Couple of considerations:

1. Do NOT buy an outsourced extended warranty. Typically, they are call centers with no actual service providers. Check the Better Business Bureau for some pretty shocking info about these companies before you buy.

2. Do not buy an extended warranty from an out of state company....unless they have a service presence.

3. The most expensive products to repair are a washer and refrigerator. The least repaired items are microwaves and hoods. Buy the warranties accordingly.

4. Ask what the warranty covers. We will cover $250 in food loss for a refrigerator. What do they do if the product cannot be fixed 2 years into a warranty.

Again, do not be pushed into buying an extended or after market guarantee. Do some research to insure the work will be done if there is a problem.

You want to be confident the warranty is worth more then paper and ink.

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Extended Warranties

by Steve Sheinkopf

I find extended warranties interesting. Then again, I have a strange sense of humor. These slips of insurance really run the gamut of consumer emotion. From people who think it is expensive (which it can be) and a waste of dough to customers who are irate for not buying one and having to pay for massachusetts refrigerator service.

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My Most Interesting Post

by Steve Sheinkopf

It isn't all champagne and caviar being the CEO. Sometimes the best intentions dont quite work. So now you are now me (minus the issues). What would you do? Before you read the complaint a couple of points:

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A $1200 Pendant?

by Steve Sheinkopf

This post is more about what not to buy. Most of what we sell is of this variety:

Cost is between $85 and $300 on average. Lighting is intriguing and so different than appliances. Instead of dealing with major industrial companies like GE and Whirlpool, we buy from individual owners and simple partnerships.

As you can imagine, the quality can differ greatly, and once a light flickers, malfunctions or hangs crooked, consumers usually have no warranty (we warranty in home for life). Even if you did have a warranty, electricians loath these types of jobs.

Which brings us to a $1200 pendant....Why

Extreme quality....Hand blown glass, authentic details and great components. Would I buy it? In the right room, it certainly would be a consideration.

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Extended Warranties

by Steve Sheinkopf

Interesting article in The Journal today about extended warranties


GE is selling their extended warranty business to an insurance company Assurant. Although the basic math behind an extended warranty is simple, smaller payment to avoid a theoretical larger payment later. It seems to be a hot button topic with consumers.

MY Take:

A. Never be bullied into buying a service plan. Many companies require their associates to sell a certain percentage of their products with warranties

B. NEVER buy a service plan from a company that does not have an actual service company. How will this product be fixed without actual repair people.

The math works in theory. Just insure the actual service does

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Lighting Warranty

by Steve Sheinkopf

You know the warranty on your car and appliances...I have to ask this one intrigueing question: What do you think the warranty on a light actually is?

I have already posted today....I can ask a question or three.
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The Best and Worst(Repair)

by Steve Sheinkopf

No pictures today(I have an arsenal for the remainder of the week), but a pretty valuable post for appliance shoppers. In 2006, Yale completed 15,000 service calls under warranty.

As I have posted previously, there are also very similar products available. Thus, service records can be similar as controls are outsourced, and the same products can be packaged with multiple labels. Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag and Amana have an identical refrigerator with...an identical service record.

However, with such a large database, you can also see deviation between good and ..not so good. We will look at both.

The Best: Miele

Not surprising at all. When you manufacture the product and outsource nothing you can expect quality(or somebody will be fired). This company is so fanatical that all customer complaints are logged in New Jersey. The problem is then traced by serial number to the factory, the line and the people responsible. Imagine that.
Of course, without cheaper outsourcing(and the strength of the Euro versus the dollar), Miele is also expensive.

Not So Good: LG

First, I like this company. LG has become a major force in the appliance industry almost overnight as a brand. The product is innovative and stylish, but this result is hardly surprising as well. If the goal is to sell as much as possible quickly, then invariably product quality and customer satisfaction will suffer. Typically fast growing companies will outstrip their support capabilities(like parts, customer service, technical support, warehousing and logistics), and this is the case. You should still consider LG as a brand, but just find out if there is a repair agent in your local area.
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